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Abbee Jones is your average teenager. She lives with her mom and sister. Her Dad and Mom separated. Her Dad is gay and has a fiance. She also has her group of friends. Like I said Abbee Jones is your average teenager. That was until she found a door leading to a different dimension. Everybody was different in the new world. Everybody showed their true colors. Abbee visited that world and met Nathan. Now they will have to stop an evil from destroying this world and deal with betrayal.

Chapter 3


It’s real. The door is really real. I couldn’t believe that there was a magical door in my attic. That means everything in my dream is real. That means I am just not a human. What am I? Nana said all my questions would be answered when I found this door. Maybe I should go through it. Find out what I’m looking for. Wait a minute. What’s even behind this door? What if I open it and an evil creature tries to mawl me. Or even worse. I open the door, I don’t see anything and in the middle of the night a ghost or something tries to possess me. I can’t go through it. But I need to know what I am. I need to know why this door is so important that my Nana had to contact me in my dream through the dead. I had to do this if I wanted answers to my questions. I took some deep breaths. I grabbed the door knob. As soon as I did, I felt a shock of electricity shoot through my body. “Oww.” I held my hand. **** that hurt. I grabbed the knob carefully this time. Huh. No shock. I turned the knob and opened the door. It was a dark tunnel. No lights, no color. Nothing. Normally, I would turn around and leave, but I couldn’t help but enter. It was like I was being compelled. The door wasn’t my height, so I had to crawl to enter it. As I crawled through the tunnel, the tunnel got bigger. Soon enough, I was able to walk through it. It felt like I was walking for eternity before I saw some light. It was the same colors as the designs on the door. I started to run towards it. Wherever that light was coming from, was my destination. I ran faster. I was ready to know what was going on. What this door was going to show me. I ran through the light. It was so blinding that all I could see was white. I kept running through it hoping to see something other than a bright light. After a couple of minutes, I saw roads and buildings. The closer I got to them, the clearer my vision became. I finally got to the streets. I looked around. Everything seemed so familiar. Like I’ve been here before. I studied my surroundings a bit more. I finally realized I was right outside my house. This so-called magical door just sent me right outside my own house. I guess it was all just a dream. I probably just walked outside. “ABBEE MERIAH LEE JONES!!! WHY ARE YOU OUTSIDE SO LATE!! IT’S 10 AT NIGHT!!! GET INSIDE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!” I recognized that voice. It was my mom. I turned towards the door and saw her standing on the porch in her nightwear. Wait? It’s night? It was just 4 pm. I had just gotten home from school. I was so confused. “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?!” I forgot she was there. I walked back inside my house. She walked in after me. She shut the door. What was going on? My mom was just asleep. It was just light outside. “Mom, why are you up? You were just asleep.” “ Yea. I was. Just like you should be! I can’t believe you tried to sneak out again!” Again? I’ve never snuck or tried to in my life. “I’ve never tried to sneak out Mom. What are you talking about?” “Oh! So we’re going to pretend like I didn’t just catch you outside the house?! Wearing that?!” I was confused. I looked down and saw I wasn’t in my other clothes. I wasn’t even sure if these were my clothes. I was wearing a tight, skinny, black dress with sequins and black, sparkly heels. I noticed I wasn’t wearing my bee necklace anymore. “Mom, where’s my bee necklace Nana gave me?” “Why do you care? You haven’t worn it since she died. Look, don’t change the subject. You’re grounded for 2 weeks. Now go upstairs and get into bed. You have school tomorrow.” I didn’t argue or ask any questions. I just turned around and walked upstairs. “Also, your father will be hearing about this. You’re lucky I’m still letting you go over there tomorrow after school.” She’s talking to Dad? This morning she was upset that Layla wanted to go and see him. Wait, I’m grounded. I’ve never been grounded. “Can I still go to dance after school?” “Did you hit your head or something? You do cheer. Your sister does dance. And no you can’t. School, then your fathers.” “ Ok.” I continued walking up the stairs. I do cheer? When was this? Now I know something is wrong. I walked past Layla’s room and saw her standing outside of it. “Sorry. I tried to help you, but she figured out I was lying.” She seemed scared of me. Why? I would never hurt her. “It’s ok. I’ll be fine.” “Ok?” She walked back into her room and shut the door. That was weird. I walked into my room. It looked different. Everything was pastel colors instead of the dark purple and white. I looked in my closet. All I had were dresses and skirts and heels. No jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers. Where am I? It’s definitely not my house. Wait? What if I’m not in my house but a replica in a different dimension or something. I mean, I’ve heard it can happen. I’ve watched scientific theories on it and movies about it. I just couldn’t believe it could happen to me. That door must’ve been a portal to get here. I felt a wave of tiredness wash through my body. I yawned. I changed into some fuzzy pajamas and got in the bed. Soon enough I was knocked out. 

I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Who was cooking? Mom never wants to after the divorce and Layla can’t cook. I then remembered where I was. I guess this version of mom isn’t affected by the divorce.I got up and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen. Surprisingly, it was Mom who was cooking. Layla was sitting down eating. My mom looked in my direction and saw me. “Goodmorning.” “Morning,” I replied. She sounded cheerful. I sat down. Mom set a plate down in front of me. It was chocolate chip pancakes, with cheesy eggs, and bacon. She then set down a mug filled with hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Layla had the exact same thing but she had orange juice instead. At Least this version of Layla still hates hot chocolate. “Mom, I’m sorry for trying to sneak out yesterday and sorry Layla for asking you to cover for me. That was wrong of me.” “Thanks?” they both said. They both looked at me like I was an alien or something. “What?” I asked. “I think she’s back on them,” Layla said to Mom. What was this version of me on? “On what?” “Honey, are you doing drugs again?” Mom asked. “WHAT?!” I couldn’t believe mom was asking me that. “Are you? We can’t afford to send you back to rehab.” This version of me was on drugs. “Mom, I promise I’m not on drugs anymore. Rehab changed me. I felt like what I did was wrong and I want to apologize for it.” Mom smiled. “Ok.” Layla just looked at me weird. I continued to eat. Man, I miss Mom’s cooking. After a few minutes, I was done. I got up and put my dish in the sink. I went upstairs to get ready for school. I went into the bathroom and did my daily routine. I even kept my hair curly. This time I put it half up, half down. I didn’t want anyone to get too suspicious about me. I left out the bathroom and went into my room. I really didn’t want to wear any dresses, so I picked out a skirt. I was able to find a dark colored one. It was a pretty dark purple-blue. I then found the same colored crop top. I hated crop tops, but that’s all that this version of me had in her closet. I looked for sneakers hoping she had some. To my dismay, she didn’t. Maybe Layla had some. I walked into Layla’s room. She was putting her hair into a ponytail. Her outfit looked like what I would wear. Her room looked like mines did back in the real world. “Lay.” “Yea.” “Do you have any sneakers that match this outfit?” She looked at me. “You’re wearing that?” “What’s wrong with it?” “Nothing. You haven’t worn any skirts or crop tops in a long time. Especially sneakers. I’m just surprised.” “Well, I decided to change my look a little.” “Cool, I like it.” “Thanks. So do you?” “The only thing I have are those dark blue vans.” “Those will do.” I picked them up. “Thanks.” “No problem.” I walked out of her room. I went into mine. I walked to my vanity. I put on the sneakers. I didn’t look half bad. Only one thing is missing. My bee necklace. I looked all over my vanity and found nothing. I decided to ask Mom. I went to her room. I knocked on the door. “Come in.” I walked inside. She was getting dressed. She had on her nursing uniform. It felt nice to see her like this. Like her normal self. “Hey honey. I need the car today. You and Layla will just have to walk.” “That’s fine.” “You sure?” “Yea, but that’s not why I came in here.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. I just wanted to know where my bee necklace was.” “Why?” “ I want to wear it today.” She smiled. She went to her jewelry box and pulled it out. “You told me to throw it away, but I kept it just in case you changed your mind.” “Thanks. I realized how much I miss it. You can put it on?” “Sure.” I turned around and lifted my hair up. She put the necklace on me. I turned around. “You’re starting to look like your old self again. Especially with the sneakers.” We chuckled. “Thanks. I’m starting to feel like my old self.” “That’s good.” I hugged her. I could tell she was taken aback. She loosened up and hugged me back. “I love you Mom.” “I love you to Bee.” “I want to join in the hug,” Layla said from behind us. “Come here laylabug,” I said. “I still hate that name,” she said while joining the hug. “I know.” We let go. “Ok. Now you two need to get to school. Abbee said it was fine that y’all walk to school,” Mom said. Layla gasped. “Abbee’s walking. We must be in a parallel universe.” If only she knew. “Yea yea. Let’s go.” “Bye mom,” we both said. “Bye. We walked out of her room. We walked downstairs and got our bookbags and left out. We started walking to school.

We arrived at school. “Bye Bee,” Layla said. I guess she was going to her locker. I now have a problem. I don’t know if I have the same locker. I guess it’s time to find out. I walked to my normal locker. I put in the combination and it opened. Thank God! I was transferring books, when Eric went to his locker. “Hey Eric,” I said. He looked at me confused. “Are you talking to me?” “Yea. I can’t talk to my best friend?” “Best friends? You haven’t talked to me since 7th grade. We stopped being best friends a long time ago.” We’re not friends anymore? Why? “What do you mean?” “Wow. You must be on that stuff again. After you became friends with Heather, you stopped talking to me and Tamara.” Why would I do that? I don’t even know Heather. “Wait. So I’m not friends with you, Tamara, or Amelia.” “Yea. I think you need to stop doing drugs. Especially since you just got out of rehab 2 weeks ago.” After that he closed his locker and walked away. ****. I hate this version of me. I closed my locker and walked to the first class that I normally have. I walked in. Everybody looked at me weird. I was looking for a seat and saw Heather and Racheal flagging me over to them. I guess I better go sit with my ‘friends’. I walked over to them. I sat down. “Hey guys.” “Hey Abs,” Racheal said. “So Abs, what are you wearing?” Heather asked. “I decided to change my look a little.” “Well it needs to go. Especially that tacky bee necklace,” Heather said. “Heather,” Racheal said. “What? I’m just telling her what she needs to hear.” Ok. How could this version of me be friends with Heather. She’s mean and a *****. But I had to play the part. I didn’t want anyone to suspect anything. “It’s fine Racheal.” “See. She’s fine. Stop babying her. Now, I’m going to try and get Eric’s number before Mr. Snarfgrass comes in.” She got up and walked towards Eric. “Abs that wasn’t okay. You stick up for yourself.” “I’m fine. I’ve just learned to tune out the rude comments.” “Ok. Also, I like your outfit and your necklace. You’re looking like yourself before Nathan got you on drugs.” Nathan? Who the **** is Nathan. “Thanks.” “No problem.” Mr. Snartgrass then walked in the class. “Ok class, take your seats.” Heather walked back over to us. She sat in her seat. “So did you get his number?” Racheal asked. “No. He said he wouldn’t give it to someone so shallow anyway.” I smiled secretly. Eric is still the same Eric in my world. That means I have a chance at still being his friend. “Girls. Can you please pay attention,” Mr. Snartgrass said. “Sorry,” me and Racheal said. “Thank you. Now let’s continue with learning how to solve polynomials.”

It’s now lunch time. Me, Heather, and Racheal were in line. Heather was talking about hosting a party at her house and some other stuff. We got our lunch and went to sit down at the popular table. I was just in and out. I didn’t really pay attention to anything that was happening. I didn’t really care. It felt weird sitting here. I looked over at Eric’s table. Him, Tamara, Amelia, Emily, and Layla were laughing. I guess I was looking too long, because Heather snapped her fingers in my face. “What?” “Why are you looking over there. You should be paying attention to the details of my party.” I rolled my eyes. She looked at them. “I can’t believe she’s your sister. I mean look at her. Those outfits are horrible and who does their hair like that.” “Heather,” Racheal grunted. I was getting fed up. I don’t know about this other version of me, but I won’t sit here and let her talk about my sister like that. “Omg Racheal, calm down. Abbee’s fine with it right?” “No I’m not.” “What?” She said it like she was in disbelief. “I’m not fine with you talking about my sister like that. She didn’t do anything wrong to you.” “What’s your problem?” “You’re being a *****!” “You’re overreacting. You talk about your sister too.” I do? **** I’m a ***** in this world. “Well, I realized it’s wrong and stupid.” She rolled her eyes. “Fine. I won’t talk about her. Now back to my party.” She continued to talk about her stupid party. I couldn’t do it anymore. I got up and walked away. It’s not like she would care. I went to the bathroom. I needed to get away from that table. Everybody there is just toxic. I washed off my face. I got a paper towel and wiped my face off. I walked out the bathroom. I was walking back to the lunchroom. “Abbee.” Not again. What did it want now? I already found the door. I ignored it. I got there and the bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and went to my homeroom. 

I finally got through the rest of the day. Heather was really pushing my buttons. I had just changed and walked out. Layla had dance so I just went to my Dad’s. Luckily everyone has the same addresses here. I was walking out the front end when I saw the same guy that I saw with Mandy in my world. This time he was dressed in all black clothes. He looked different. He walked up to me. “Hey Bee,” he said. “You know me?” “****. What I gave you yesterday must’ve been strong.” “What did you give me? Who are you?” “Yep. It was. Let me give you a ride home.” I wasn’t going anywhere with him. I didn’t even know him. “Yea, no. I’m not going anywhere with you.” When I said that he looked at me suspiciously. He then looked at me like he realized something. “Sorry. Wrong person.” He walked away. That was weird. I shrugged it off and walked to my Dad’s. It was a long walk there. I wish I had the car. I finally arrived and knocked on the door. “Who is it?” That was my Dad. I miss his voice. “Your daughter.” “I don’t have any kids.” “Dad, open up.” I heard him laugh. He opened the door. We hugged. We let go and I walked in. “I see you changed your look.” “Yea. I felt like being different.” “Also. You’re wearing the necklace.” “I missed it.” “So, how was school.” “Good.” “That’s good.” “Where’s Alejandro?” Are you ok?” “Yea. Why?” “Because you asked about the well being of your step-dad even though both of you hate each other.” So this version just hates everyone. “Well, I’m changing my attitude towards everything.” “Ok.” “How’s your mom?” “Good.” “That’s good.” It was silent. “What do you want to do today?” he asked. “Father-daughter movie night?” “We haven’t done that since you were 12.” “Well, it’s time to bring it back.” “OK. Let’s go get changed.” We went up to our rooms. I went to my drawers and picked out some nice sweatpants and a t- shirt. I bought a hoodie just in case it was cold. I walked out and went downstairs. I saw dad in his spongebob pajamas. I laughed. “What?” “I can’t believe you still have those.” “I like them. Now you go pick the movie and I make the popcorn.” “Ok.” He went to the kitchen and I went to the living room. I looked through the movie rack. For some reason I picked Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls. My dad walked out with the popcorn a little while later. He had 2 big bowls. “What movie did you pick?” “Daddy’s Little Girls.” “Our favorite.” “Yep.” We sat down on the couch. I pressed play on the remote. My dad passed me the popcorn and watched the movie. 

We’re at the part where the dad crashes in the mom’s boyfriend’s car. Our song starts playing. “I was born by the river,” I started. “In a little tent,” my dad continued. We continued to sing the song. We then heard the door open. “Ryan.” That was Alejandro. “In here!” My dad yelled. Alejandro walked into the living room. “Oh hi Abbee,” he greeted me. “Hi Alejandro.” “I thought you weren’t coming until Friday.” “It is Friday,” my dad stated. “Oh yea. I must’ve forgotten.” “Do you want to join us?” I asked. “I don’t want to intrude.” “It’s fine. We’re having a father-daughter movie night. You’re also my dad, so it includes you.” “Are you sure?” “Yea. Go get changed.” “You heard her babe,” my dad said. “Ok.” Alejandro ran upstairs. I could tell he was hesitant at first. A couple minutes later, he came down in Rugrats pajamas. “Wassup with yall wearing cartoon themed pajamas?” I asked them. “Their fun,” they both responded. I smiled. They were so cute and meant to be. Alejandro sat down next to me and we continued to watch the movie. 

Right now I was laid down across my dad and Alejandro. We had watched 5 movies. We’re on our 6th one now. I was getting a little tired and could feel myself falling into the temptation of sleep. I ended up falling half asleep before I heard my dad and Alejandro talking. “I think she’s on that stuff again,” Alejandro said. “She said she’s not.” “And you’re going to believe her. She’s lied to you before.” “I know, but Nancy says she’s clean.” “Nancy will do anything to protect her.” “I know, but she sent her to rehab. Plus maybe she’s changing.” “I doubt it. She’s been rude and disrespectful towards me since she found out about us. She hates me.” “She’s obviously trying to make up for it. Give her a chance.” “Fine, but if she ends up trying to steal like last time or do anything that I find sketchy, I’m making sure that you and Nancy get her some real help.” My dad sighed. “Fine.” After that it was silent. I was really a mess in this world. If I was going to be coming here. I need to fix that. I soon felt my body being lifted. I guess they thought I was still asleep and my dad was taking me to my room. I felt him lay me on the bed. “I believe that you’re changing. It’s just going to take Alejandro some time. I love you,” he whispered in my ear. I felt him kiss my forehead. I heard him walk away and shut the door. I opened my eyes. I got up. I love it here, even though mostly everyone hates me. My mom and dad have a working relationship. My moms not depressed anymore. My family is happy and doing great. This place is actually pretty good, well besides the fact of me being a junkie. I can’t believe that I did drugs. And I went to rehab for it. I wonder what type of drugs I did. How long was I in rehab for? All of these questions swirled around in my head. Then it got me thinking about that boy who approached me. He seemed to know me pretty well in this world. Plus he said that he gave me something yesterday. Maybe this version of me was still doing drugs. What if they all found out? What would Dad and Alejandro think? What would Mom think? She spent so much money on me already for rehab. What about Layla? She’s my little sister. I should be setting an example for her. All of this thinking made me miss them. The real them. I decided to go back. I’ve been in this world for a day. Who knows how the time works here. I need to get back to the attic at my Mom’s. How was I going to get there without being seen by my dad or Alejandro. I stood up and walked out of my room. I creeped down the steps. I saw my dad and Alejandro cuddled up on the couch, watching tv. I couldn’t leave through the front door. I walked back up the stairs and went into my room. How was I going to get out of here? I looked around and saw the window. I could leave out there. I walked to the window and looked out of it. The jump didn’t look that far. I could make it. I went through the window and jumped down. When I landed I rolled. I didn’t want to sprain my ankle. I got up and I started running to Mom’s house.

I made it here. It was night time so everyone was asleep. My room was near a window. I went to where my room was. Luckily there was a tree reaching my window. I climbed up the tree. Thank God I always leave my window open. I climbed through my window, making sure not to make a sound. I got in my room. I left out and went to the attic door. I opened it and went up the steps. I went over to where the door was and removed everything. There the door was. I was about to open it when I heard a voice from behind me. “So you are one.”

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