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Abbee Jones is your average teenager. She lives with her mom and sister. Her Dad and Mom separated. Her Dad is gay and has a fiance. She also has her group of friends. Like I said Abbee Jones is your average teenager. That was until she found a door leading to a different dimension. Everybody was different in the new world. Everybody showed their true colors. Abbee visited that world and met Nathan. Now they will have to stop an evil from destroying this world and deal with betrayal.

Chapter 1

My story

Being a Dimensioner is very difficult. It’s hard trying to keep reminding yourself that this fantasy world isn’t your real world. That it’s just an escape from the world you want to get away from. That it’s nothing more than a book you like reading because it transports you into a different world through your mind. Hi! I’m Abbee Jones. My world used to be so normal. Well as normal as it could be with my mom and dad being separated and my dad being gay. I have no problem with it. His fiance is actually very nice. Anyway, my life was pretty much normal. I had my mom, dad, sister, step-dad, and my friends. Sounds normal right? Well that all changed when I discovered a door in our attic.’m Ab When I walked through that door…… everything was different. I found out who I could trust and who was real in my life. Secrets were revealed. Was it for better or worse? I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m Abbee Jones and this is my story.

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