Different Kind of Wonderland

By @kiannasteck

Different Kind of Wonderland

By @kiannasteck

Robin Elie wanted a normal summer vacation in New Orleans. Instead, she got a crazy old voodoo lady, who Robin thinks has something to do with her getting hit by a truck and landing in a coma. Purgatory for the dead and almost dead coma patients, who would kill for the souls of the alive. How will Robin ever escape her different kind of wonderland?

Chapter 1

“Mother, calm down, please,” My mother was pacing in front of the TV in our living room biting her nails viciously. “It’s only eight in the morning, which is too early to be stressed, mind you.”

I rub my eyes and squint at her. My mother stops pacing and looks at me. 

“I know. I wish planning a trip wasn’t stressful, but it is,”She sighs and falls on the couch. I walk over and sit beside her putting a hand on her thigh. “I have to find what I’m going to wear, and that’s pretty stressful.” She sighs dramatically this time putting her hand on top of mine. 

“Mom!” I chuckle at her behavior. “Out of all the places your work could give you, New Orleans was it.”

“It’s not that bad! I heard that it’s ‘the most fascinating place in the world!’” She sits up and walks towards her bedroom. “Plus if my work gives me something for free, I’m taking it!”

“Of course you would. What did Dad say about it?” Mom peeks her head from the door and smiles. 

“He loves you and Australia is nice.” She says and closes the door. 

“Australia is nice?” I get up from the couch and walked over to her door. “You did tell him we were going to New Orleans right?” I ask while opening the door. 

“Well not exactly. What I said was ‘Robin and I are going on a trip, love you and see you when you get back from Australia.’ And he replied ‘okay, be safe.’”

My mother shoves some clothes into her suitcase. I walk over and pick up some of the clothes she waded up and inspect them. 

“Well at least he said to stay safe.” I pick up a bright colored shirt and shove it under her blankets. 

“I don’t want to talk about what he said. We are going to have a fun time in a new place for the three weeks.” She sits on her bed and looks in her suitcase. “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” She then bends over and pulls the shirt I shoved in her blankets and pulls it out. “I’m guessing this is a no.” She sighs. 

“Just one more day Mom. Then we are on a plane and headed to Louisiana.” I take the shirt and throw it in her pile on the floor. “When we get back, your room is still going to be a mess, you know that right?” I say sitting next to her.

“Don’t remind me. If I don’t look at it ten times, I may forget about it.” I chuckle and get up. 

“I still have to finish my list, so I will be in my room doing that. Have fun.” I say and kiss her forehead. She groans and nods. 

Only one more day. One day and I will be on a plane to New Orleans. Which is about as exciting as it gets.

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