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By @BlazenAsh

Chapter 1

“Ha ha! Catch me if you can, losers!” Black hair flowed out behind the girl as she sped off, using her skateboard to get away. 

“Ellie! Jesus Christ, why can’t you just be normal!?” A boy, who just had a whole bottle of soda poured on his head, was chasing after the girl with his group of friends behind him.

“Because ‘normal’ is boring!” Ellie bent down, grabbed the end of her board, and jumped up onto the handrail going down the stairs leading to the town center.

“You’re a menace! You hear me!? A menace to society!” Laughter bubbled up and out of the girl as the group of boys continued to chase her.

“Yeah and you’re a boar face, so what?” The girl had reached the end of the rail and had leapt off, landing on her board and continuing on, civilians racing to get out of the way. 

This continued, the boys chasing her, until she decided it was time to stop playing around and get home.

“Well, while it has been fun messing around with you all, I really should get going.” Ellie made a sharp right turn, going down into an alleyway. The boys, thinking they would catch her, made the same right turn. However, they were not expecting to run straight into a metal bar that stretched across the alleyway, meaning to block it off. 

“Edison!” The leader of the group went face first into the bar and collapsed backwards, his friends frantically trying to help him.

“Heh. Idiots.” Ellie had gone under the bar, knowing it was there, and was now scaling the side of a building, latching on to the vines and climbing to the roof with her skateboard under her arm. 

Grunting, she hauled herself up and onto the flat roof of the apartment complex. Sighing, she looked around. The view at sunset was amazing, however, she just couldn’t bring herself to fall in love with it. She was looking over a city of people who would never accept her.

Ellie wasn’t your normal girl. In this society, girls were expected to wear light colors. Not black and gray like she did. Hats and hoodies were a no go for girls, that’s all she wore. Dresses? She would gag at the thought of wearing one whereas pretty much every other girl would wear one, or at least a skirt, 24/7. 

People talk, everyone in her area knows of her, the girl who doesn’t fit. The girl who doesn’t belong. The girl who has no place in society. 

Shaking her head, Ellie begins to walk to the staircase on the side of the building and starts to walk down the stairs to her apartment. Opening the door, she was met by a little girl.

“Big sis Ellie! Big sis Ellie!” Ellie dropped her board by the door and picked the little girl up, swinging her around.

“There she is! How are you, Amelia?” The blonde child giggled as she was put back on the ground.

“I’m good! Come, come! Mama and Papa are in the kitchen!”

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