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Didn’t i promised to give you everything?

By @Reki

Our first meeting after so many years.

Sitting on the cold ground, she was looking at the moon through the small window of the cell, with eyes that reflected pain and which were swollen from crying.

A few minutes ago she was screaming to see her son, until one of the knights standing guard stood in front of her cell.

“Seriously, do you think that with that wound he had, he would survive?”

The knight’s words made her remember that horrible feeling again. A tear came out.

10 days before.

“Dinner was delicious, tell the chef he did a good job today Sereine.”

“All right.”

Start clearing the diner table.

“Have a pleasant night my lady.”

“You too guys.”

Yulieth who had finished dinner took her son, Matheo, in her arms and headed towards the room. Her husband did not have dinner with her since he was in his office.

She put Matheo to sleep and after sitting on the bed for a while she realized that her husband wouldn’t finish his work early so she decided to go to sleep, to her surprise her husband came but she just pretended to be asleep and wait for him to lie down next to her.

Out of nowhere Matheo began to cry and Yulieth, thinking that he was woken up by the somewhat noisy arrival of her husband, sat up in bed.

“You must be tired honey, I’ll take care of-”

Turning on the lamp that was on the bedside table she was interrupted by a scene which she will forever live in her memories.

Her husband was standing in front of the crib with a knife in his hand which had blood on it.


Her hands were shaking from the fear she had but she still got up from the bed and walked towards him.

“Dante drop the knife plea-”

Before she could finish speaking he threw her to the floor, put the knife above her and just when he was going to stab her, Yulieth grabbed the knife with her hands.


When she couldn’t take it anymore, Yulieth dropped the knife and moved her head a little to avoid being stabbed, the knife got stuck in the carpet so she took advantage of the situation, grabbed the lamp from the bedside table, and hit Dante causing him to fall, then walked over to Matheo’s crib. He was still crying, she picked him up and just as she was getting closer to the door Dante stabbed her foot with a piece of glass from the lamp, causing her and Matheo to fall, he quickly crawled over to her and started strangle her.

Minutes later Dante lets her go, and Yulieth began to cough trying to catch her breath, when she could open her eyes she saw Dante bleeding to death on the floor, she was still scared but her priority was her son so she took Matheo and held him in her arms.


One of the maids who was cleaning heard a lot of noise in the main room, so she decided to see if her lady was okay or needed something. When she arrived she knocked on the door.

“My lady I heard some strange noises coming from your room, is everything alright?”

She didn’t get an answer so she went in, when she opened the door the light from the corridor revealed a scene which gave the maid chills. Yulieth was sitting on the floor with her son’s body in her hands, he has a deep cut in his throat and the bleeding did not stop, while her husband’s body was lying in a pool of blood next to her, the The maid, seeing this, let go of the door and put her hands to her mouth.

Yulieth, listening to her, turned her head and said; “Ma-Matheo doesn’t cry anymore” with tears in her eyes and blood stains on her face. The maid fell to the floor pale, trembling and screamed.


Present, at trial time.

Sitting on the cold ground but this time she was in the royal palace, her trial was taking place.

“Yulieth Letesa Oriole I declare you guilty of the murder of your husband and son, as punishment they will remove your rings and you will be exiled to Eira Mountain.”

“Your Majesty please allow me to explain!”

She said wanting to raise her hands but without power, she just resigned herself to crying.

“I end the trial, guards take away!”

“Your Majesty, please!”


She didn’t know how many days she had been walking but she got to the point of no longer feeling her hands.

While she was walking one day she tripped and fell in the snow, at which point she decided to give up.


She heard a whisper in her ear.


She wondered herself.


Touching the snow with her hands she realized that in front of her was a cliff.


She listens again and without thinking she jumps.


Yulieth regained consciousness almost instantly.

Walk to the right.’

Her voice was still speaking.

The snow cushioned her fall but so she just did as the voice said.

Keep walking.’

Raise your hand and touch the crystal.’

When she touches the glass it breaks and Yulieth faints from exhaustion and hunger, but before falling into the snow someone holds her.

“I see you took your time Laurie.”

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