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Diary of a Goddess ~ Aphrodite

By @TurtleGirl10

Jan. 3 ~ Sunday (IN PROGRESS)

I wake up and pack my things for church. I grab my LoveLips lip gloss to show off and I head over to my pink bulletin board. Tacked up on it are about 20 pictures of me and Eros. I add one I took of us spying last night. 21 pictures now. Actually, there are 19. I head off to church. As I’m flying, the paint on my pink sparkly winged pumps chips! I’ll have to buy a new pair or else I’ll make a fool of myself in front of all the mortals. I’ll be late for church, but it’ll be worth it.

As I pull into the AIR, I spot Athena and Poseidon holding hands! Ares is half sulking half steaming with fury. Boy, he’s got to be mad at Poseidon! I go ask Ares what’s wrong (wink).

“I tried to ask Athena out on a date. She got with Poseidon instead.”

“What?!?” I exclaim (wink).

“Aphrodite, you’ve gotta help me! What can I do? Are Athena and Poseidon good together or-“

“Stop that nonsense Ares!” I interrupt “You have got to get that girl!”

“Wait, you ship me and Athena?”

“Absolutely! Now go talk to her. Not about homework.” This time I actually wink. He nods and goes over to Athena. They talk inaudibly for a while, when I suddenly see Athena fling her arms into the air and her face gets red. She stomps off and Ares comes back over to me. I start talking “How’d-“

“Don’t say anything” Ares interrupts and sulks off. One of these days Ares will appreciate what I’m doing for him.

I remember my goal and check the time. Oh no, I’m late! I run over to the Mini Dress Shoppe in the AIR. It’s where I get all my clothes. I walk up to the front desk where my friend Alcyone works. I find her immediately and ask her to point me in the direction of her winged shoes. She brings me near the back. I try on several pairs until i find these gold sparkling pumps. They are a size too big so I use my magic to make them fit me. I pay for the shoes, thank Alcyone, and get back on the road that leads to my temple.

When I get to the temple, all the mortals are waiting for me and are grumpy. When I show off my LoveLips, everybody brightens up. Church goes as normal. I preach, mortals worship me, snacks, that kinda stuff. I look down at the mortals from the heavens. They can see me, but I look much bigger than a high school student. At the end of church, some people buy my LoveLips and I make 8€ and 6 ₯ (8 euros and 6 drachmas). I head over to Athena’s dorm for lunch. Artemis is meeting us there as well. We start eating burgers, milkshakes, and fries. I decide to bring up what happened today. “So Athena, Are you and Poseidon a couple?”

“Yup!” Athena replies happily. I almost spit out my milkshake. Athena keeps going on and on. “He likes me a lot, I can tell. He’s my boyfriend now.”

“Whoa, whoa, Poseidon?”

“Yeah…” Athena says dreamily

“I don’t think your dad will be quite okay with that…” Athena snaps into focus. Her dad is Zeus, and he’s kind of strict. Like, really strict actually. If he found out that Athena was dating Poseidon, he would flip out.

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