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Diary of a Goddess ~ Aphrodite

By @TurtleGirl10

Jan. 2 ~ Saturday

I wake up feeling elated. Athena, Artemis and I are meeting up at the Athens Immortal Restaurant. I slip on my pair of pink sparkly winged pumps and start to zip off to the AIR. As I fly over there, I spot Eros going the same way in his winged converse. Hermes flies overhead with his chariot that has Hermes Airlines printed on the side. Medusa is riding in the back of his chariot. Eros notices me and waves, but luckily, Hermes and Medusa slip in front of me so I can make a quick getaway. I hide behind a tree and Eros looks confused since I happened to simply disappear as Hermes and Medusa floated by. I wait till he passes. That was close. And dumb. I should have talked to him, but every time I get close to him, I get so nervous. I sigh and continue on to the AIR.

At the AIR, I spot Artemis and Athena waving me over. I send a small smile their way and then I notice Ares, Apollo, and Eros! I gasp silently, but still head over to their table. I sit next to Artemis with Apollo across from me and Eros to my right. Athena is next to Artemis with Ares across from her. For a split-second I notice Ares look longingly at Athena and I give an inward smile. I wave at Apollo and he gives me a head nod. Apollo and I are friends, but we don’t know each other that well. We’re more like… acquaintances. Ares seems to be deep in thought. Suddenly, he shakes his head slightly as if to have made up his mind. He pulls a slip of paper out of his pocket and writes on it under the table. Then I notice him drop it on the ground secretly. More obviously, he picks it up. “Hey Athena, there was a piece of paper on the ground with your name on it.” He calls across the tables, “I think it was left by the last people to come to this table. I think I saw Poseidon sitting here earlier. Maybe it’s from him. Everyone says he-“

“Okay Ares, we get it!” Athena interrupts as she takes the paper from Ares. Artemis looks over her shoulder.

“Pfft! Who drew these cheesy hearts?” Artemis scoffs. Ares seems to sag a little. Athena reads the slip of paper out loud. “Meet me in the library at 6 pm tonight. Love, your secret admirer?!?” Athena reads the last three words in shock.

“Do you suppose… Poseidon…” Artemis questions looking just as stunned as Athena does.

“If he did, then I’m not going.” Athena states, “That guy is way to full of himself.”

“But you don’t want to let the poor guy down, do you?” Ares says slyly. He made a good move, pulling that card. Athena wouldn’t be rude to anyone on purpose, even that bossy Poseidon. I know for a fact that Ares wrote the note, but he’s covering it up well. Even I thought Poseidon wrote it at one time. When it starts to get late, around 5:00 according to the sundial outside, Athena asks if Artemis and I could come as well. Artemis said she was planning to get to church early tomorrow to show off her archery skills to the Greeks down on Earth. I tell her I am going to be studying. Which isn’t a lie, I am going to study. In the library. Studying Athena and Ares. Artemis, Apollo, Eros and I head over to the dorms. Artemis falls asleep almost as soon as her head hits the pillow. To make sure she is asleep, I clap in front of her face. Artemis is a really deep sleeper, so she doesn’t move a centimeter. I walk out into the hall of the girls’ floor. Once I get out there, I start to tiptoe. I make sure none of the doors open. I breathe a sigh of relief as I get to the door I do want to open. As I open it, I am surprised to see Athena wide awake. I look out the window at the sundial that has magically turned into a moondial. It reads 5:55! “Are you even going?” I ask Athena.

“Sure, sure.” Athena assures me, “I’m just getting my dress on. It would be an embarrassment for Poseidon to see me like this!” She gestures to her jeans and T-shirt.

“So you want to impress Poseidon?” I ask, sounding teasingly intrigued.

“That’s not what I said!” Athena hisses with a smile on her face. She gives me a friendly punch on the arm and hurries off to her room. The moondial now reads 5:58. Athena is never late! On the other hand, she’s never early either. She always waltzes in at the exact minute that the event starts. If she ever does arrive early, she waits right outside the door until the minute the party starts. She has to know the exact time of the event or she’ll just die! Not literally, of course, because she’s immortal. But still.

I slip off to the library and look for Ares (or Poseidon. I know I said I was sure Ares wrote it, but there is a 0.001% chance it was Poseidon). I finally spot Ares, dressed in a collared, red, wrinkled shirt and his normal yellow-orange jeans. He usually wears this outfit to fancy parties (i.e. Zeus and Hera’s wedding) and it’s always wrinkled. I heard that he never washes it. I hide behind a bookshelf and notice Eros! I keep bumping into him. “Hi Eros, what are you doing here?” I manage to squeeze out.

“Same thing you’re doing. Watching Ares and Athena.”

“I’m not watching them! I’m… uh…”

“Studying, huh?”

“Um…yes!” I tell him. He laughs and I get a warm, happy feeling. He moves closer to me to get a better look. I check my watch that has a golden chain and a pink heart with the clock in the middle. 6:00. Athena will walk in at any second now.

Bam! The door flings open to reveal Athena dressed in a mid-length mahogany dress with a bronze colored bodice. Around her neck, a bronze chain holds a single mahogany pearl. I look up to her face and notice she’s wearing makeup! Athena barely ever wears make up! She has on mahogany eye shadow, bronze eyeliner, and deep red lipstick. It’s kind of poorly applied, but she’s quite a sight to see! “Poseidon?” she asks hopefully. I think to myself Pfft! Poseidon’s not gonna come. But he does!

“Yes? Who is it?”

“Athena.” Her voice rises. If I’m not mistaken, and I never am about things like this, I’d think Athena had a crush on Poseidon! But that can’t be right! She hates him!

“Athena?” Poseidon sounds confused. He steps out from behind the bookshelf next to Eros’s and mine. He’s wearing a gray suit with a turquoise tie dotted with drops of real water. “But, I invited…” Poseidon’s voice fades as he notices how Athena looks. “…you.” He finishes half-certainly.

“Yes, I knew that. Ares found the note you left for me on the ground.”

“Really? Well in that case…” Poseidon starts the conversation. It goes on for a long time. Eros stays with me the whole time. It is almost 7:45 when I see Ares walk past them towards the door. He turns to see Athena and Poseidon. He waits for a second, then gasps. I turn back. Athena is blushing slightly. Poseidon looks stunned. Eros mutters “Predictable.”

“What happened?” I whisper to him.

“Athena kissed Poseidon on the cheek. Didn’t you see?”

“No, I was watching Ares.” As I say this, Eros looks towards Ares.

“Run.” Eros whispers. We dash out the door of the library. As we slow to a walk, assured that we weren’t seen, I complain “Aww, things were just getting good!”

“Yes, but if we waited any longer, we would’ve been spotted.” Eros reasons, “It was pretty obvious that Athena was gonna do that, though.”

“Yeah,” I agree, “because of her tone of voice, the way she laughed at his corny jokes,” Eros laughs out loud and I feel happy. I walk over to the girls’ dorms and Eros heads over to the boys’. We bid each other farewell and I walk up the stairs. When I get inside Artemis’s and my room, I think over the happenings of the day. It is almost 8:00, way early to go to sleep, but I lay down anyways. I think until it is about 8:30 and then I fall asleep.

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