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Diamond Hunters

By @Smith

No Idea

Everyone assumes the diamond factory in Oregon is just another obscure quarry that hardly gets by on private investors, at least that is what their paychecks prove. And every year the small nearby town of Wilsonville welcomes a few new and unscathed recruits from the factory, who all claim to have been transferred here by the help of the government.

No one who doesn’t work inside the factory has ever seen the factory.

“There’s supposedly a quarry out there.” Old folks will say. Because there’s “supposedly” something in the deep woods beyond the town. The only clue townsfolk get from the men that work the factory is that the place is “for diamonds” and their job is to “look, find, change, and then fix diamonds”. Strictly in that order. And after spending the summer eating breakfast at the quaint Inn and getting to know neighbors, the new recruits would leave. Never to return.

During the winter people bundle up in blankets, huddling close to fires and keeping busy indoors with board games. They lock their doors, shut their windows, and draw their blinds as midnight approaches. Nothing can shut out the eery cries the wolves make when they’ve returned for the colder months, only to be gone again by spring.

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