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Demons and Dragons

By @Jenni

Mysterious Visitor

The demon traveled to the west to find the vortex where North meets South. A thick piece of paper lay on its front to reveal the riddle that formed icily within the center of the painted paper. Flakes of pure white frost covered the corners of the paper as the lines of poetic verse moved up to uncover new clues. A hand, covered in iron, clenched the paper while the demon’s eyes burned with white fire. The words and images moved to prevent memorization.

The demon was frustrated enough to scream! He shook with not only anger but also fear. Only a fool would not be afraid on a night like tonight. The demon had things to do this night. He would betray a king this night. A king, who not only ruled a nation, but also created one of the most powerful weapons in this universe or any other.

The paper and its’ creator held secrets greedily to avoid the eyes of anyone who sought them. An angel had made the papers up. They were rumored to be a gateway across time that no one could decode even a portion of the secrets on the papers to be sure.

It was a warm Friday in March when the second of the five pages would be found on a place called Earth. It is not the only Earth in the dimensions but it is the only human world that has knowledge of the dimensions. The pages were not found by an angel or a demon, but by a human. The human girl had no idea that this day would be different than any other. She was unaware that her life was about to change forever.

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