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By @AprilHill

Every day you see me.

I smile and am kind,

But I just want to be free

From the demons inside my mind.

My life was the war,

My soul, the battlefield.

Tearing apart my very core

And I’ve never fully healed.

It’s been so very long.

I tried so very hard.

I just wanted to fit in, belong.

But I forgot to put up my guard.

While trying to choose a side

My hopes got shattered along the way.

And, somehow, even though I tried,

I’ve lost my will to stay.

“It gets better,” they say.

“Just keep on going,”

“Look, it’s almost day!”

As if they’re all-knowing.

No, I’m sorry, I just can’t see it.

No matter how hard I strain,

I can’t quite see the candles lit;

And I wonder if I’m still sane.

I can’t always remember why

I continue to battle the same things.

Every day I try to fly,

But all I have are broken wings.

The demons, they keep swinging,

Harder and faster, always stronger.

I fight against the stinging,

I can’t hold out much longer.

I scream in anger at the shadows

They laugh and dance around

Dealing more and more blows

To the battered body on the ground.

I’m so sorry for losing the fight

Against the demons inside my head

They drowned out all my light

And replaced an echo of me instead.

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