Demon in Control

By @gummiworms

Demon in Control

By @gummiworms

Ash and Class 1-A have come back to their proper world (and may or may not have broken the 4th wall in the process) and are better than ever. Or at least, that's what they thought. When one of their classmates spiral out of control, Ash is faced with challenges. (Updated regularly)

Inspired by: My Hero Academia

Chapter 1

We landed in the street. “OW!” We all said. I got up and help everyone untangle themselves. Aizawa walked up to us. “What were you doing?” He asked. Everyone looked at me. “Yall better not say anything.” I say using telepathy. “We went skating.” Ochako says. “Whose idea was it to use quirks?” Everyone points at me. “REALLY? YALL WENT ALONG WITH SO I’M NOT ENTIRLY TO BLAME!” I shout. Aizawa takes of his scarf and grabs me with it, then stares at me dead in the eyes. “You know you’re not supposed to.” I rolled my eyes. “You are putting the blame on me when they did too. And we just went through a stressful month so cut us some slack.” I say, not really caring. Everyone inhales sharply. “Watch your tone.” he warns. “You’re not my dad.” I say sharply. I was getting upset again. We just stare at each other. You could cut the air with a knife. That’s how thick the tension was. He eventually let me go. “I’ll let you off with a warning but don’t do it again.” He walks off. “Dude, I thought he was gonna choke you with his scarf.” Denki says. “He wouldn’t. He may not seem like it, but he really cares about us. Well, he probably would have choked me, but I accidentally read his mind and chose the right words to say.” I say. “You read his mind?” Deku asks. “Yeah, it’s the one quirk I haven’t got a hand on yet. He was thinking, ‘Why did they go? I was worried.’ So, I thought about all the possible words to say.” They all looked satisfied. “We should head back. We’ve been through a stressful month, and I don’t know about you but I’m tired.” I say, yawning. We walk back to the dorms and head to our rooms. When I get to mine, I flop on my bed and fall asleep. When I wake up, it’s 12:00 at night. I text the group chat. 

Me: Is anyone awake? 

Deku: I am 

Ochako: Me too 

Mina: Yeah 

Denki: Yup 

Me: I think our bodies need to get used to the time difference 

Iida: I hate to say it but yeah. I can’t sleep either 

Me: What if we just watch some movies? 

Kiri: Yeah, that’s a good idea 

Jiro: Where would we watch it? 

Me: I could set up the common area 

Hagakure: That sounds good! 

Momo: I’ll make blankets! 

Sero: I got the popcorn 

Sato: I’ll make some muffins 

Ojiro: I have some leftover candy 

Me: I’ll make drinks! 

Kiri: I’ll help! 

Bakugo: What are you extras talking about? My notifications keep going off. 

Kiri: We’re doing a movie night! You wanna join? 

Bakugo: No. I’m going back to sleep 

Mina: Aww come on Bakubabe! It’ll be fun! 

Tsu: I guess he left 

Me: I’ll convince him. I need him to make something only he can make for this. 

Deku: Okay, I got the pillows 

Ochako: Me too 

Me: Okay, I’ll be down. Let’s get to work! 

Todoroki: I’ll bring some ice cream 

Me: … 

Mina: … 

Deku: … 

Ochako: … 

Sato: … 

Ojiro: … 

Hagakure: … 

Tsu: … 

Momo: … 

Iida: … 

Todoroki: What is it? 

Me: Nothing, it’s just ironic

I get up and change. I fell asleep in what I had on, so I changed into some PJ’s, then headed down to Bakugo’s room. I didn’t teleport since I didn’t really have it in me to do so. When I got to his room, I knocked on his door. He opened it a second later. “What?” He asked, clearly annoyed. “Why don’t you want to join us? We all know you can’t sleep either if all of us can’t.” I ask. “I don’t want to. Leave.” He tries to shut the door, but I push back. “Come on! It’s gonna be fun! And I want you to make that thing you always make on movie nights!” I plead. “Why? That’s just for home.” “But I know everyone else would like it! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?” He sighs. “Fine, but only because I can’t go back to sleep.” He says. “YES! Okie, let me get the stuff you need.” I say. I teleport to my room, grab my wallet, teleport to a store that was open, bought the stuff, paid for it, teleported back to Bakugo’s room, and handed him the stuff. “Here. Now go make it. I’ll check on everyone to see how the setup is going and how long until we’re ready.” I say. Then I teleport to the common area. “Hey Ash!” Ochako says. “Hey! How’s everything down here?” I ask. “Going good! Todoroki and Denki just left to get ice cream and some toppings. Did you convince Bakubabe into coming?” Mina asks. “Yeah, he’s coming. Where’s Kiri?” “He went to get some cups. What type of drinks are you making?” Deku asks. “I was thinking… something warm, like hot chocolate with a surprise!” “I can’t wait to try it! I bet it’ll be good!” Ochako says. I walk into the kitchen. Sato was looking for something. “Hey, do you need any help? What is it you’re looking for?” I ask. “Thanks, yeah I do. I’m looking for the teaspoons, but I can’t find them.” He says. I open a random drawer and pull them out. “Here they are!” He looks at me and I hand them to him. “Thank you. I could have sworn I looked in there.” He walked back to his room. I get my supplies and put them out. Kiri walks in. “I got the cups!” He says. “Great! I need you to help me pour the drinks and to stir them.” I grab two pots and fill them up with milk. Then I put them on the stove to boil. While it is, I have Kiri melt some chocolate in the microwave. I grab a bunch of packets of my homemade hot chocolate mix and dump them into the milk. I stir the milk while I have Kiri mix the chocolate to get it smoother. After about 15 minutes, I turn off the stove and line the cups up. Then I pour the “hot chocolate” into them. I have Kiri leave the kitchen after that because I had to add my secret ingredient. After I add it, Bakugo comes down with the surprise on a tray covered with foil. “Where did you make them?” I ask. “Sugar boy let me use his cooking stuff. He wasn’t there of course.” He replies. I put the cups onto a tray. “I’m gonna see if everything is ready.” I say. Then, I walk out the kitchen.  

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