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Demon Contractor

By @J_M_Larsen


Shadows aren’t supposed to speak.

This was the only thoughts left in my mind when the shadow did, in fact, speak to me. I was frozen. The faces around me seemed to disappear as a blackness surrounded me. The blackness was dark but somehow the shadow was darker. I stared into its red eyes and my brain miraculously produced another thought.

Shadows aren’t supposed to have eyes.

The shadow spoke again, its voice so chilling that it sent another shiver down my spine. I couldn’t make out the words. They were too ethereal for me to make out. Somehow, despite the fact that I couldn’t hear a word it said, I understood the meaning of its unheard words. It was asking me a question. The words of the faces came back to me. Before they had been shadowed by darkness they had given me instructions.

“Whatever it asks,” they had said. “Answer with yes.”

The shadow continued to stare at me as I stared back. I tried to open my mouth to reply with yes but it was as if something was holding my mouth shut. The shadow spoke once more and I found my mouth open.

“Yes.” I said. I shiver ran down my spine. It was the kind of shiver that rattled your bones. The kind of shiver that made you scared.

The shadow moved closer and as it did the darkness crept toward me as well. It spoke again and asked another question. Again upon opening my mouth it seemed as though the answer was sealed in my throat, as if an invisible barrier refused to let the sound out. The shadow asked its question again. I struggled to voice my reply. It was only after the shadow asked it for a third time was I able to answer.

“Yes.” I felt an electric shock seep into my bones. My body convulsed as if filled with energy. When it stopped I was breathing hard and the shadow, along with its darkness, had come even closer than before.

The shadow asked me a third question. As with the two times before the shadow asked its question three times before I was able to reply.


A sense of finality hit me. The darkness seemed to rush at me, filling me. I was suddenly cold an intense shivers wracked my body. I opened my eyes wide but when I attempted to scream nothing came out. My lungs contracted as if I was drowning. No. Not as if I as drowning. I was drowning. I was drowning in the darkness, my lungs filling with it. My heart began to beat slower. I could feel my eyes beginning to close. I looked up at the shadow one final time as I began to fall unconscious.

The shadow smiled. It was the kind of smile that scared a person to death. It was the kind of smile that made a person shiver in fear. It was the kind of smile that made a person run away in terror. It was the smile of a friend, an enemy, and a serial killer all at once.

It was the smile of a demon.

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