Delight and despair

By @Agnik_Biswas
Delight and despair

A poem about inexpressibility, and how this affects. It also gives some life lessons. The narrator shows his desperation and his passion but he never forces for anything. The rest it's better that you read and

Chapter 1

Once in a lullaby

I heard someone say

Life’s a package of

Delight and despair.

I hadn’t asked if

I had to share.

Now without being told

I know with whom to share

My package of delight and despair.

My eyes know who is there

But it’s not enough.

Cause I don’t know how to convey,

For a thousand words can’t say

A million expressions don’t count.

Every attempt put s failure on mount.

But I won’t quit.

For I will try

But will not let you cry.

Without letting you know

What I reap and what I sow,

For the answer I myself don’t know.

Oh yes you said

I’m a desperate guy

And also a bit shy.

But I dare say That I don’t lie

when I say Without you I won’t die.

By-Agnik Biswas(Ignite)

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