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death of vincent pygmy

By @cherryrumi

chapter 1 : Algebra gone sinister


8:30 A.m

Monday mornings are the best! I know you rarely ever hear that , but its true monday mornings for me are like the friday mornings for you.Another thing amazing about this year was that i was being transferred into advanced algebra i was the only one from my grade who would be transferring . I am super excited because my crush vincent pygmy harris is in the same class. After years of crushing i am finally in a class with him .This year is going to be seriously the best .

11 P.m

Okay so a ton of things just happened .As soon as i got to advanced algebra i found a seat next to vincent he is definitely even more cuter up close and how does he smell like peppermint and chocolate so divine. um anyways we talked a little and he invited me to his house to do homework together . I know what your thinking i just accepted an invitation to go to vincent freaking pygmys house but your just like she doesnt even know the guy what is hes a rapist or murderer of some sought . Your wrong actually i do know him hes my cousins best friend so its cool.

8 P.M

I picked out the best outfit i could find in my closet not too much but casual with a little bit of spice . okay i have to go now will tell you everything once i get back . tehee.

2 A.m

i am in shock …nwjn i cant even write my diary is literally wet . I am at the police station. what happened in brief .

I found vincent Pygmy dead in his own room and i am the suspect.

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