Dear Mr. Mattley

By @BubbleBrooke
Dear Mr. Mattley

Wanda came from nothing. For 40 years, she bounced around jobs, looking for a purpose. She found one in her son, Andre. All of that work was blown away by a single shell from a gun. Macie is young, independent, and suspected for murder. Since the gun used to kill Andre had her fingerprints on it, she’s immediately the prime target. But she didn’t kill Andre. This is an interstices story of two women with their lives falling apart. (Unfinished)

Chapter 1


When the little fellow called success comes by, he doesn’t meander around a meadow before heading off. He bolts through like his pants are afire and he doesn’t come back soon, even if you ask him nicely to. You see, when success happens to pop into your line of sight, you gotta chase him down like it’s hunting season, then grab on with both hands and hold on tight.

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