Daylight Shinobi

By @StripedWoulf

Daylight Shinobi

By @StripedWoulf

A story about the daughter of a well known business man. Someone puts a hit out on her, but no one knows why. Will Tora, a young Gaijin Shinobi, be able to save her, or will his own past catch up to both of them?

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sky had just begun to darken as an easy breeze blew through the trees, sending loose flora dancing. The air was thick with the scent of trees, and water from a river that wasn’t too far off; sometimes you could even smell the flowers that grow in bunches around the woods. A dark haired male laid out on a thick tree branch, arms folded under his head, eyes closed, one knee bent with the other dangling off the side of the branch that sat at least 15 feet from the ground. He was toned, just enough muscle to show through his clothes, but not so much so that he looked bulky. He was tall as well, standing straight he stood at around 6ft 5in.

“What a boring day…” he murmured quietly, and ran a hand through his hair, though it fell right back into place, sticking out, thick and messy, covering his forehead and eyes sometimes. Usually he tried to kept it tied back with some kind of cloth or another, but he was off duty so he didn’t feel the need to-

“HELP!!!” He heard a woman scream from below, breaking his relaxation and nearly causing him to fall off the branch, “HELP ME PLEASE!!” she cried out again, and he could hear her scrambling through the woods, trying to get away from something, snapping low branches and stomping through the brush.

In mid air he flipped himself around and took to the ground running silently, jumping back up into a tree, pulling his hood and his mask back into place.

“Nice try girly, but there is nothing around here and no one to help you.” A scratchy male voice answered her, a second male laughed at her. “There is nowhere for you to run, girly.”

He jumped from tree to tree until he got close enough to see them. Almost right below him he could see two scrawny men surrounding a young woman, her back almost up against a tree now. The two men looked like twins, both with wild red hair and light skin with freckles everywhere. The young woman had long silver hair which reached down to her waist with a slight curl to it, would probably be more curly if it was shorter, and her skin was tanned from being in the sun a lot.

He grinned and jumped down, landing right between the woman and the two men, “It’s dishonorable for two grown men to pick on a young maiden you know.” The men scrambled back in surprise, looking at each other in fear and confusion, intimidated by not only his size, but the promise of death in his eyes. He looked them over again and almost laughed at the sight of them. They wore simple jeans and flannel, but they looked like a total mess; red hair ungroomed, patchy ****** hair on one, the other with thin patchy gruff, dirt and who knows what covering hair and clothes. “So, what do you two think you’re doing?” he asked mildly. He wanted to kill them, but they looked unarmed at the moment. There was no honor in this kill.

The two men looked back at him, taking the chance to look him over since he didn’t move to attack or take the woman. He was dressed head to toe in black; loose cloth around his neck was like a scarf, tight muscle shirt that exaggerated his athletic muscles, loose pants with red highlights down the sides and around the pockets, then big **** kickers for boots, and a small pouch behind his left hip; he towered over the two men in his 6ft 5in.

He looked behind him at the woman when the two men just stared gaping at him, not sure if they should run or fight, “Are you ok?” He asked her, looked her over for signs of injury. She nodded silently and moved directly behind him, hands against his back, fingers curling into his shirt, apparently just now deciding he was trustworthy. The only visible injuries were scrapes from hitting trees and branches as she ran. She wore a simple outfit: long black skirt, a loose white top and black flats. Well, flat; one of her shoes were missing.

What are they going to do with her?’ he looked back at the men who seemed to have found their balls and stared back at him, glaring. ‘They don’t seem intent on using or raping her at the moment, otherwise they would be slightly less dressed.’ his thoughts got cut off as the male on the left spoke.

“And what do you think you’re going to do?” The male with shorter hair sneered as they both pulled out guns , “You’re unarmed, alone and in the middle of the woods. We both have guns, not to mention we can call even more guys out here. Just give us the girl, and we’ll let you walk away.” He loved it when people tried to threaten him. Just made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Heh, let’s see if you can hit me with that,” his eyes immediately got hard when the gun was pulled out, body tensing up as he pulled out a kunai knife and held it up in front of him, putting an arm around the woman behind him, pulling her beside him, making it easier to move both of them quickly, “Your gun against my blade, yeah?”

The tension in the air grew thick, he relaxed all of his muscles, ready to move at a moment’s notice as he waited for one of the twins to make a move, watching their muscle movement, their eyes, their feet, shoulders, anything that would give away what they were going to do. The short haired man’s eyebrow twitched and his arms raised, and the tall male jumped at his chance, deflecting the bullet with his knife and onto a tree branch, throwing the knife into the chest of the gunman a second after

“Brother!!!” The second male ran over to the gunner, giving the tall male enough time to pick up the woman and ran off. ‘Jeez, she’s much lighter than I thought she was..’ After a few more minutes he slowed down and set her down gently, setting her on her bum. As he stood and started to walk off, he spoke “You really should carry around something to defend yourself.”

She reached out quickly and grabbed his pants before he had the chance to get far, “Wait…” She murmured quietly, holding onto his pants for dear life, obviously shaken up about what happened, “You didn’t tell me your name…” She looked up with jade eyes, pleading for him not to leave, “I’m Seraphina…”

He smiled gently, posture and attitude changing to be more kind and gentle, and crouched down to where she sat, “You can call me Tora.” he tilted his head, “Are you ok? They didn’t… hurt you did they?” he looked her over more seriously, mostly wondering if they violated her, but from the looks of things, they didn’t. ‘Maybe I’m overthinking things..’

“I’m ok I guess…. they didn’t hurt me other than throwing me into a trunk and binding me… They kept asking about some jewel but…” she shrugged a little bit, “What are you..?” Seraphina seemed very confused, looking at his black attire and the pouch at his hip, and the way his personality seemed to change.

“Heh, you’ll laugh at me if I tell you.” he shook his head, giving her a sideways grin, which she couldn’t see of course. He pulled down his mask and smiled at her again, and she visibly relax, “Plus you’re on the path, you can find your way back if you head if you head north.” Tora stood back up, but was stopped again when she grabbed his pants once more. He groaned and looked back to tell her off when he saw the tears in her eyes. It stopped him completely, softening his heart a little bit. “Ahhh ****..” He muttered and sat down, “What’s wrong?”

She sniffled and looked up at him with wide eyes, “I don’t know where I’m at… I was blindfolded and gagged and dragged out here…” she looked around herself, “I was just leaving work and they picked me up…. And then threw me in a van…. The gave me something too when they grabbed me….”

He had noticed that some of her wounds were from ropes and tape, but had not previously noticed her dilated pupils, “Ahh… I was wondering since you weren’t in running clothes all the way out here…” She didn’t let go of his clothes, staring almost into his soul with her eyes, “Fine.” He sighed and took her hand, “Come on.” He pulled her up onto his back piggyback style, “Hold on, ok? I’ll get you back to town.”

Seraphina wrapped her arms and legs around him, and he stood up, then he took off running down the path. ‘Always getting yourself in all kinds of trouble. Can’t just have just one quiet evening… That’s what I get for complaining about being bored…’ He sighed, taking a moment to look back at her. Her breathing was light, arms and legs locked around his waist, eyes closed… Wait…. He stopped and looked at her, ‘She’s asleep!’ He would have face-palmed if he wasn’t holding her up, arms locked under her bum.

Tora grumbled and was careful not to jostle her as he headed down the path, ‘Women…’ He grumbled again. It took him close to 30 minutes to make it back to town, they had taken her deep into the woods set her down gently so as not to wake her. It would not be long before the children playing in the street saw the two of them. He stood up, about to leave when he had an odd urge. He went back to her and took out another knife and put in in her pocket; he wanted her to remember him. A Shinobi always hid in the dark, but he wanted, no- he needed her to remember him, and that went against just about everything he had been taught.

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