By @lmgotstyle

Chapter 1


What you cannot see is felt.

When the night comes the mind bleeds.

Where you lie in bed is where you find you live in your head.

The senses begin to shut down in the darkness, but the brain runs on and on. The energizer bunny is in your chest, and he just keeps banging on your rib cage like its a drum. Banging and Banging and Banging! You feel the ache between your ribs, and can’t squeeze your pillow close enough. The pain does not ease, and the thoughts spurt through you mind faster than blood out of a cut artery.

Doubts. Fears. Self Deprecations. The Indefiniteness of life.

   In the darkness it is all revealed, and you are left with nowhere to run. This oppressive cloud that you cannot see in the light is felt every night. The roadblocks you held up along those lines of thought are broken down. The worker synaptic nerves who guarded them have gone out to party. Now they are firing off blast after blast of explosive expression. Fireworks whose lights and colors you cannot see, and do not love, but feel in your deepest core.

They say that in the heart there are fine intricate muscle fibers, and that when the heart is overly stressed these fibers can snap. This midnight stress fest is playing too hard on your heartstrings.

I’ve never fallen in love, but I may just die of this pain, this heartbreak.

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