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By @NyratOcnarFiD310748


I can feel it taking over

I can feel the darkness spreading through my body

Taking over every last inch of me

Until it has a hold of me

I can feel it flowing through my veins

Grasping to my bones

Ringing though my ears

Clouding my mind

Until it’s all I can think about

Forget the happy girl

I used to be

Forget the smiles

I used to share

Forget every single last drop of happiness

That I ever gathered

Because the darkness is taking over

It’s robbing me of my laughs

Replacing them with tears

Taking away my positivity

Filling it with dark thoughts

I never thought possible

I can feel the darkness

The horrible monster clawing

Until all that is left

Is the same body

The same smile

But it just acts as a mask now

It doesn’t match the inside

My inside

My heart, my soul, my love,

Is now, well,


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