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Dark Thoughts

By @Dcoleman1991

 I look ahead, thinking of the words he told me.

“Sorry but I think we need to give each other space.” he says.

What kind of **** is that?

I want to know why I wasn’t good enough for him

I want to know what I can do to hurt that witch that stole him from me

.I stare into the sky,and think about her.

I imagine she has raven hair,and dark, alluring eyes,and I want to cut her hair and stab out her eyes.

I want to slowly cut her while she screams in pain,

and let her know that she stole my heart from me,that she took the one person who made my life worth something.

That he was the only one to make me smile and laugh,who completed me in every way!

But he’s gone, and he’s with her now.

I see her everyday and she smirks,

knowing that I’m hurting inside, and not caring at all

.Now I want her to die a slow and painful death,

isn’t it a shame that she was my best friend?

But now she’s not, and she’s dead to me in every way.

I feel dead inside when I think of them,

and I wish that I could just run them over with a bus,

so I can stop thinking these dark thoughts.

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