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Dark Secrets

By @tesshaiku



I live with my mom, dad, and cat. You would think I have the perfect life. My parents are still together, we’re all healthy, I have friends, and I don’t really have enemies. But I don’t have the perfect life. My little brother, Nolan, is in the hospital. And my best friend Hayden has a secret.


My family has fallen apart in the last five years. When my sister was eighteen, my brother was fifteen and I was twelve, my sister was on her way to college and she was run into by a careless driver who was on her phone. Then a few years after that my oldest brother started smoking, I was only in seventh grade, and my family had fallen apart. My brother who was only one year older than me is kind of my best friend of the family. And just two years ago, my parents divorced. They’re both remarried now. 


I just got over depression from my dad dying two years ago. He got in a car accident eight years ago. He was walking to pick me up from school in third grade and a drunk driver rode up the curb and killed my dad. I was eight years old at the time. My mom was crying her eyes out. 

If that happened to the rest of my family, I would honestly just die. 


My dad died in a shooting at his work. He shot multiple people while doing it, then shot himself. My sister has depression, my mom’s in prison for something she didn’t do too, so I’m pretty much the head of the family. But my mom is coming home in a few weeks We have child support, and a nanny who’s rarely her, but that’s about it.


My father committed suicide at his work. I now suffer from depression, and not a lot of people know. I probably have the biggest secret of all.

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