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Dark Flare

By @Mason moon

The Memory

When I first got an email about this project, I knew the time that I was waiting for my whole life. I was born for this, the result of my life time research, people finally decided to acknowledge it. This project will be risky, but by succeeding this humanity will evolve once more. It’s like a fire; dangerous but more important than anything. If you get too close, it burns you but if you stay close by, it gives you warmness.

Without the fire, we couldn’t have evolved to this point. Our ancestors had to go through a cold winter without a hit before finding the fire. The fire changed everything, didn’t it? But was it easy to get the fire? Animals are scared of it as well as humans. But humans overcame the fear inside them and finally tamed that burning object. 

It was risky to get the fire and it’s also risky to succeed in this project.  However, when this project is over, it shall burn like a fire and change us forever. It will burn in a flare. 

 So, I named it the Flare project.  

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