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Dark Days

By @LovelyGoddessBlack



Tuesday, May 15, 2022

Entry One

Urgh! I hate how hyper these people are. I never understood how anyone could have so much energy that you could be bouncing off the walls @ 6:30 am. The students here should be bored and angry. It’s not like we’re in a normal high school. What high school and I mean public high school in the United States have to wear uniforms? I mean what are we in Japan, no we’re in Connecticut for Pete’s sake. Whatever, like I was saying, I don’t know how these people can do it.

Entry one updated 6:52 am

It didn’t take long for the classroom to fill up. There are 20 students in my class. 10 of them are seniors who failed this class in their junior year. Jeez, it gives me a headache to look at the same uniforms all day. All girls wore black cami’s, a jacket with Tessa high school logo on it, pleated plaid skirts and thigh-high socks. The boys are in a black sweater vest and white tees that go under it, with long black pants. They should be transferring to shorts soon. Have you ever seen a premature boy in shorts up to their knees? It is quite gross. Blah, I can’t express how much I think this school should rot with the majority of the people in it.

“Hey, Ginger? What’s 5’5, wears all black and carries her diary on her phone?” I had just finished writing my first entry of the day in my Black Hive Edition two phone. When Raina and Ginger came for a visit. Their best friends and my worst bullies.

“I don’t know Raina, what is it?” Ginger giggled. I could see them in the corner of my eye. They walked slowly to me just waiting for my reaction.

“I’ll give you another hint. It has short ugly black hair with unsightly purple streaks. Plus she has the skin color of mud but oh she acts like a little white girl.” I rolled my eyes slowly hiding my phone from their sight.

“I know it’s a cat. A dingy ***** feral cat.” Ginger gave out a laugh that could make a dog cry. 

“No, you mean a skunk.”Raina corrected Ginger. They both laughed.

Raina decided it was a good thing to sit on top of my desk. She swung her tangled onyx hair in my face. Raina had this overpowering grapefruit smell to her, made me want to gag.

 “Hey? Hey, freak? Why do you even come to school? You suck here and you always get on my nerves. I hate seeing you and so do other people. You know what, you should just…”

“She should just what Ms. Raina Ramiz?” I hadn’t realized that Ms. Hadely came in behind me. I sit in the back row so no one will call on me and I can use my phone.

Raina slipped off my desk and smiled at the teacher. 

“See ya Freak.”

Journal App

Tuesday, May 15, 2022

Entry 2

Freak is not my name. My name is Amare Cailen. The adopted daughter of Max David Cailen the Fifth and Margery Cailen. They are a middle-class Jewish family that couldn’t have any children, so they adopted me at 2 years old, they love me and don’t think I’m a freak. I’m thinking too much. Ms. Hadely had kept Raina and Ginger away from me until the class is over.

Entry two updated 7:45

My day was a restless pain, I have waited six hours to get home. Mindy caught up to me while I was outside looking for our bus. Mindy is the white version of me. We do and say the same things, we know when ones hurt or keeping something from the other, the only difference is she has pink hair, the best part is she hates this school as much as I do.

“Amare have you seen Raymond? The punk owes me twenty bucks.” Mindy and her punk hair and near-perfect grey eyes hate my other best friend, but she pities him. 

“He ran to the bus. Tj and Gregory were after him. He probably saved us a seat.” Mindy rolled her eyes. She doesn’t understand how we both get bullied, she always says to take a chance and beat them till they leave you alone. It funny she may be able to do that but I can’t. Mindy and I walked arm and arm to the bus.

“Move it freak!” Raina shoved past us as we made our way into the bus. There are about 20 juniors, 12 seniors, maybe one sophomore and two freshmen, on this bus, I had noticed it wasn’t our old crusty perverted bus driver today. I mean he was here this morning. Whatever I just want to go home.

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