Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Hey I brought you a sandwich.” Julius walks in and I smile.

“Thank you.” I sit on my bed and he sits in front of me.

“What’s bugging you?” He asks me.

“Nothing it’s just I don’t know about boarding school, like I didn’t go to college back home and here I am going to a boarding school…” I sigh.

“I know. All this can be pretty intimidating but trust me you are going to enjoy it and the other head master is pretty fun and welcoming also.” He reassures.

“Yea but is there a lot of students?” I ask him and he looks at me and chuckles.

“Well its not a lot to be quite honest, it’s only about 100 student from my campus and maybe 100 on the other we try to keep it small so we can keep track of everyone.”

“I see but if there’s not that many student’s then why keep them distance?” I take a bite out of my sandwich.

“Well the other founder wanted us to try something new and I liked the idea so we did and it’s been that way ever since and since it’s been in the family for the longest of time we have never decided to break it because it goes so well. “

“That’s true, but let’s say I get tired of sharing my room can I just leave campus and come back here?” I ask him and he smiles and nods.

“Of course, in fact the school is just a few miles away so if you want to live here and go to campus everyday you can because there are days were you will not have class so you are free to come back home and relax, maybe go into town and explore just be careful please.” He explains to me.

“Of course. Okay now I feel alot better.” I smile and he chuckles.

“I heard she’s here!” I hear a boy yell from downstairs and my butterflies start up again.

“Like they sometimes come back home.” Julius acknowledges his siblings.

“We are coming downstairs!” Julius yells and he points to the door and I clear my throat and put on my shoes on and we walk down stairs and my heart is pounding the **** out of me.

“Hey Julius where she at?” I hear a guy say.

“Arias can you shut up!” I hear a girl say.

I walk down the stairs and they are all starring at me and my eyes meet these dark grey eyes they are burning into my soul but I can’t look away. Something about him yells danger and mysterious. He is actually pretty scary intimidating.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and I see twin sisters and they have light brown hair with light brown eyes, almost kinda red brown but they shine.

“Kam this is my sister Hazel and Venus.” Julius says and they look me up and down and then engulf me in a hug.

“Yes! Finally another girl that we can dress up!” They both say in sync and I giggle.

“It’s been centuries!” One says and the other smacks her.

“You mean it has felt like a century” The other corrects her.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kamaria.”

“I’m Arias.” This boy with dark brown eyes, almost black eyes with jet black hair that almost looks blue says extending his hand and he grabs mine and kisses the top of it and I smile, almost blush. What is up with all these boys being incredibly sexy.

“And this is Evandor.” Julius points the the boy with black hair and dark grey eyes. He’s intimidating he will not take his eyes off of me and he smirks like he knows all my secrets and he walks away.

How freaking rude.

“Nice meeting you!” I yell and he freezes and looks dead at me with venomous eyes.

“Hey cool it!” Julius warns him and he turns back around and walks off.

“Oh I like her already!” one of the twins say and they all agree.

“Look don’t fret Evan he’s just really grumpy and he keeps to himself. He’s pretty much the rude one in this family.” The other twin says, **** I’m going to have to figure out a way to tell them apart.

“Yea he acts like he has a stick up his as..”

“Arias!” Julius snaps at him.

“Sorry, as you can tell Julius is very proper.” Arias tells me.

“I would say he’s the old man of the family.”

“Yea he stayed back in the past, he’s old school.” The twins join Arias in making fun of their brother.

“Shut up before I send you all back to the school!” Julius threatens them but they all laugh.

“Good night!” The twins say and they head upstairs but go to the east wing.

“Well I’ll walk Kam here to her room.” Arias winks at me.

“Careful Arias she is not to be messed with. Got it!” Julius warns him.

“Got it dad!” He yells, wait where is there dad?

“Good night Kamaria.” Julius wave at me as his younger brother is literally dragging me up the stairs.

“Good night Julius. Thank you.” I smile and we enter the west hallway.

“So how old are you?” Arias asks me.


“ah okay I’m 23.”

“Oh you look younger.” I state and he laughs.

“I get that a lot, we all do.”

“Must run in the family.” I wink and we get to my bedroom and we bid goodnight and I enter my room and I decide to take a bath and relax.

I look in the cabinet and there are actually bathbombs and rose petals to add to the bath and even bubbles that smell like jasmine.

“Oh my god!” I turn on the water and put in a rose bathbomb and some bubbles and I get in and put on some music from my phone and just relax.

I close my eyes and I feel so light and relaxed and peaceful. Sister Molly was right.


“Mommy what’s going on?”I see this little girl with her mother in the woods

“Shhh honey, we need to get out of this forest.” The women with light brown hair says and she’s pulling the girl behind her as we run through the snowed forest.

“Celine come out!” A angry mans yells and the women stops behind a tree and she starts crying.

“Don’t cry mommy.” I see the little girl now and she’s beautiful.


I open my eyes and look around, right I’m still in the bathtub and I fell asleep. I get out of the tub and dry myself off and get into my huge t shirt and get into bed but I get a phone call and I see it Nyx.

“Hey!” I say.

“Well I guess you already showed up and forgot about me.” She snaps at me.

“Of course not! I just settled in and took a quick shower.” I explain to her.

“Oh well how’s it going?”

“Oh my god! Nyx this place is unbelievable. Seriously they are being so nice to me and very lovely!” I smile but frown once I remember that Evan doesn’t really like me but I don’t care what he thinks of me because I am not here for him I am here for his siblings.

“But..” She continues.

“I have to go to a boarding school.” I sigh and she gasps.

“What? Those exist?” She asks me.

“I guess this is probably the only one maybe… I don’t know but it’s weird as heck but it’s so close that I can live at home and just go to school.” I smile.

“Oh that’s good but how’s the house.” She asks me and I know she is dying to find out.

“Its a bloody mansion! My room is the size of our houses!”

“Really? Then they probably don’t care for my to go over and share house with you.” She jokes and we laugh.

“Seriously Nyx this seems too good to be true.” I think about it.

“Um most likely it is too good to be true but lets not be negative nancies and I am really glad that you are at least happy.” She sounds happy.

“Thanks Nyx but I’ll keep you in touch with everything that happens.”

“Alright you better! Love you!” She shouts and I laugh.

“Love you too! Bye.” I hang up and I turn off the lights and the only light coming into my room is the moonlight and I have three big windows so my room is pretty lit. There’s only a corner that’s really dark.

I close my eyes for a little bit but then open them because I can’t sleep. I turn around and twist but nothing bed is so soft and comfy but I can’t fall asleep.

I sit up and I jump because I swear to god I saw a guy at the corner of my room. I turn on the light but nothing. Ugh come on Kamaria get your **** together this isn’t twilight!

I look at the time and its midnight and I lay back down and I just close my eyes and I eventually fall asleep. 

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