Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 51

The Wedding Part 1

“Good morning!” The girls jump on my bed and I groan. I take a peak at the time and it’s only 6 in the morning.

“Really?” I pout.

“Yes! You have to get ready!” Nyx shakes me and my butterflies erupt, today is my wedding day!

“Come on you have to be the most beautiful Night here!” Hazel winks and I blush. Oh god I’m going to be Kamaria Kuro Night! I decided to keep my last name for my family even though my father did horrible things I am going to be the one to bring up our name! I might actually be Sakari because Evan was thinking about it but he said it would be a surprise at the end of the ceremony.

“The wedding isn’t until midnight.” I frown at them. We decided on a night wedding. When the moon is at it’s highest peak.

“Well everyone is getting everything ready. Can we at least get you some what ready?” Venus sighs.

“How about at 12 we get started so right now give me some me time and maybe some coffee and to check things out. It is my wedding after all I want to see how everything is going.” I smile big.

“Fine! Come on girls!” All my bridesmaids walk out the room. I have Nyx as my maid of honor, Kora, Mia, Emma, Venus, and Hazel as my bridesmaids.

Evan has Arias as his best man, Brandon, Mathew, Heath, Tut, and this guy named Victor he’s Hazel’s ‘guy friend’

Julius is walking me down the isle and Paige is the flower girl and Philip is the ring giver awayer. I look out the window and see them fixing the lanterns in the trees and it’s snowing the floor is covered in snow and they decided to put stone benches for the guest and it actually looks very nice.

And since it’s an outdoor wedding and at night they decided to put fairy lights around the trees and dangling over the tables and on the dancefloor.

Evan and I fought over the colors for so long! I mean it he wanted black and blue and I wanted wine red and white but at the end we decided on black and wine red and white. So we decided on a white long carpet to lead to the alter and the bridesmaid’s dresses are black, a very sexy long, black dress. The girls doubted the color but they loved how they all looked in them.

The twins wanted a happy color themed wedding but they turned around and helped with the decorations. For the flowers around we got blood orchids and dark red calla lilies and black blood Dahlias. Some white roses and black roses but very few. We have black and red and white rose petals covering the snow and since it’s slightly windy they are all just mixing around and it looks magical.

The tables are black with black seating and fairy lights all around. We debated on a cake but the twins said it was necessary so we got a white cake with black lace pattern and scarlet swirls and designs. The twins picked it out mostly but we liked it.

The dance floor is a black carpet with weird fairy lights to make it look like stars. The twins really decided on most of the things Evan and I just decided on the colors the dresses and the tux and the invites. We wanted a small wedding but apparently since we are purebloods lots of people wanted to come and since I’m meant to be the head of the union soon they have to come and be part of it.

So we literally are having a big wedding even though we didn’t want one. This is what happens when you are royalty as Hazel puts it!

“Good morning.” I turn to see my future husband!

“You look very happy today Mr. Night.” I smirk and he walks to me and grabs my waist.

“Well you see I happen to be just a few hours from marrying this beautiful lady and she will soon be Mrs. Sakari Night.” He winks and I gasp.

“What!” I jump of joy, “But wait Kamaria Kuro Sakari Night is very long!” I pout and he chuckles.

“I know, but I just changed my name to Evandor Sakari Night.” He hands me his certificate.

“Wow, big boy steps huh?” I giggle and give him a peck.

“Yea so what do you want Night or Sakari?” He asks me.

“Um I think Night is fine.” I smile and he lets out a breath.

“Thank god, I like Kamaria Kuro Night better.”

“Well you will be Evandor Sakair Night and I will be Kamaria Kuro Night.”

“Can you say that again?”


“Because I love how that sounds!” He grabs me and spins me and I laugh.

“Ugh I love you!” I grab his face.

“Love you too Miss Kuro.” He kisses me.

“Miss Kuro just for a couple hours huh.” I giggle.

“Indeed I can’t wait to say Mrs.Night.” He winks.

“HEY NO!” We both turn and see Mia and Emma and Hazel starring at us.

“GET OUT!” Hazel yells and we rolls our eyes and kiss before the girls grab him and throw him out.

“STAY OUT!” Venus yells as he walks away and he just sticks his middle finger out.

“Ready?” They stare at me and I sigh.

“I said 12 it’s only 10.”

“Too bad we have to get you ready and all of us!” They push me into the bathroom.

“Woah! I can shower myself!” I push them out and they laugh and fake scream. I close the door and sigh thank god he didn’t hear anything! My secret is safe! I look in the mirror and smile, I let my eyes turn red and I see the demons surround me and I smile and nod at them and they bow to me. I do it every morning so they know I’m grateful for them.

And also they guard the mansion for us. I thought my powers were horrible at first but once I got use to them and noticed they do what I say I fell in love with the power. They are my responsibility and I’m the ruler of the demons while I am the ruler of the vampires and under my responsibility they will never fight again. I still need to find out how to get to the underworld only my father new how so nobody but him could ever open the doors but I read books about it and it says that there are actual people who are demons and some live with us and humans.

I need to find one and see how to get to my rightful place as queen. My eyes go back to my regular Hazel eyes and I get in the hot shower and stay there for a good hour just relaxing.

“Gosh you better be smelling nice for a week!” The girls stare at me as I come out in my bathrobe.

“Haha, I wanted to relax.”

“Whatever come and sit!” They pull me to sit down and they literally have every utensil for make up and for my hair.

“Wait!” Nyx smirks and we all turn to her.

“She has to put this on!” My eyes widen as everyone agrees with her, she is holding white lingerie.

“Why?” I laugh.

“Duh it’s your wedding night.” She winks at me.

“I know that.” I mean it isn’t smutty it’s very pretty its a white lace tube bra that reach my ribs with lace sexy boy shorts and a white, lace garter with a jewel dangling on it.

“Go on!” They all tell me to put it on and I go to the restroom and put it on and I look bridal sexy! These girls never forget to impress me.

I put my robe back on but they make me take it off and model for them and that is probably the last time I ever do that again!

They do my make up simple because my dress is pretty out there so they decided on something more natural so my skin would pop out and they painted my lips natural pinkish tone and my eyelids light gold and light pink cheeks.

My hair, they curled it and pinned a stand to the side of my hair and pinned a red flower on it.

“PERFECT!” Hazel and Venus yell in sync.

“You look beautiful and you haven’t even put on your dress yet.” Mia smiles big.

“Well time to get ready!” Emma yells.

“Yes! Now we are going to get ready and then come and help you put on your dress.” Kora enforms and I nod.

“I’ll help Nyx.” I smile and the other girls nod and walk out the room locking it.

“Come along and tell me what is wrong.” I start brushing her hair.

“Nothing, I don’t want to ruin your wedding day.” She sighs.

“Well if you don’t tell me what is wrong then you will.” I start straightening her hair.

“Arias doesn’t want me to be a vampire…” Ah of course they have been at it for a while.

“Nyx the reason why is because we all know you want children and this happy family if you stay with Arias you guys can’t have children..”

“But you and Evan can.” She frowns, ah Arias hasn’t told her.

“Yea but I am a pure blood and so is Evan, only purebloods can have children and other types of vampires except humans who become vampires.”

“So if I become a vampire I wouldn’t be able to have children.”

“Yes, that’s why Arias doesn’t want you to become one and he would rather let you be free to have a family and be what you want to be.”

“But I love him Kam..” Her eyes are getting watery.

“He loves you too but he loves you so much that he’s willing to let you live.”

“But I can’t live without him.”

“Then don’t. Maybe if you just let time go by maybe he might change his mind or even you but don’t force it babe. You have to let it go smoothly.”

“You know me…” She giggles.

“I know you control freak. This isn’t something you can control. Let it be free and go with it because you have to sacrifice something for love. A perfect love doesn’t exist without some sacrifice.” I curl the tips of her hair and she’s just quite.

“You’re right.” She smiles at me.

“Don’t worry it will all work out eventually.”

“I know and I am more excited about my best friend getting married.” She stands up and I almost burn her but quickly move it and she hugs me and I hug her back.

“Thank you, and no matter what I will always be here for you.” I whisper to her and hug her harder and she sniffs.

We do her make up dark to match the dresses and the girls came back to help me with my dress because it’s around 7 and the ceremony is starting at 9.

“Dude it is packed outside!” Mia jumps up and down.

“All of our families are here!” Emma sighs.

“Everything is going to be alright! Now help me zip up the dress.” Venus snaps and they all help me so I wouldn’t mess up my hair.

“Here’s the veil!” Nyx jumps in and they put the veil on and they all step back and stare at me in awe.

“I doubted that dress but it’s beautiful!” Hazel says and Nyx agrees with her.

I look in a full length mirror and I think I’m about to start crying.

“We have to finish up so we will be right back.” They all walk out leaving me alone.

The dress is a white, lace ball gown with a round train and from the train up to my mid thigh the dress has dark red thick lace making it’s way up almost wanting to turn my white dress to red. It has lace, off the shoulder sleeves and its pointy reaching my middle finger and from the point half way through the sleeves it has the same dark red lace design.

The veil has the same design from the train to match the dress because the veil is very long.

I close my eyes and imagine my mom. I open my eyes and I jump when I see them both in mirror. 

“What the **..”

“You better not finish that line young lady!” My adoptive mom says and I rub my eyes. What the hell is going on?

“Moms?” I asked shocked.

“Yes we had to come and see you..” Celine says and my heart drops.

“I miss you..Is Grayson there?” I ask them and they look confused.

“No, he isn’t dead.” Celine says and I gasp what?! Where is he?

“But we don’t have much time sweetie, we just came to tell you we are very proud of you and we will alway be looking down at you and we are excited to see your family soon.” My mom says and I nod.

“Thank you, I really do wish you guys could be here and mother I know this was your dream and I am proud to make it happen.” I choke up.

“I’m happy that you two were actually meant to be and neither one of you is forcing it. I love you.” She disappears and I look at my other mom.

“I’m sorry mom, I know you died because of me….”

“No Kam I didn’t I did it to protect you and I want you for now on know that I am happy where I am and I will always be proud of you and tell Evandor I am glad you have him, your birth mother had good taste he’s quite handsome.” She winks and I giggle and wipe away the tear making sure my make up doesn’t smudge.

“Thank you mom.” I smile. 

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