Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 50

Chapter 50

I hear a a grunt and heavy breathing and I open my eyes but I can’t see all I see is blurry and I see two men fighting and I see the man stab Grayson in the heart.

“GRAYSON!” I yell falling onto the floor because I can’t stand up without getting dizzy, “NO!” I cry on my knees, he killed him.

I feel someone grab me but I start crawling away and I hit a rock, “Stop it! Leave me alone!” I cry harder and I shake my head and I start seeing color again and I look into the grey eyes I am in love with. Evandor killed him.

“Why?” I cry and he starts crying too because he’s feeling what I feel.

“I had to. He was going to kill you.” He whispers as I cuddle into his chest and cry.

“I can’t feel anything..” I whisper shaking and he hugs me harder.

“I know..”

We sit there and I can’t cry anymore, I’m dry. I look over and see his body lifeless there, I crawl over to him and hug him.

“Grayson!” I scream and I want to cry but it won’t come out. “Please don’t leave me!” I sniff.

“Why did he do it?” I turn to Evan.

“He was the only one who could do it.” Evan admits and I stand up.

“What do you mean? You guys planned it..” I widen my eyes, the day they were together in the forest.

“Yes but we first need to help the others. Your father’s army is too big for us to handle.”

“I can’t leave him here.” I look down at Grayson.

“I’ll take him..”

“No! Shadows go.” I point at the forest and the shadows all just laugh and growl and fly out the cave.

“You have a demons?” Evan asks surprised.


“They won’t be enough. We need to go!” He demands and my eyes start burning I’m getting mad and my eyes are turning red.

“Fine!” I speed out and reach the school and I jump from roof to roof and see everyone fighting and my blood starts to boil and I just see everyone’s heart and I start ripping them all out and my shadows start ripping limb from limb and I land in the middle of everyone causing the ground to shake and they all fall and I rip one’s head off and throw it.

“The snow will be covered in blood.” I whisper and I make everyone explode and the students scream and cover themselves from the blood because it literally starts raining blood.

“Kamaria?” I turn to Julius and the rest of the group.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I smile letting the cold wind hit my entire body.

“She’s gone insane.” Arias says and I let a tear roll down my cheek.

“She’s hurt.” Kora whispers.

“The floors are crimson as the soul is black.” I look at Evan and he opens his arms and I run to him.

“It’s okay..” He pats my head and we stand under the snowing night.

” Let’s go home.” I whisper.

“Anything my princess.” He intertwined our fingers and we start walking away to my audi and we drive off.

He runs my a hot bath with red rose petals and bubbles and I just strip down and get in and let him bathe me and clean off the blood.

“The light and darkness are all the same, we can’t bare looking into them but yet we can’t live without them. We live, we die but not for us we survive.” I whisper.

“What is that?” Evan asks quietly.

“A poem my mother use to read to me.” I smile.


It’s been almost a year since everything has happened and it’s the end of fall and we haven’t had any problems so far and I stayed in school but once I graduate the union is expecting me to become the head of it and rule and I accepted, what’s better than power?

I told Nyx and she literally wanted to flee but she fell for Arias and is willing to give up everything for him. Arias doesn’t want her to give up her human life for him so they fight constantly about it. The twins actually left with their father on a trip and Evan’s father escaped and is out there. We will meet him again, he sends Evan letters and all but Evan won’t give him a chance.

“Good!” Julius yells at me as I block and control my powers perfectly.

“My turn!” Evan smirks and we start fighting and we both are going pretty hard but my demons help very well and they pin him to the wall and he can’t get out of them.

“This is cheating!” He snaps at me.

“This is my power.” I wink at him and kiss him. The shadows let him go and he flips me over and lays me on my back and I bust out laughing.

“This isn’t over right Julius?” He points at Julius and I see we are starting to catch a crowd and I roll my eyes and we continue to fight and hurt each other and I flip him and he grunts.

“That a girl!” Nyx screams and I turn and wave at her.

Evan drops me, “Don’t turn your back.” He kisses me and I throw him off and I start dodging him and I finally land a punch on his jaw but at the same time he flips me and I turn to face him but he’s on one knee holding a ring and I freeze and cover my mouth.

“I wanted to do this for so long but I just never knew how to do it without being cheesy and I think this is perfect.” He extends his hand and I walk over to him and he grabs my hand.

“Kamaria I have loved you since we were children and I know we have fought and we will probably fight in the future but I knew that you were made for me. I have waited over a hundred years for you to come to me. I protected you even when I wasn’t supposed to, hated you for these strong feelings I felt, I’ve hurt you, I’ve made you cry and you’ve made me cry and hurt me, gave me life again, made me wake up but mostly you made me feel love again and all I want is to live the rest of my life with you and have children and mostly love you until we both die. So will you please do my this honor of becoming my wife and marrying me?” I am shocked and my heart is literally beating so hard. Holy ****!

“I’m sorry.” I shake my head and he frowns, “After all these problems and suffering and fighting and being a pain in my butt you really think I’m willing to say no?” I smirk and he grins and puts the ring on me and stands up and kisses me and spins me and I laugh and look at the beautiful rustic rose gold with a ruby and a sapphire on it with small diamonds and roses and thorn stems around the band.

“Look inside it.” He whispers, I take it off and see an initial on it, it’s CK and ES.

“Who’s initials?” I ask him and he smirks.

“Celine Kuro and Esmeralda Sakari.” He whispers and everyone pulls us apart and hugs us to congratulate us.

“So this ring?” I look down at it.

“It’s both our mother’s engagement rings, your mother gave me her ring and my mother gave me hers and I didn’t want to choose so I went and got it made and added from both rings and added their initials.” He smiles big.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I sit on him and kiss him passionately. We were sitting on a tree just watching the leaves fall down.

“Hey love birds! We got company!” We turn to look and see Hazel and Venus and his father walk in.

“Hi!” I smile and they hug me and check out the ring.

“Wow this ring is beautiful!” Hazel screams.

“Yea very unique!” Venus grabs my hand and glances over it.

“Congratulations.” Julius father offers me a hug and I hug him.

“Mom!” I see Paige and Philp run to us and I pick up Philip and Evan Paige.

“I wanted mommy!” Paige pouts.

“Too bad!” Philip kisses my cheek.

“How cute! Wonder when you guys will have your own?” Arias raises his brow and I blush.

“After the wedding hopefully.” Evan hugs me from behind.

“And when is this wedding?” Hazel asks us and Julius and Arias laugh.

“What?” Venus asks confused.

“In a year.” I smile and their mouths drop.

“Why?” They ask in sync.

“Well she wanted a winter wedding.”

“Yea but we can get everything ready for winter.” Hazel exclaims.

“That’s what we said.” Julius rises his brow at us.

“Well I want it to be perfect and not rushed.” I shrug.

“It will not be rushed!” They all yell at me and I laugh.

“Why do you guys want this wedding to happen so bad?” I ask and they all start laughing.

“It’s been forever since we actually went to a wedding imagine plan one! Or have it be in the family?” Venus drags it on.

“Well even more better we will make sure it’s the best one and a day we will all never forget.” I smile big and they roll their eyes.

We end up cheering with wine and blood and just talking and planning and enjoying our family.

“Come here.” Evan grabs my hand and I follow him and we reach up the middle hallway and climb the roof and he has a blanket laid there and we sit there and watch the stars and the full moon.

“Couldn’t be with the crowd anymore?” I raise a brow and he smirks and pulls me next to him.

“Being in a crowd isn’t me.” He scrunches his nose, “Plus I want you all to myself.”

“Selfish much?”

“Well that’s one thing we have in common.” He winks and I gasp and smack his chest and he chuckles and kisses my forehead.

I sit in between his legs and my back on his chest and I just stare at my ring and feel his heart beat.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

“Don’t be, I know they are with me.” I hold back my tears, I really do wish my brother was here for this.

“I know you Kam and I am sorry. Even though I was fighting for your heart all the time I still wish your brother would have been here to give away his sister.” He hugs me tighter.

“Me too but you know I don’t blame you, I miss him more than anyone but I know he sacrificed himself for me. ” I wipe my tears away and turn and straddle him, “He died for my happiness and I’m not going to let him down, I want this. I want to be happy.” I gaze into his eyes.

“I want to live happy with you, fight by your side, have your children.” I caress his face and he looks at me so passionate and caring, “Even when I did you wrong you still loved and forgave me all the time, if anything I never deserved a man like you. I am selfish, brat, horrible, ruthless but yet you see the best in me and bring out the best in me.”

“What you think I’m a saint?” He raises his brow and I giggle as he chuckles.

“I just want you to know that you will always have my heart Evandor Night, we got through everything you helped me with every lost, every nightmare it was all you. Thank you to you I am here and alive and I want you to know that day I say I do is the day I will never ever leave your side until someone pulls us apart and even then I will fight for us because this love I feel for you hurts me but in a good way..” I shed a tear and Evan wipes it.

“You done with your cheesy speech? I mean I thought I was cheesy gosh.” He rolls his eyes and we both laugh and he kisses me.

“I love you. I will always love you.” He whispers gazing into my eyes.

“I love you too, with all my heart.”

“You don’t expect me to be this cheesy all the time right? Because this is really ******* cheesy and I don’t do romance and chocolates.”

“Maybe once in a while?”

“**** that! Maybe on our wedding day and that’s it..”


“What it’s the truth.”

“But that’s like a year away!”


“Once every full moon?”

“What the ****? What are you now a werewolf?”

“Oh come on!” I pout.

“I’ll think about it and maybe do surprises.” He winks at me and I shake my head and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Whatever, I don’t really expect much from you anyways. “

“Shut up and kiss me!” He pulls me in and we kiss.

Crimson snow, salty tears, unforgiven sins, we live to move on and carry the dead upon us because just like us evil lives forever and sometimes the dead come back to life…….. 

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