Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I get to the train and then I get to the boat and I am finally here! I look around and its very quiet and the town people are all starring at me.

“Ms.Kuro?” I turn to see this very handsome man. Holy ****, he has dark brown hair, and he is built and has and nice stubbled beard but it looks so good own his chiseled face. Holy ****…I’m breathless His eyes are honey yellow.

“Yes, that’s me.” I smile and he smiles back and it’s so sincere and I swear to god I’m about to fan girl. He seems so familiar tho. From where tho?

“I’m here to pick you up. I’m Julius Night, nice to meet you.” He extends his hand and wait Julius?

“Hi.” I know **** well I’m giving him a look as we shake hands. Julius? He couldn’t be the one from my dreams…right?

“Well lets get you home.” He leads me to a very nice Rolls Royce wraith and I am shocked. The car is grey and it literally is a mirror, I can see myself perfectly. Wow.

He puts my luggage in the trunk and open the door for me and I smile, “Thank you.” He gets in the driver side and I am just in awe of this bloody car!

“So how was the long trip?” He asks me.

“Um it was very nice, comfy…maybe a little out of place.” I say and he gives me a worried look.

**** he thinks I didn’t like it, “NO I didn’t mean it like that I mean, it was very luxurious and I’m not quite use to it but I really do appreciate it.” I say gratefully and he relaxes and smiles. Ugh his smile is beautiful.

“Can I ask you a quick question?” I ask him.

“Yes of course.” He glances at me.

“Why did you want somebody so far away?”

“Well once you see the town you will literally understand everything. The town is really small and my brothers and I wanted someone we can trust on and we have known Sister Molly and Father Joseph for a very long time and I asked Sister Molly to send me somebody and she told me about you….and I am very sorry about your mother.” He adds.

“So you wanted to help out sister Molly?” I ask him.

“Hey your smart.” He makes me giggle and he chuckles, “Yes and plus I had already met you before..”

When? Oh ****! The flower shop! He bought the roses!

“The flower shop! I thought you were familiar!” I say overly excited it makes him laugh.

“Yes, I was in town to see Sister Molly and the children so I took her the roses.” He explains.

“So that’s why you said it was fine with me..” It all falls in place.

“Exactly.” I look out the window and see pure trees and all of a sudden these back flashes of my nightmares pop up…the snow…the blood…the crying.

No, please no. Not now! I close my eyes and then I open them to see it snowing…what? Its not snowing. I see the floor covered in snow.

I close my eyes one more time and open them and everything was back to normal but now my head is killing me I open the window and let the wind hit my face and I breath in and out. I can sense Julius eyes on me but it feels so nice.

I see that we make it to this huge mansion and the gates open slowly and the mansion is rather creepy but yet again I am in awe.. I roll the window up and just stare and anxiety hits me once more..

He said he had brothers… How many? What if they aren’t like him? What if they hate me? What if this was a mistake? What am I doing? Why did my dreams come back?

“Hey are you okay?” He asks me as he parks the car.

“Yes.” I force a smile and he nods and get out of the car and I just sit there my heart is pounding, it feels like its about to pop out of my chest…

Julius opens the door for me and I get out and a gush of cold air hits me and the smell in the air is so natural. The smell of pine trees and it actually relaxes me but knowing I still have to meet the family is scary and I feel like throwing up.

“What do you think?” He asks me as he takes out my luggage.

“It’s big..” I whisper and he chuckles.

“Glad to know you like it. I mean it is big but you will get use to it. The kids like it because they are free to run around.” He puts his hand on my back pushing me to follow him and I feel like a mouse…

Hey as long as I am not a mouse entering a mouse trap..

We go up these huge stone stairs and the entrance door is like from a fairytale all we need is door holders or whatever they are called.

We enter the house and it was beautiful but quiet. Too quiet.

The main entrance just had a diamond chandelier and a red carpet that goes up the marble stairs, there was three stairs two split and lead to different hallways. and there was one that lead straight to the middle and another hallway.

“At the moment everyone is at school except the twins of course.” He smiles.

“Right.” I start following him.

“Let me show you where you are going to stay.”

He leads me to the west hallway and in the hallway there was six rooms.

“This one is empty.” He points the first room, “The second one is a gym.” He winks at me and opens the door and its huge has a dance studio in it

“This third one Arias’ room.” He points to the door, “and the one in front of him is a simple bathroom.” he opens the door to see a huge bathroom with a bath tub and shower and double sink.

“Next room is Evandor’s Room. and lastly in front of his room will be yours.” He opens the door and I almost faint the room is literally the size of my house…

“I hope you feel comfortable and if you want something a little bigger we have some you can probably look at except they aren’t furnished.” He explains and I wanted to laugh.

“What? No, This is perfect. Oh my god…this is my room?” I ask in shock. the room has a huge king gold bed with drapes to make it look pretty and there a living room with shelfs and a tv and two couches and a stero and space for a workspace. I have two walk in closets….

“Well I just said this is your room.” Julius laughs at my face.

“Wow.” I can’t say anything.

“Alright glad you like it and also if you want to mover things around then feel free too or if you want to add something here and there just let me and also your other stuff should be arriving tomorrow and I will go get the twins and introduce you guys.” Julius walks out and I look out the widow and its the back yard and I open the window to get some air because I swear I’m about to pass out.

I walk around and enter the bathroom and its the size of my old living room…It has a glass door shower with rain showerhead and it has a bench for you to sit there and the bathtub has jetts..

I’m in heaven… Oh my god! The bathroom is gold and light pink marble and my room is just a nice cream color with a dark wine red carpet and my bed sheets are dark purple silk.

I walk back out to my room and I still can’t believe this… I sit on the bed and it feels so soft, so welcoming.

“Kamaria are you ready?” Julius walks into the room, “Come on guys.”

I stand up and a very beautiful blonde, curly haired girl with blue eyes walks in and a little blond boy with blue eyes comes with her.. Their twins but they don’t look like Julius at all maybe adopted.

“Hi.” The little boy says and he comes up to shake my hand but he grabs it and kisses the back of it and I almost melted.

“Hi I’m Kam.” I smile at him he’s probably around 9.

“Philip Night.” He says very curties and I hold back my giggle just smile really big.

“Hello, I’m Paige.” The girl says, saying she looks like a porcelain doll would be an understatement I swear if she froze and didn’t move I’d think shes a doll.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” I smile.

So you are going to be taking care of us on the weekends?” Philip asks me. Just the weekends?

“Yea, hey guys how about you go play I have to talk to Kamaria about her job.” Julius says and they run off.

“Lovely to meet you.” Philip bows and runs off.

“Wow, real gentlemen.” I giggle.

“Yes well I believe we never really talked about your job.” He sits on the couch in my living room and I sit beside him.

“Right, so he said weekends. Just the weekends?” I ask him confused.

“Well everyone here goes to a boarding school and starting in three days you will too.” WHAT?!

“Wait boarding school? I didn’t know that…I’m in the university.” I sound worried, school was something I forgot about.

“Yes Arias and Evandor and Venus and Hazel also go to university they are about your age. But here we all go to a boarding school.” He explains it to me, so he has sisters too.

“Do you go to the university to?” I ask him and he chuckles.

“No, I am the headmaster of the school. My family founded the school.” Holy ****!

“So I’m lost…” I admit.

“Well maybe I can enlighten you.” He smiles

“So you are literally paying everything for me and still paying me just to take care of the kids for two days? And expect me to go to this boarding university? Seriously what’s the point?”

“Actually also during the breaks and the school actually gives out many breaks so you will understand.”

“So we all literally go to the same school?” I am still very confused.

“Well the twins go to another boarding school across the river.” He probably saw my face and continues,” They wanted to, okay we aren’t horrible people. You are going to a very special University and its a rare one Ravenwood Boarding University.”

“Fancy.” Is all I say and he chuckles and smirks.

“I know, this all sounds very intimidating we share our campus with another founder so this is pretty hard for us because you might have to go to theirs.” He tries keeping me up.

“Why?” I ask him.

“Because it all depends on scores, every year students get scored the one’s with higher rank goes to our campus and the rest fall into the other campus.” Wow no wonder not everyone can come to this school nor do people know about it.

“So I have to go and take the test tomorrow so I can get everything going?” I ask him and he nods.

“I’ll let everything soak in and let you unpack.” He walks away.

“Thank you.” I smile.

What the ****!! So I have a house for a room and I only work for 2 days and now I go to a boarding school.. What the ****!

Why do I feel like this is too much? There must be something more to the story…I just, I don’t know anymore

I start unpacking and put everything away which was easy because I didn’t have much except one suit case.

I lay on the bed and sigh..dear god what am I doing? I’m insane!  

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