Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

I change and I finish up and I walk out and nobody is home. It is already 9 at night.

I get in my car and I arrive at the school and everyone bows as I pass them. I see that everyone is already in the room and its snowing outside.

“Good Evening Miss.” The men bow and they open the door and it’s fake snowing inside and everyone stops and stares at me and I see Evan and everyone around him starring at me.

I walk up to them and everyone goes back to dancing and enjoying the ball.

“You look beautiful.” Evan bows and kisses my hand.

“Thank you, Nyx you look amazing!” I turn to her she’s wearing a ice blue gown.

“You always seem to blow everyone away huh. You look very sexy.” She winks and hugs me and I giggle.

“Well we are going to dance.” Arias grab her hand and she blushes and they go off to dance.

“So everyone should be in their positions.”

“They should be having a good time.” I frown.

“We are security here, we came here to protect not have fun.” Bradon stand up straight.

“Hi can I have this dance?” This girl asks Brandon and he’s confused.

“The lady asked you to dance.” Tut pushes Brandon and he is dragged to the dance floor and he looked so awkward and we all laughed.

“Kora do you want to dance?” Tut asks his girl and she sighs but goes and dances with him.

I look around and see Mia with Mathew and Emma and Heath walking around talking.

“Can I have this dance?” Evan asks me and I smile.

“Yes.” I grab his hand and we intertwine our finger and we get to the dance floor and he spins me and I giggle and he grabs my waist and we start slow dancing.

“Are you okay?” He asks me about Gray.

“Yes. I know he does it for my safety but I will miss him.” I whisper.

“You seriously are stunning tonight.” He whispers gazes at me.

“Thank you, you look very handsome.”

“What are you doing to me?” He chuckles.


“Everytime I see you I can’t help but want you. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“For breaking up with you.”

“We both needed it I guess but you’re right I’m selfish and I don’t deserve someone as great as you.”

“You love me and I love you. What else do you want?”

“A happy life with you.” I whisper.

“Life?” He raises his brow.


“Well then Kamaria Kuro will you be my girlfriend again?” He asks seriously and I smile and lean in and kiss him passionately.

“Of course.” I whisper and he grins and kisses me again. I’m sorry Evan, I might as well make him happy before I disappear right?

“Why are you crying?” He asks wiping my tear away.

“I’m happy.” I giggle and he kisses me again and he dips me and we are just kissing passionately and I am just memorizing and taking in how his touch and lips taste like before I leave forever.

We stop as the song ends and I look to see Julius smiling proud at us and I blush and walk away with Evan.

“Champagne?” The waitress asks us and we both get a glass and we clink and drink.

We see Brandon run to us and my heart drops.

“What’s wrong?” Evan asks seriously and worried.

“They are coming..” Brandon asks slowly and Evan curses.

“Get the other we have to protect the room.” Evan commands Brandon and they walk away and he grabs Julius and Julius frowns and I see everything unfold.

“Nyx stay with Kam.” Arias runs off too.

“What’s going on?” Nyx asks.

“Um come with me.” I whisper as I watch Evan and the other walk out the room.

“Okay.” She walks behind me and I start speed walking and the hallways are empty and I take her to the secret library, “Whoa what is this place?”

“Nyx listen…” I look at her, “You have to stay in here until the morning. Read these books and you will figure out who I am.” I stare at her and I have to do it, I take off my contacts and hypnotize her to do as she is told.

“You will not leave this room until the sun is out.” I demand her and she nods.

I walk out the library and go to the woods and I am met with Eva’s father.

“You look beautiful, shall we?” He smiles.

“Lead the way.” I follow him and the snow is starting to fall harder and the wind is starting to pick up.

We reach the one cave I found one day and it’s litten up with candles and I walk in and see the twins.

“Kam!” They yell Hazel and Venus are in a cage and they look weak.

“Look how beautiful you look!” Lucifer walks in.

“I’m here let them go.” I demand and he laughs.

“Once you return what is mine.” He points to the table.

“How does this work?” I ask him and I walk around the table and see Paige and Philip in separate cages.

“You lay down, I kill you and revive you.” He smirks. I look at Philip and he starts crying.

“Mommy.” He whispers and I touch his hand.

“It’s going to be okay.” I whisper to him.

“Okay, I’ll do it after you let them go.”

“They might run and go get help.”

“I’ll tell the shadows to take them home.” I say and the shadows fly in and open the gates and Venus and Hazel look terrified.

“Go, take them please.” I look at them and they both stand up and obey.

“Mommy….” Paige runs to me and I hug her.

“Go home.” I whisper to her and Hazel grabs her, “Take them home.” I say to the demons and they start following them out the cave.

“You do know how to manipulate people don’t you?”

“More like scare them.” I admit and he hands me a glass of blood.

“You are seriously beautiful..” He caresses my cheek and I close my eyes trying to control my shaking, “You will be the perfect bride.” He leans into my face and I freeze and I slowly grab the knife but he yanks my arm and takes it out of my hands.

“I would touch you but I rather let you want it.” He smells my hair and I winch, this man brings me disgust.

“I will never be your bride, I maybe leaving with you but I doing it for them..” I whisper to him and he slaps me really hard where I taste blood on my lip, he busted my lip.

“Don’t worry after I revive you, you will only live for me.” He grabs my face really hard and I winch, “Lay down.” He demands and I breathe in and lay down.

I see him doing a weird circle and lights up red candles and I see a women walk in and she’s a witch!

“Ready?” She looks at Lucifer and my heart is racing.

“Get it started.” He demands and the witch starts throwing leaves on me and starts smoking this thing and blows the smoke and I see the demons walking into the cave and all of a sudden the witch slams a dagger between the sides of the table and I jump a little.

“Relax!” She yells.

I close my eyes, the witch starts yelling and saying things in a different language and I start shaking and I feel a burning sensation.

“She is frozen.” The witch informs us and I can’t move at all and it’s ice cold and I can hear the screaming of the demons and cries of the innocents and I start crying from the emotions going through me.

My body feels like I just fell into the arctic water and my body is being stabbed by millions of needles, my head pounding and my chest is tightening itself and the witch continues her ritual and I look at Lucifer and all of a sudden the witch cuts my arm and I yelp and flinch and blood starts running down my arm and she starts collecting it but I heal and she huffs.

“Stupid witch..”Lucifer rolls his eyes, the witch forgot about our healing powers.

Then she just grabs the dagger and stabs my arm and I scream as she just moves the dagger around making the blood flow out.

“Stupid *****!” I yell out of pain.

She grabs the bowl of my blood and starts doing some spell on it and leaves it behind her.

“Okay this is the last ritual to bond her to you.” She explains and grabs a rusty looking dagger and puts it next to me and my father comes next to me and the witch starts her ritual and I see the shadows around me going crazy and the table starts shaking and I start glowing red guess the pain is making me react to it.

” What’s going on?” Lucifer asks worried.

“She’s trying to protect herself, her powers are about to go off..” The witch says angry at me, I’m not doing anything.

I guess I’m so scared and worried that my powers are reacting by accident and the shadows start howling and screaming and they knock down all the candles and going crazy and they attack the witch and she screams and uses her magic to stop them and then the witch comes back to me and she spins the dagger into my arm and I scream out in pain.

“Control them!” She yells.

“Lets finish this before she does something worse!” My father yells but I feel it coming.

The witch starts saying her chant and my father grabs the rusty dagger and he grabs it with both hands and points it at my stomach and my eyes widen no wonder he said he would make me want him, He’s going to revive me as in make me a whole new person! ****!

I close my eyes as he slowly raises his hands ready to stab me.

“Now!” The witch yells and I feel nothing instead I hear the witch scream and I look up to see her unconscious on the floor and I see my father frozen but all of a sudden I see him fly to the wall.

“Grayson!” I yell and I rip out the dagger from my arm and it starts healing.

“Caspian…” My father states getting up.

“I’m not Caspian anymore father.” Gray says calmly.

“You know you can’t kill me.” Lucifer laughs.

“I know.. But you won’t take my sister.” Gray balls up his hands.

“Then you will die!” My father sends him flying and Gray hits the rock wall and I see blood on it.

“I promise you I rather die than let you take her!” He screams using his lasers but my father blocks them all and punches him in the chest but he lands and attack him back. They both are literally killing each other and then my father stabs Gray in the chest and he screams out in pain.

He’s going to rip out his heart!

“No!” I yell and the shadows grab my father and pull him away from Grayson and pin him to the wall, “Gray?” I see he’s passed out!

“What kind of father are you?!” I scream at him and I tighten the grip on him, “You don’t deserve to live… You tortured you children, killed your wife, you are a monster who doesn’t deserve life!” I scream the shadows break his arms and he winches like nothing only smirks.

“You can’t kill me Kamaria!”

“Who says I want to?” I walk up to him and grab his face and squeeze it, “My dear father I am going to make sure you feel what I felt..” I slam my hand into his chest and he screams, “I am going to make sure you suffer and pay for everything you did and killing you would be easy.” I tug on his heart and he chokes and twitches.

“Do it…” He whispers smiling.

“No, I won’t because I want you to be tortured and if that means keeping you alive then I will..” I pull out my hand and he gasps and yells in pain.

“You are stronger than I believed.” He frowns.

“Thanks to you..”

“Well I need them back!” He breaks the shadows grips and he grabs my neck and slams my back onto the stone floor and I am out of breath and he grips my neck tightly and he goes to bite me but I push him away and throw rocks at him and they go through his body but they don’t phase him and he cuts my arm and I winch and I use my shadow wips and hit him and grab him and throw him around and he tries hitting me but but I jump out of the way and block the rest and he does the same.

“I love you so much Kamaria…” He ends up grabbing my neck and I try using my powers but they aren’t helping mostly because I’m running out of breath.

“You can’t kill me but I can kill you and make us one..” He whisper and licks my face and I think I’m going to throw up..

“Wh..what do you mean.” I say through gritted teeth.

“I killed you when you were younger, when I brought you back to life you were just mine. You had my powers, my blood, my demons.. I just never thought you would grow up so beautiful and dominant. I just fell in love with you.” He whispers and he slams me onto the stone table.

“But you seem to be more powerful than me, I can’t let you have all the fun. If you die I am truly sorry.” He whisper and I can’t fight it anymore, this is all he wants. He wants my blood, my powers maybe after this he will leave everyone alone.

I his eyes turn black and he gasps for air and I push him off of me and he is having difficulty standing up.

“You were a horrible father and you torture us so much! You made us fall in love with each other! You killed my family! You killed my mother! And you killed my feeling to live!” Grayson stabs Lucifer in the heart.

“My son..” He whispers and he drops.

“I will never be your son even if I have to become part of you….”What does he mean?

“Gray what does that mea…” He pushes me onto the table and I am terrified by his action but he bites on my neck and I winch and he drinks my blood.

“Gray? Grayson stop..” I beg him crying, what is he doing. He stops and stumbles back and falls to the ground he’s hieving. His chest is going up and down rapidly.

I sit up and look at him, “Gray? Grayson what did you do?”

“Kill me, kill me.” He whisper and he looks up to me and his eyes were red, “Kamaria I have no time kill me before I kill you!” He screams and I just freeze and look at him.

“What’s going on?” I get off the table and walk over to him but he moves back.

“My body is going to want so much more blood…” He starts grabbing his neck and yelling like if he’s being burned alive.

“KILL ME! Don’t let him live!” He yells grabbing me violently, “Take this and stab me!” He hands me a dagger but I drop it.

“No, No I can’t do that.” He grabs me by the neck and slams me into a wall.

“Our father lives within me, you have to kill me!” He starts twitching on the floor and yelling and I cover my ears but it stops, I stare at him and hes on his knees looking at his hands.

“Never thought I’d be young again.” He laughs and it scares me.

“Grayson?” I whisper but he looks up again and his eyes are bright red, like our father’s.

“He’s asleep for now but I will destroy you!” He stands up and shoots lasers at me and I dodge them but one cuts my dress and my thigh.

“No you have to fight him!” I use wind to spin him around and block him from me.

“Give me your powers Kamaria I have his now all I need are yours!” He yells stopping everything and he grabs me and I knee his stomach and then punch him in the face knocking him down.

“I will bring him back!” I scream and I kick him but he grabs my legs and throws me against a pointy rock which pierces my back I yelp but get up again and use the whips but he cuts them with a sword he gets and starts attacking me.

He freezes me and I stop in my place and this is just like Julius put me in. He said I can get out of it.

“You are strong but still can’t defeat me.” I just can’t fight Grayson. I know if I hurt him I hurt Grayson, “Did you really fall in love with him?” He laughs.

“I did..” I frown starring into his eyes, “But I love Evan more.”

“Then why care for him?”

“He’s my brother and I will always love and care for him.” I start losing my breath because he’s choking me, “Too bad I will never love you as much as I love them all…” I start seeing even more blurry than my original state.

“Then I will kill you, sleep it will all be over.” He whispers and close my eyes. 

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