Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

“Kamaria Kuro..” I turn and see this man maybe around his late 30’s, he’s Julius’ adopted father, “The talks are right.” He kisses my hand.

“Hello Mr. Night.” I smile softly and he is very intimidating.

“I met your brother already, Grayson is very different from you. You have some great, dangerous powers in you.” How can he sense that?

“He’s a psychic vampire, he feels and sees everything just by a touch.” Evan says in my head.

“Yes..” I don’t know what to reply to that..

“Evanador this is your bride to be?” What! Bride?

“Father…” Evan frowns.

“What I am just asking because she would be a lovely bride.” He winks at me.

“Father please..” Evan stares at his dad.

“So Kamaria, how’s your father?”

“Umm.” I’m starring around the room.

“Planning in joining him soon? I mean you two are…”

“Okay! That’s enough!” Evan interrupts him and he grabs my hand.

“Evanador why are you being so rude to your father?”

“You are being rude to my girlfriend. I will not allow it.” He starts tugging on my hand.

“Bye..” I look away and Evan just walks out of the house and we get in the car and drive off to the academy.

“I’m sorry but we kinda told you..” Evan sighs as he parks.

“I know, I know.” I shake my head, “He can be pretty intense..”


“Especially with him knowing everything about you with one touch..”

“Yea it can get worse, he can make you see all your painful memories in one touch.”

“Nothing new to me..” I smirk and he rolls his eyes and I giggle.

“So got anything new to tell me?”

“Why do you always want me to tell you when you know already?” I frown and he frowns as well. 

“Because I rather here my girlfriend say it to my face and not from my head..”

“Look we were just talking.”

“Yea but that small little chat made my girlfriend turn sides on me.”

“I didn’t… He just asked me if I was willing to….”

“Don’t say it…” He looks really hurt. I’m ****!

“Evan….” I don’t know what to say.

“Look I think you need time to think because knowing your my girlfriend makes me think in you betraying me and it makes me lose control and I’m scared I might actually kill him..” I bite my lip and look down at my lap.

“So you want to break up?”

“Do you? Do you want to give him a try?” My chest tightens I don’t want to lose him..

“Evan I don’t want to lose you..” I hold back my tears.

“But you also don’t want to lose him..”

“My thoughts are so tangled up that I can’t even think straight..”

“Okay..” He nods.

“So what?”

“I don’t know Kam.. I don’t know anymore. Seriously I’m so lost, I have never been in this situation where I know the girl is playing with me like a toy but yet I still can’t leave her.”

“I’m sorry, You know what then fine, you’re right I’m being selfish and I don’t deserve you. I have hurt you so many times and I just, you’re free..” A tear rolls down my cheek and Evan just stares at me and says nothing. “I’ll see you around.” I smile getting out of the car and I just walk away and the tears come all out.


It’s been a week and the dance is Friday and Evan and I haven’t really talked and I’ve been avoiding both of them really.

“Good!” Julius yells as I hit every target and I do flips avoiding every hit. A week can really make a difference especially because I haven’t stopped practicing since I broke up with even.

“Take a break!” Julius pats my back and I nod. I walk to my bag and the room was empty.

“You know what he wants..” I turn and it’s Julius Father.

“I do..” I state and he is taken back by my blunt way.

“Then why are you still here?”

“Because your sons are very protective of me and….”

“And you pay them by bringing a killer to the academy that took so long for Julius to bring up on his own so he can destroy it in one little go?”

“I will defend it…”

“Just like you defended Evan? I mean do you know how much pain he’s in because you decided to break up with him?

“He wanted it to…”

“He only wants you to make the decision. Seriously why are you here?”

“Excuse me?”

“You bring pain and death everywhere you go..”

“That isn’t true!”

“Really? What happened to Julie?” I’m numb by her name, “What about Evan? Maybe Grayson too, Arias will suffer if anything happens to Nyx and if Nyx dies she suffers and Julius by the academy and me by hurting my family. Can you see what I’m saying Kamaria?”

“I understand, you are just protecting your family..”

“Correct, at least being a demon didn’t make you dumb.”

“I’m protecting your family too.”

“The only way to protect them is by leaving Kamaria. You are a demon vampire, you will kill anything just for your own pleasure. “

“I wasn’t born..”

“I know but you still died and got brought back to life as a demon like your father. Trust me Kamaria the best thing to do is leave.. “He’s right. What have I been doing this entire time I’ve been telling people not to fight because it isn’t their fight but yet here I am making them fight for something that isn’t theirs!

“Father?” Arias cuts in, “What’s going on?” He asks.

“Nothing I was just apologizing to Kamaria for my behavior last week.” His father stares at me.

“Is that true Kam?” Arias looks at my sad face but I smile back at him.

“Yes, um thank you.” I shake his hand and I walk away. I am a demon, demons don’t have happy endings maybe I should leave with him. I mean if I’m willing to stay with my brother he won’t be any different right.

“Ready?” Julius asks me and I nod and he throws the knife and I grab it but then we hear a huge explosion and we all stop.

“There here!” Tut yells and we all get weapons and we run outside and we see vampires attacking our dorms trying to escape to the other side.

“Don’t let them!” Julius yells and some of the vampires puts forcefield around the other side so the day class couldn’t see or hear what was happening here.

We start fighting the vampires but then I see Evan’s father using his magic on the students and I go and stop him.

“Leave them alone! What are you doing?” I yell at him and he smirks at me and he hits me and I am sent flying but Evan catches me and sets me down.

“Are you okay?” He asks and I nod and he jumps and goes to confront his father. Where’s mine?

I start helping other students out and I look up to see Evan fighting his dad and I see Gray getting hurt and I speed and help him out and I speed up to the top and look down, there’s too many coming.. We can’t fight them all!


“Use your powers..” I turn and my father is starring at me.

“You brought them here you son of a….”

“No, no Kamaria. I brought them here to help you. Time to wake up my dear demon daughter! I need her!” He laughs and I look down and see we are losing badly. ****!

I start feeling the ground shake and I start burning up inside and I feel my eyes turning red because all I see is red and I start remembering all the pain I’ve been through and I will not go through it again!

“STOP!” I scream and all I feel is an explosion within my insides and all I see dark red and I hear people gasping and screaming and I can’t see anything except blood and fire. My body turned into this weird bomb of fire and I got these shadow whips and arms come out from me and start destroying everything and every evil vampire and I finally land to the ground and I am breathing hard and I look up and everyone is starring at me with fear.

“Good job Kamaria..” I hear my father whisper in my ear and I pass out.

“Kam?” I hear softly and I stir and feel cold.

“Kam, are you okay?”

“I’m cold..” I shake and I hear movement but I can’t open my eyes..

“Hold on..” I feel a blanket on me.

“Where am I?” I ask still not able to see.

“In the academy, you used your powers to the max..” I hear someone say.

“I can’t open my eyes..” I groan.

“I got an idea.” I hear a girl say and I hear movement again and quietness, “Here this might help.” The girls says and I jump as something warm and wet fall on my eyes and I slowly start opening them but they start burning.

“Ow.. No I can’t.”

“Julius what’s going on?”

“Her eye sight changed, they might be sensitive for now..” Julius says and I just stay still.

“I did it didn’t I?” I say.


“Yea you pretty much destroyed everyone.” I know this is brandon.

“It was kinda scary, yea I’ve never seen anyone have those types of powers..” A girl adds great!

“Can I go home?” I say out loud.

“I’ll take her.” Gray and Evan both say.

“No, Julius?” I ask.

“Sure come on, I got you a room here.” He picks me up bridal style and walks up the the room, “Here you go.”

“Julius did you know I was a demon this entire time?”


“What am I supposed to do now?”

“Well vampires don’t really mix well with demons.” He sighs.

“I know, my father told me.”

“Yes but you are a high pureblood as well.”

“To be quite honest I think all that ruling thing went down the drain as of now. I doubt vampires are going to let a demon rule them..” I huff.

“No but you aren’t some serial killer or an evil person.”

“Yet.. Julius I’m leaving.”

“No you aren’t.”

“Yes I am, I just can’t take this anymore.”

“Kamaria you aren’t leaving.” He states strongly.

“I’m putting you all in danger.”

“If you leave we will all die…” Not if I leave with him..

“I’m tired.” I whisper changing the topic.

“We will talk about it tomorrow, goodnight Kam.” He touches my cheek and I slightly flinch. Not being able to see is horrible. I mean all you see is pitch black with little bright dots floating around. 

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