Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“Then we have to get Nyx out of the house!” Evan says quickly.


“Well our father doesn’t like humans around in the house..But don’t worry I’ll take care of Nyx.” Arias says and he walks away.

“Why is he coming now?”Gray asks.

“Because he knows what’s going on and he isn’t going to let anyone mess with his family..” Julius looks at us.

“And what is he going to do here?” Gray makes a weird face.

“I don’t know, I told him it was out of his hands but he doesn’t want any problems here at the academy.. Kamaria..” He looks at me and I get nervous, “If he says things to you do not listen.”

“Why is he going to say stuff to her?” Gray is getting protective.

“Knowing my father he’s going to take things in his own hands and he’s going to go the easy way out and try to convince Kam to do things she shouldn’t…” Evan explains.

“It doesn’t help that he has mind control..” Julius takes a deep breath.

“So your dad is probably going to come over here and start mind controlling people?” I raise a brow.

“Pretty much, our father isn’t a bad person he just manipulates people and does what he has to do to protect us..” Julius tries smiling but he’s worried, I can tell.

“Well don’t worry I won’t.” I reassure them.

“Okay, lets go get ready to train..” Everyone starts walking out and Evan grabs me.

“Don’t you dare!” He snaps at me and Gray is starring at us carefully.

“Dare what?” I act innocent.

“I know you Kamaria, you blocked me out of your thoughts..”

“No I didn’t and stop grabbing me so hard!” I yank my arm away from him.

“Is everything okay?” Gray interrupts.

“It’s non of your business West **** off!” Evan snaps at him and my eyes widen.

“She’s my sister so this is my problem…” Gray is trying to stay cool.

“Didn’t seem like it when you were….” Gray punches Evan and Evan hits the wall of the hallway.

“Shut the **** up Night!” He yells and Evan’s eyes turn pitch black.. Gray pushes me to the side as Evan runs and attacks Gray and I fell on my butt and I see them just punching and destroying everything.

“STOP IT!” I yell and they just keep fighting and I duck as Gray throws a door at Evan. What do I do? What do I do? ****! I don’t know!

Not long enough they start using their powers and the hallway is being destroyed!

“Don’t think I see the look you give her!” Evan yells.

“I see her as a sister!” Gray is ******.

“Can you stop? I know you still see her as the love of your life! Why do you torture yourself?” Evan says and I stare at Gray and he uses his powers and starts suffocating Evan..

“NO! Stop! Gray!” I yell and I finally use my powers and freeze them..

“I can’t see!” Gray yells. I look and see Julius more than mad he’s blocking their vision.

“Calm down…” I say and they are just frozen and I let them go.

“I’m calm give me my vision back!” Evan yells.

They get their vision back and they look at each other and I am standing in between them.

“You two my office!” Julius demands and they both look at the now walless room and I look at Julius and he shakes his head, “Kamaria can you leave us alone please. Go train the others.”

I rather not get in trouble too so I walk off and meet the other students.

“Lets go out and train.. Can you guys split it evenly?” I turn to everyone and they all agree and head down to the basement.

I just look at everyone training and it’s pretty fun and interesting some don’t have powers and they just fight and some do.

I dagger comes flying at me and I catch it in my hands and I look at Brandon hiding behind Tut and Kora.

“Sorry!” He smiles and I laugh.

An hour passes and Evan, Gray or Julius haven’t come to the room.

I decide to just go back upstairs and walk around the top of the dorms. I get there and I look over and see the day students out and some are laughing and some are just fooling around having an amazing time.. Some are studying and others are eating. They look so peaceful and have no clue that they are in danger..

I look next to me and I see some flowers and I want to practice something.. I close my eyes and I put my hand over the flowers and I start thinking about fires, death, screaming, pain. I start feeling everything around me turn hot as fire and I smell burning and I open my eyes and I see the flower is slowly turning black and wither down and die.

I do it again and the same thing happens, I’m killing them. I feel eyes on me and I turn and look down over to the woods to see these glowing red eyes stare at me and I know he’s smiling impressed and happy since I know he’s right.. I’m a monster like him.

“Hey there you are!” I look at Gray and he smiles big. “Come on time to train, lazy.” I get up and I follow him to the basement where everyone is at.

“Ready.” Julius asks me and I start stretching… No.


After about 4 hours of torture I get to go home but I rather not. I just head over to my dorm room and I shower and change and lay in my bed. Ugh! I guess I can call Nyx.

“Hey!” She says excitedly.

“Hey am I bothering you?” I ask her and she giggles and I hear Arias voice.

“Um no. Why what’s up?”

“Nothing I was bored and wondering what you were doing.”

“Oh well Arias and I came to check out some apartments and he actually bought one and said he wanted to rent it out to me..” Mhm.

“Really? And you’re okay with that?”

“Of course! I mean It’s a sweet gesture and I mean it’s not like he’s going to give it to me as a gift. He says he thinks I would feel better here until the whole suspension is over.”

“Well as long as you are happy then me too.”

“I am and I also called and one of my friends told me about the winter ball!” Oh no!

“I doubt you can go though, I mean you are suspended until the next year..”

“Well I called the headmaster and he said since it was a special ball I can go!” Oh ****!

“Really? Well that’s god, hopefully Arias can take you.” I laugh as she gets quite.

“Shut up…”

“Hey I got to go.” I hang up and change into my uniform again and I grab a pocket knife and put it in my sock and I walk over to the headmaster’s room.

I don’t even knock I just kick the door open and there he was and I speed to him and grab him by the neck and slam him against his bookshelf and he yells out in pain.

“What are you planning!” I snap.

“What do you mean Miss. Kuro.” He still has the audacity to act stupid in my face? I pull out the knife and put it against his throat and he laughs, “Do you really need that to kill me?”

He’s right, I throw the knife and start choking him because his sly grin is ******* me off.

“Why are you letting Nyx come to the ball!” I say between my teeth trying to not snap his neck.

“It was his idea..”

“Whose?” I tighten my grip and he starts gasping for air and I let it go a little and he breaths in deeply.


“Why are you working for him?” I look into his eyes.

“He….he has my family…” He starts gasping again and I let him go.. His family.

“So he’s blackmailing you to do it…” I stare at him and frown, “What is he planning?”

“I don’t know, he used me as a puppet but then switched to the West family and now he says he needs my help to get what he wants..”

“What does he want.”

“Power, he’s always wanted that.” I turn and see Gray walking into the room.

“What are you doing here?”

“Was walking around and heard you guys..” He shrugs.

“Well excuse me, I have to go..” The headmaster runs off and I was going to stop him but Gray grabs my hand.

“Why are you pestering him.”

“He needs to tell Nyx she isn’t aloud back in the academy.”

“She isn’t.”

“Well my father invited her to the ball and that doesn’t sound right..”

“So he is giving us until the Ball.”

“Yea but there is no way to know what he’s doing..” I sigh.

“When it comes to Lucifer we never do.” Gray is right, he’s always one step ahead of us.

“Want to walk?” Gray smiles softly and I nod and we go downstairs and start walking around in the forest.

“So how’s your mother?” We haven’t talked about this and I hope he can open up to me.

“She’s depressed, after my father figured out what he did he committed suicide.”

“I’m sorry.” I lean into his shoulder and he just kisses the top of my head.

“I mean I would have done the same, except my mother doesn’t deserve it. She has to worry about the funerals and of course I’m not aloud because it’s a hunter funeral..” He frowns, wow now they hate him for who he is.

“Life sucks..” I blurt out and he chuckles.

“It does but then it makes us realize that we can’t take anything for granted. Plus being a vampire means death almost everywhere we go, people hate us, wolves hate us, witches hate us.” He shrugs and I giggle.

“Yea, even some vampires hate us.”

“Yea but they mostly envy us for being purebloods.”

“That makes us targets because some vampires take it as in a game of seeing who’s better.” I huff.

“Well we will make sure to stay strong.” He tickles me and I push him away.

“Stop it.. I’m ticklish.”

“Really?” He smirks and starts poking me and I laugh and run into a tree and Grayson start laughing really hard.

“*******!” I just lay there on the ground and it starts snowing and I just look at them falling. Grays next to me and we just lay there but one thought came into my head.



“Is it true?”

“Yes…” He knew exactly what I was talking about and I know it’s horrible but I’ve just been pushing back my feelings because in the human world its looked down upon but in vampire world it makes a better pureblood but I can’t give into my feelings right?

He touches my hand with his and I intertwine our hands and my heart starts racing and I can feel my blood pumping quickly through my veins. This is wrong! This is wrong! Stop it, no he…. ****! I can’t control myself anymore. I thought it was my father who brought us together and here I am conflicted with it all.


“I don’t know..”

He gets closer to me and I know this is wrong but it feels right but yet I love Evan.. I can’t betray him like this… How can one understand their heart? One minute it wants Evan but then the next it wants Gray. I never believed people who fell for two people but this is confusing because at the end of the day I can only truly love one person right?

Well I mean if I am like my father its probably his blood causing me to fall for Gray. By each day I notice I am a demon. I’m changing and can’t even notice or stop it.

“Kam if I asked you to do the impossible would you do it?” Gray asks quietly.

“Nothing is impossible.”

“So would you be willing to give us a try even after knowing all?”

“I’m terrified..” I’m shaking and Gray turns to his side and I do the same and our noses are touching.


“Because I believe I would be willing to.”  

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