Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

“Good night.” I hug Nyx as she walks away to the other hallway.

I walk to Evan’s room and I open it and see him starring out his window.

“Hi..” I whisper and he stares at me and the room is dark but his blue/grey eyes shine and are so attractive. “Something about this scenery is making you look really hot.”

He chuckles walking to me and he closes the door behind me and locks it and pushes me against the door and all I am starring at is his eyes. They are so mysterious and hypnotizing and he slowly caresses my cheek and he looks at my lips and licks his..

He grabs my face and slowly leans in to kiss me and my heart starts beating really fast and he kisses me and my hands go into his hair and comb through it and pull him closer..

He softly nibbles on my lip and this was different but still gets me to quiver under his grip.. His hands travel to my hips and holds me sternly as we just make out.

“Kamaria..” I hear someone whisper in my head and I pull away from Evan and look around.

“What’s wrong?” He asks softly.

“Nothing, I thought I heard my name..” I smile and I sit on his bed.

“Are you ready?” I didn’t think I needed prepping.


He sits next to me and he holds my hand tightly.

“I’m going to send them to you, so you don’t feel the emotions..”

“No!” I jump on his lap. “I want to feel it..”

“No, Kamaria why would I put you through that?”

“It’s not your decision. I want to feel you, feel your pain…Your emotions..” I whisper putting our foreheads together and he sighs deeply.

“If it gets too much then stop.”

“I will..” I kiss him to reassure him and then I travel to his neck and I bite him and start drinking his blood.


“Hello mother.” He smiles as his mom kisses him.

“Hi darling is your father home?”

“Not yet, he went to a meeting with Sir. Kuro.”

“Okay well go get dressed for bed and I will tuck you in.” Evan runs to his room and starts changing and he is probably around 13.

“Good night mother..”

“Goodnight Evandor. Sleep tight. Love you.” His mom kisses him and walks out the room.

It gets dark but then I hear crashing and screaming and Evan gets up but jumps back once his mom slams his door closed and she looks hurt, she’s bleeding.

“Evandor, come!” She grabs him and she hides him under the bed, “Stay there and hide! Don’t come out whatever you do!” She warns him and someone breaks the door open.

“Jayro! What are you doing?!” She yells.

“Give me the child Esmeralda! He needs him.” That sounds like his father.

“No! You will not take my child to die in his disgusting hands! He’s your son Jayro!”

“Give me Evandor!” He slams her onto the roof and she falls and Evan covers his mouth and he starts crying as he sees his father beat his mother and I can feel his pain and his chest is burning and stinging.

“Jayro please…Stop…Please.” His mother begs but his dad breaks her arms and she screams.

“Evan come out and save mommy!” His dad yells but Evan is frozen he won’t move nor even breath. His dad breaks her other arm, “Evandor Sakari! Come out this instant!” He yells. Sakari? That’s his real last name.

“He’s not here!” His mom yells.

“Yes he is! Where is he!” He screams and he literally cracks her ribs as he uses his powers to squish her and you can hear it and Evan closes his ears but I can still hear her bones cracking and breaking..

“Evandor, say goodbye to mommy!” His dad takes out a knife.

“No, father!” Evandor comes out from the bed.

“There you are, you *******!” His dad hits him and Evan falls to the ground, “Thank for your help.” He uses his powers to crush Esmeralda in half and she chokes and Evan yells and tries running to her.

“No, no! We have to go.” His dad grabs him.

“Mother!” Evan cries and tries getting out of his father’s grip but can’t.

“Finish her off please..” Jayro says to these other vampires and they nod and walk in the house.

“Where are you taking me to father?” Evan asks scared.

“Lord Kuro wants your powers and he says he will make me into one of them..”

“No! Father he’s using you!” Evan tries getting out of his grip but the man squishes him and he winches and so do I because it hurts me as well.

“Shut up Evandor! He is our leader! We do as he says!”

“This is murder father!”

I look around and he’s around the woods and there’s fire around them.

“Evandor!” My father comes out and fear and anger come over Evan.

“Here he is Lord Kuro..” Jayro says.

He throws Evan.

“Any man willing to sacrifice his child to me is worthy of becoming a demon but these aren’t my plans.. You see my wife is hiding my son and soon enough my daughter will grow older but I need to kill my wife now but she has done something and I will die from it but she will bring me back and I need your son alive to keep track of her..”

“Then what am I to do..”

“Simple drink this and I will wake you up when time is right..” My father hands him some bottle filled with black liquid.

His father drinks it and all of a sudden an arrow goes throw his heart. I look around there was hunters around.

“Good luck Evandor. Hopefully they don’t kill you.” My father disappears and Evan stands up but they shoot him and he falls to the ground.

I gasp as Evan wakes up and he’s in a barn hanging.

“See you’re awake!” Some one tasers him and he yells.

“Boy! Not yet!” Someone yells and I see this dark skinned guy with two teenage sons.

“Sir please..” Evan starts but someone whips him and it cuts his back but cures right away.

“Look here dad he does recover fast!”

“Well he is a pureblood and they recover very quickly but after we are done he won’t be able to!” The man burns him and Evan screams struggle and I can’t look but his screams are deafening.

“He is going to be a good training body..” One of the boys say and they stab him and Evan gasps for air.

“Please let me go! Please..” Evan begs but they just tape his mouth shut and start beating him and he can’t do anything! He can’t scream, he can’t run, he can’t fight.. What horrible people! He’s a child for crying out loud!

Days and days go by and they don’t feed him much except pigs blood and they kept torturing him more and more everyday..

Evan was growing and his powers were being retained by a witch and they would drown him and burn him, electrocute him, cut him, stab him, beat him, break his bones..

It’s horrible! I can’t I can’t feel or see this anymore the pain is hurting me too much.


I stop and I was crying. This was my father’s fault… He suffered because of my father!

“I’m sorry.” I cried and he was crying too, I hugged him and he actually cried into my chest.

“How long were you kept hostage for?” I ask him wiping my tears away.

“60 years…” My heart just broke.. How could? He was hurt for 60 years, “Julius saved me one day because he was looking for me but they hunter had kidnapped me and taken me to a secret island and it took Julius so long to find out what happened to me. He once told me he was losing hope for me..”

“How did you not die?”

“After a long time the pain became numb, I would feed off of pigs blood and tried regaining my powers and strength to get out but I couldn’t they wouldn’t feed me enough.. Just enough to keep me alive..” He stares out the window and I wipe his tears away..

“That’s why you hated my father and I..” I look down.

“I hated your father because he would visit me..” I stare at him in disbelief, “Your father would visit me until he killed your mother and he died. He knew where I was and he never told anyone and loved seeing me get tortured.”

“He’s a sick monster..” I can’t believe I belong to him, I have his blood running through my veins..

“It’s true, I told him I would kill you so you could never bring him back and when I started training with Julius he told me about you and ever since then I found out where you lived and I would watch over you and care for you..”

“So you took care of me because you wanted to kill me yourself.” I fear this answer but I already know it.

“Yes…” He sighs and I understand but it hurts me to know he wanted to kill me.

“I never thought I would fall in love with you. It’s just when I saw you I hated you but deep down I felt that connection, something bringing us together and I just needed to find out what and I fell too deep and now I can’t even find a way out..” He makes me look at him.

“Well ever since I met you I fell in love with you and I don’t know if that was your plan but it worked and if you wanted to kill would be the best time to do it and either way all you have to say is you don’t love me and that will kill me instantly..” I feel so cliche but it’s the truth I just lost myself within this person that I can’t even figure things out.

I start word vomiting and I can’t control my feeling nor my actions or my thoughts.

“You make my fears come back..” He whispers softly.

“That isn’t a good thing..” I raise a brow and he chuckles.

“It is to me because you make me feel alive again, but now I fear losing you. I fear of losing my one and only happiness.”

“That’s selfish.”

“Never said I wasn’t.” He smirks and I giggle and give him a small kiss, “I told you, you wouldn’t handle it.” He jokes around.

“You’re right, I couldn’t but I promise you, you will never have to go through that again..” I stare at him and he just hugs me.

“Sakari huh?”

“No, I’m Evandor Night..”

“I like it better.” I poke his stomach and he just hugs me tighter, “Is that Julius’ last name?”

“Um no actually he just made it up. He thought it would go well with everyone’s names and also it was his last name when he adopted us.” He smiles big.

“Well I like. You know I was thinking about changing my last name..”

“Really?” He looks at me curiously.

“Yes… I mean I rather not be part of my father..”

“I can see why but good luck with that.”


“Vampire world is a lot more difficult than human world. Everyone know’s you as Kamaria Kuro so even if you change your name you will still be seen as a Kuro.”

“That’s true..” I sigh. I feel Evan stiffen up and I feel like he’s blocking me out of his head.

“Are you blocking me?”

“You are very good at that..”

“I can sense it, Why? What are you thinking about?”

“Why didn’t you want to tell me about last night?” ****!

“I didn’t want to worry you..” I sit up and look at him.

“I worry either way. Was he here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kam you blocked me out for almost an hour last night..” I did? How?

“I didn’t know…”

“Yea well you did. what happened?”

“I was talking to Lucifer..”

“So he’s in the campus? In your dorms?” He asks worried.

“He’s not staying there, he’s following me around.. He’s literally everywhere.”

“Kamaria don’t you know he’s dangerous! He could have hurt you!” He scolds me.

“No he wouldn’t have…..”

“Why not?” Gosh darn it! Why do i keep opening my mouth, “Kam?”

“He’s been wanting me to leave..”

“Leave? Why?”

“Leave with him..” I whisper the last part and look away..

“And you haven’t told anyone why?”

“Because I thought you guys were busy doing other things..”

“Like what?!” He’s getting angry at me but it’s not my fault I rather deal things by myself.

“Like finding a way to kill him and…”

“And you thought maybe keeping him distracted by playing happy family would have helped?”

“Stop getting mad at me.”

“Well stop doing stupid things!”

“I am not doing stupid things.. I am doing what I think is best!”

“What is best that you stay away from him..” He stares me down but I give him the same look and cross my arms, “Look Kamaria Lucifer doesn’t play around if you get him mad he will hurt you and that’s all he’s wanted for the past years. He wants to become the best vampire that ever existed and you just walking up to him offering yourself isn’t going to help..”

“He’s said he won’t hurt anyone..”

“Kam never trust him but please don’t see him again..”

“Okay..” I look away.

“Kamaria look at me..” He says sternly and I turn to him, “Promise me you won’t..”

“I promise….” I can’t… I can’t promise anything if it’s risking their lives then yes I will keep seeing him.

“Your doing it again..”

“Doing what?”

“Blocking me out..” He sighs, hmm.

“Sorry I do it when I’m not even thinking..”

“No you are just stubborn. “

“I’m tired… “

“Stubborn and tired. Come here.” He opens his arms and we lay together and I start listening to his heart beat. It has a nice calm, soothing rhythm. If I put my hand over his chest where his heart is at I can feel it.

“Your hands are cold..” He scrunches his nose because he’s bare chested.

“I like hearing and feeling your heart.” I smile up to him and he chuckles and just lays there..  

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