Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Did my father always have Demon blood?” I ask Julius as we see Gray practice.

“Yes but it never truly showed until his powers grew and he noticed that the more pureblood he drank the more powers he would get..”

“Does it work that way?”

“Yes, and you can get death penalty for killing another pureblood.”

“But literally no one can kill my father because he’s a demon..”

“Exactly, he just needs to link to something or someone and he will sleep until then..”

“Even if you kill the link?”

“I read it through and yes even if you kill the link he can still survive..” So killing me won’t help..

“Then how can we?”

“The dagger is a strat maybe we can just stab him in the heart with it and make him go back to sleep..” Julius shrugs..

“Maybe..” I stare at Gray and he’s just destroying everything and is very fluent with his powers.

“So lets get you in the rink!” He throws a towel at me..


“Yes you, come on lets fight..” Gray smirks.

“Nah I’m good.” All of a sudden I am floating and Gray just drops me in front of him.

“Come in maybe we can bring out some powers out of you…” He smirks.

“Maybe I can help.” Julius lets Evan come in..

“No!” I snap at them.

“You won’t get any better if you keep saying no..” Gray raises his brow. I’m not going to enjoy this..

“Alright lets start!” Gray yells and all of a sudden we here a loud noise from upstairs and we all stare at each other.

We all sped up to the main floor and see everyone surrounding something.. I look and gasp.. A human.

Her blood is insane! It smelled like sweet candy and roses..

“How did she come in?!” Julius yells and everyone stares at him.

“She randomly appeared there sir.” Tut says.

“How can a body randomly just appear?” Mia asks.

“Well Kora and I were just walking by when the body just flies down..” Tut responds and we look up the ceiling and it had blood.

I look at Gray and he shakes his head and walks away, he’s thinking the same thing as me.. Lucifer is in here..

“Okay, everyone in the classroom we need to talk!” Julius demands and everyone starts walking to the classroom and I walk in and Evan grabs my hand and sits me on his lap.

I see Gray sit at the corner and the room is packed with every student..

“I believe you all know who did this and I understand some of you might be afraid and it’s okay to be..” Julius starts and everyone nods.

“I’ve decided to let you guys go back home.. If you want to leave the academy until we figure out everything you must sign this paper and pack your things and leave by tomorrow morning..” Julius says and people stare at each other and some got up and signed the paper and went out of the room..

“What if we don’t leave?” Mathew asks.

“You will stay and fight.. A war is coming to the academy and it will become our job to defend it..” Julius says and nobody else got up.

“Guys.. I don’t want you to stay and risk your lives, people will die if you stay…” I say out loud and they all stare at me and bow..

“My father isn’t playing any games anymore.. He’s free and that dead girl represents what’s coming..” I state.

“Well it’s not everyday we get to stand and fight with purebloods..” Kora smirks.

“Yea we want to stay and defend our honor and defend our leader..” Brandon states and they all look at me.

“I’m not a leader and I don’t want to be the cause of you guys dying..”

“Who says we will? We know that fighting with your father means fighting the demons he will summon but guess what we have a stronger vampire by our side..” Emma smiles big and they all cheer.

“Seems like you just made your own army Miss, Kuro..” Julius bows and everyone bows too and I hate this but if they want to stay and fight then that’s what we will do.

“So we aren’t going to find our father…” Gray stands up and speaks out, “He’s coming to us..” Everyone bows to him as well..

We have maybe 50 or more students and I can live with that..

“So what now Lady Kuro?” Evan says and they all look at me..

“All we can do.. train and prepare ourselves..” I shrug and Grayson nods approving what I just said..

We end up splitting everyone in small groups and we went to practice in different basements.

I put Brandon and Arias together to train students. Kora and Tut to train others, Mia and Mathew, Emma and Heath and Evan and Gray with others. So in total we had about 10 students for each group..

“Kamaria! Stay focused!” Julius yells at me as I keep failing my targets..

All of a sudden I get a stinging sensation in my stomach and I fall to the ground and I grunt and look down there’s an arrow in me..

“Are you serious!” I yell at Julius. I pull it out and I yell in pain..

“Well wake up and focus!” He yells back at me.

“What do you think I’m doing?!” I throw the arrow down and winch as the hole heals itself.

“It’s not good enough!” He yells, he’s getting me angry, “Again!” He yells and he makes me shield myself as I throw daggers at the targets and he is rotating me so I have to move quickly and then he runs and punches me and I am sent flying and I land on my knee and I run up to him and he ducks and protects himself from my punches but I kick him and he is sent flying and he starts flinging arrows at me and I am ducking and rolling around and back flipping making sure I don’t get hit.

I see rocks and I pick them and throws them at him and it hits him but he continues coming at me.

I start a wind and I throw him away from me and then he freezes me with his stare and I can’t move..

“What do you do now?” He asks. I don’t know.. I can’t move.

“What are you going to do to free yourself Kamaria!” He yells and Evan and Gray start watching us. They both look worried.

“I don’t know!” I scream at him, I’m trying my hardest to escape but I can’t all of a sudden he starts tightening the grip and I yell of pain.

“Fight! Protect yourself!” He is glaring at me.

What do I do?!

“Julius!” Evan steps in and Julius drops me hard and I take deep breaths.

“We’re done for today..” Julius is ****** and he walks away.

“Hey it’s okay..” Gray comes and hugs me.

“I can’t even fight..” I snap.

“Yes you can. It’s just Julius use to push us hard and we would get everything fast but your powers aren’t defending you…” Evan explains…. Is something wrong with me?

“Nothing is wrong with you Kam..” Evan reads my mind and I smile softly. He’s pretty calm to see Gray just holding me and he’s just sitting in front of us watching..

“We just need you to let everything go and let your powers flow..” Gray says.

“I try.. they just won’t come out.. I don’t feel anything..” I whisper.

“What do you mean you don’t feel anything?” Evan asks me.

“Like when I control nature I feel this vibration or coldness in me but when I try feeling more I don’t..”

“I’m going to talk to Julius..” Evan gets up and walks away..

“Why would he?” I ask Gray and he gives me a sympathy smile.

“I think Evan is starting to believe you don’t have any powers…”


“Well you’ve been hurt so many times and nothing happens and you don’t feel anything… We usually feel the powers within us..” He runs his hand through my hair.

“So what’s going to happen if I don’t?”

“That’s what worries me…” He whispers hugging me tightly. Will everyone die because I don’t have these big powers everyone is waiting for?

“I’m going back to my dorm… See you tomorrow.” I get up and walk away without saying anything else..

I reach the dorms and I am walking the empty hallways but I feel someone watching me… My heart starts racing and I get chills, I feel fear come over my body.

“Miss. Kuro..” I turn to see the head master.

“Headmaster.” I smile, “What are you doing up so late?” I look around..

“I was waiting on you.. Follow me please..” I shouldn’t but I can’t control myself and I walk behind him and we reach his office.

“Sit..” He opens the chair for me..

“What’s um…what’s going on?” I ask fiddling with my thumbs I don’t like this idea… I hear a second heart beat and my heart drops..

“Why are you here?” I whisper softly and he chuckles.

“You know it’s me.. See our tie is stronger than ever..” He touches my shoulder and I jump and feel frozen in my seat I can’t even breath.. My chest has tightened.

“You killed that girl and left her in the dorms..” I am just starring down and I feel him sit in front of me but I can’t.. I’m scared.

“It was a present but I seen that it wasn’t welcomed..” I keep myself just looking down, “Look at me Kamaria..” He demands me and I slowly force myself to and my eyes meet this handsome man with dark brown hair and red glowing eyes, he’s very fit. Perfect resemblance of the devil. A handsome strong man..

“Is this better?” I say angry.

“You are seriously beautiful..” He whispers gawking at me and I feel my stomach turning.

“What do you want?” I finally ask.



“You are powerful and I want you for myself..”

“I am not powerful.. I don’t have any powers..” I shake my head.

“Of Course you do.” He laughs strongly and I just stare at him, “Kamaria you are my daughter, you know we never actually planned you. You just happened to show up and I know you have my powers because your weak brother never did..”

“How could you?”

“Easily.. I never saw you guys as my children more as in……”

“Your personal steroids..” I complete his sentence and he grins.

“Exactly but I was confused when I drank Caspian’s blood, he seemed normal.”

“That’s why you kept him alive for so long because you thought he would grow up and get the powers..”

“You are very smart! See this is why I want you to be on my side..” He claps his hands, “Your mother was smart in taking away his powers but either way I took enough to make him weak.”

“Then why didn’t you kill me?”

“I was but you weren’t ready. A child is ready when they are 10 years old but your mother did the awful thing of turning you into a human and you gracefully denied your powers..”

“That’s why you killed her.”

“No, don’t give me that look. She needed to be punished! But after everything I was just simply defending myself and sadly I wasn’t ever able to get all her powers..”

“Did you even love my mother?”

“What is up with all these love story questions?” He asks irritated, No I didn’t! I didn’t love anyone until now..”


“Ever since I’ve seen you grow up and deny your powers..”

“That isn’t something big.”

“Well I’ve never seen or met someone who can take pain and hate like you do..” He walks up to me and touches my face and I just let him, why fight him, “You remind me of me..”

“I’m nothing like you..”

“Just yet… You can feel it and even now look at you, you know what you are Kamaria..” I look away from him and he grabs my chin and I feel my blood moving quickly and burning a little and I feel my eyes start burning.

“Look at you..” He pulls up a mirror and my eyes are his color, “Say it..” He whispers in my ear and I just look away.

“I’m not..”

“Yes you are, that’s why you are hiding your powers.” He smirks at me.

“I’m not hiding anything…”

“Kamaria stop it and admit it. I’m your father. You are hiding it because you are afraid of everyone being afraid of you.. They will all look at you different and you are afraid to love the power that darkness holds and lose control..”

“I would never lose control..” I stare at him..

“Then give in and we will see.” He extends his hand and takes mine and kisses the back of it, “I will be right beside you darling..” He walks away. 

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