Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“Good morning.” I pat Nyx’s head and she groans and moves around the guest bed.

“Where am I? What happened?”

“You and Julie had some accident and Julie was sent home and I think you are going to be sent home too..” I’m pulling these things up, I have to send her home..

“What?! What did we do?” She sits up and worries.

“I don’t know. I was at the ball and Julius gets called up by our head master saying that you and Julie were drunk off your limits and you were bleeding because you fell on something shard and Julie fell into the cold river..” I hate lying to her..

“I can’t remember anything expect taking one or two shots with Julie and we kissed…” She whispers and she winches.

“Well we brought you back to the house because we didn’t want any more problems..”

“****! I swear I can’t remember anything.. I see blurs.” She rubs her forehead, “Kam that’s not like me. What got into us?”

“I don’t know, even I was surprised when I heard it. Julius is going to talk to the head master trying to see if you can come back maybe next year because as of right now you are probably going to be sent back home..”

“****! Do you know if I can talk to Julius?” She winches as she moves.

“Yea but for right now here are some of my clothes and the shower is right there. Take a shower and get yourself together. I’ll be down stairs.” I hug her and she is just so shocked and trying to put things together.

“Okay…thank you.” I get up and walk out the door and close it.

“How is she?” Julius asks me as I enter the living room.

“She’s shaken up a bit but she can’t remember anything..” I sit next to Evan and he caresses my thigh.

“She will soon, I put some memories of her and Julie drinking and doing somethings.” Evan says and I nod.

“I told her that she’s going to be sent home..” I frown.

“I know it hurts but it’s the best that she isn’t around here anymore..” Arias adds.

“I know.. She wants to talk to you by the way..” I look up at Julius.

“I’ll talk to her. No worries.” Julius offers a small smile. Ugh this sucks. I feel here coming down..

“Hi..” We turn to see her and she stands there quiet and awkward..

“How are you feeling Miss. Osmen?” Julius stands up.

“I’ve been better but can we talk please..”

“Of course, My office is right here.” They both walk into the office. I get up and I walk outside and breath in the cold air.

“Feel horrible?” Gray comes next to me.

“Yes, because it’s my fault she came over here and she got hurt..”

“Hey she wasn’t even aloud in the school, so Lucifer works wonders…” Gray tries making me feel better.

“I know but hopefully she goes home in peace. “

“Hey!” Nyx hugs us from behind all happy.

“Hi, how did it go?” I ask her wondering why she’s happy.

“Well Julius said that he is going to try getting me back in and for meanwhile I can stay here…” What?!

“That’s great!” She hugs me and I glare at Gray and he looks shocked.

“Right! And Gray I’m sorry about Julie. We were just trying to have some fun..” Gray frowns and walks away into the forest, “What did I say?”

“He’s just a little mad but how about tonight we have a girls night and you can stay with me in my room..” I smile.

“Perfect but can we get some food? I’m hungry..”

“Yea sure..” I smile

We go to the store and go back to the house and I end her up to my room and I go to Julius’ office.

“What are you planning?” I lock the doors.

“Please Kamaria sit down.” I do as I am told, “I thought maybe we should keep her close..”


“Well if Lucifer is hunting people at the moment as soon as he finds out we let her go he’s going after her. If we keep her close we can make sure she doesn’t get hurt..”

“What about the twins?”

“Hazel and Venus didn’t like the idea of not fighting but they understood so they will leave tomorrow morning to Greece with some friends and the twins..”

“Okay..” Is all I can say. I have no idea what we are doing..

I get up and walk out the room and go to my room to see Arias talking with Nyx in my room, they seem to be getting along very well…

“Having fun?” I laugh.

“Yup decided to join you girls..” Arias get comfy on my bed.

“Are you for reals? I thought this…” I yelp as Evan scares me and picks me up.

“Well we decided to join you ladies. We wanted to show you girls us Night boys aren’t boring and horrible..” Evan laughs as he throws me on the couch.

“And what do you have planned?” Nyx grins widely.

“Um movies…games..snacks..scary stories..” Arias makes a face and we laugh.

“I have never seen this side before so most definitely this will be fun..” I stare at them.

“Well you guys aren’t going to have fun without the twins!” Venus and Hazel and the babies come running in and so does Gray and he sits next to me and nudges me.

“Family reunion?” He chuckles.

“Never happened before so welcome..” I push him. So literally everyone except Julius is in my room. We all end up playing board games.

“No you’re cheating!” Hazel screams at Arias.

We were in teams of two. Hazel and Venus, Arias and Nyx, Evan and Gray and I. Paige and Philip were just watching us and enjoying it.

“I am not, we are just rich!” Nyx protects Arias.

“Oh no I saw him reach for the money!” Venus snaps and we are all just laughing as they start fighting.

We end up playing video games and yet again all the boys start fighting even Gray and they were actually getting along and it’s amazing. I never thought that they would get along.

“Wow. Your two boyfriends are actually getting along..” Venus laughs and I cringe.

“He isn’t my boyfriend, he’s my brother..”

“Then you wouldn’t mind if we snaked in right?” Hazel smirks and I laugh.

“Both of you?”

“We share..” They wink and I gasp and start laughing.

“Go ahead. Drive him insane..” They high five and they bump up the music and Nyx sits next to me.

“So you and Evan are a thing now?”

“You and Arias?” She blushes.

“He’s a sweet guy..”

“He is. He’s very caring.” Evan sits next to me and I lean into him.

“You guys look good together..” Nyx checks us out,”Just watch it Evandor! If you hurt her I will kick your ass!”

“Don’t worry Kamaria has already kicked his ass.” The twins makes us laugh. Paige and Philip jump on my lap and Evan takes Philip and puts him on his lap and Gray starts the movie and we all get quiet and watch the movie and the babies fall asleep and I hug Paige tightly and Evan sees me.

“They will be fine..” He says in my head.

I know.. I’m just going to miss them.

“Next movie!” Arias laughs as he puts the next movie on and we all glare at him as we see it’s a vampire movie.. Really?

I look over and Nyx fell asleep on Arias’ side and he’s hugging her.

“What?” Arias acts innocent.

“Careful. She’s not like any girl you can mess around with..” I warn him and Evan chuckles.

“Yea you know what she can do..” Evan backs me up.

“Don’t worry. She’s pretty cute tho..” Arias winks at me and I roll my eyes.

In the morning we say good bye to the twins and Julius sends Arias and Evan and Gray and I back to the academy and we left Nyx alone. Hopefully she doesn’t go looking around like a curious person.

Instead of staying in my dorm I just went straight to the training room and I start punching away to almost everything. My mind won’t say anything and it’s driving me insane. I just can’t stand the feeling of useless and helpless victim while Lucifer is out there killing innocent humans!

“Look at you training already..” Julius walks in as I land on my knee from doing flips.

“My head won’t stop thinking back..”

“Well how about we practice with your powers..” He smirks.

“Sounds good..” This is going to hurt more than fun but anything to stop my mind.

He walks me down to the basement and I see this huge glass room.

“The glass won’t break this is special for powers and we do it down here so students from the day class don’t find out..”

“You sure it can handle my powers?”

He chuckles, “It can handle Evan’s powers so yes..” I’m guessing has great powers…I mean pureblood’s powers are very interesting… What is his powers? What are Gray’s?

“Okay so we need to find out what powers you have exactly..” He locks the doors.

“I thought mine was controlling ice..”

“No, it doesn’t seem like it. I’ve been watching you and to me it seems you have the same powers as your mother.”

“What did she have?”

“She had almost everything but her main one was Manipulation..”

“What? That’s a powers?” I laugh and he chuckles.

“For your mother yes.. She would literally use everything around her and her voice and body to get what she wanted, or to fight..”

“I can’t control people’s minds though.”

“Well you don’t but maybe you have greater powers within.”

“Um okay..”

“I see you can move things and people..Try it on me.. Lift me up..” Well that’s simple enough.

I slowly lift my hand and stare at Julius and he starts floating and I lift him up to the roof and then bring him down.

“Good you can use nature, so make wind in here…” What? “Concentrate on how you want the weather to be and blow with your lips to create it..

I close my eyes and I feel my skin turning cold and I start thinking about a tornado and I blow air from my mouth and I can hear it slowly coming up.

“Open your eyes so you can control it..” Julius says and I see his hair moving and gushes of wind i****ing me, “Turn it into a tornado by motioning it with your hands. The higher you move your hands the stronger it will get the lower you do it you start stopping it.

I start whirling it and it starts building and I get scared but it feel awesome! I start moving it around the room and Julius just moves out of the way.

“Now destroy it.” He says and I make it stop, “Good use the water and make a wall to protect yourself..” He says and I grab the water easily and a few drops land on my face but I put it in front of me and Julius starts using his powers and they push me back but it doesn’t break the water..

Julius uses electricity the whole room is like lighting. “This one is going to be strong hang on tight..” He yells and all of a sudden I see him creating a ball of energy and I’m starting to sweat.. ****…****…****! The ball flies into the water and it sends me flying and I hit the glass and the water literally evaporated with the heat.

“That wasn’t bad..” Julius helps me up.

“No it wasn’t you broke it..”

“Well yea it’s water but that ball would have literally made you pass out so the water did it’s job.” He checks me out making sure I was fine.

“I see..”

“See your powers aren’t ice you control nature like your mother but something is worrying me..” He stares into my eyes.


“These aren’t your full powers. Your hiding some..”

“And how do I make them pop up?”

“The only way is to push you to your limits..” He frowns.

“Torturing me?” I sound frightened and worried as hell..

“Exactly.. I just don’t know why they are hiding..” He strokes his chin trying to think of something.

I’m lost..why would my powers hide?

“Hello dear sister!” I turn around and see Grayson walking in the glass room.

“I see you can move things around like your sister.” Julius raises a brow.

“Yup, so what are we practicing today?” He looks around.

“Since when do you want to train? Last time I remember you hated everyone..”

“Well Kam I talked with Julius and told him my powers are getting out of control and I need help with them, my hunter skills help but they aren’t enough.”

“Nice. What is your powers?” I ask and he smirks.

“Wanna see?”


“Stand back..”

He points to the water and then I see smoke coming out of his hand and bright lasers shoot out and it starts exploding and heating up the entire room.

“He has laser powers, mind control.” Julius says and that doesn’t sound like much..Why do I have more stuff?

“Nice but then why do I have all these things?” I ask and Gray looks at me and smirks.

“Because you got lucky Dad wouldn’t suck your blood. What are your powers?” He asks me. Right, my father took most of his powers when he was young.. That’s why my mom would defend him.

“Um Nature, telekinesis.”

“That isn’t much either.” He snorts.

“Her powers are hiding..” Julius informs him.

“Why? Naturally they don’t hide.” Gray scrunches his nose.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Julius mumbles.

Great…Can I ever be just a regular vampire?

“So what you think my powers can be dark?” I snort and they both just stare at me..Oh..

“Not just dark, your father has demon blood, your mother didn’t. It could have gone both ways..” Julius explains. My father is a demon? Well that explains everything.

“So what you think my father knows what’s inside me and doesn’t want anybody else to know so he’s hiding it..”

“He can’t…not anymore. He’s alive.” Julius is so confused himself.

“Maybe she’s hiding them..” Gray looks at me.

“How could I be doing that?”

“You feel the darkness within you and you don’t want to expect it I mean you didn’t turn into a vampire because you were pushing your powers back before hand maybe you are doing that now..” Gray has a point.. Could I be a demon?  

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