Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“I guess after your father woke up there was no reason to hide your memories anymore..” Julius says to us.

“What could our father be planning?” Gray asks Julius.

“After his little game, I’m lost. I need to think back at everything and see where it all went wrong..” Julius sighs.

“I know..” They all look at me, “He’s going to come after us and now since he’s free he’s probably going to kill so many humans to become strong again and once he is strong he is going to kill all of us..”

“Well we have to plan while he gets stronger.” Evan states.

“Yea, while he gets stronger so do we..” Arias walks into the room.

“It isn’t that easy..” Julius states. The dagger…

“Wait! In my dream the dagger!” I turn to Gray, “When he put the curse on me this witch used a gold dagger with an amethyst stone on it and the other witch used it to kill Caspian.. maybe we can kill him with that..”

“Yea but we have no idea where that dagger could be..”

“Here..” Gray pulls out the dagger, “My mother was the witch that switched my body and she ended up keeping me as her adoptive son..”

“But you can’t simply just stab him..” Arias snorts.

“Well no but we have to figure out how to use it and we only have a little bit of time.” Evan says.

“As for meanwhile Grayson you are free to stay here while we figure something out..” Julius offers to Gray.

“Thank you.” Gray nods.

“What about the academy?” I ask.

“Act like normal but maybe send them all home after the winter ball..” Julius says.

“When is this winter ball?” I raise my brow.

“Maybe two weeks from now…” Arias calculates.

“That should be fine to get students moving and planning..” Gray agrees.

“Wait! The twins!” I snap.

“What about Hazel and Venus?” Arias asks confused.

“No, my babies! He’s out and I saw them in my dreams and my dreams show me the future… He’s going after Paige and Philip next!” Julius shoots up.

“I’m going to get them from school!” He walks away and Arias follows him quickly.

“I’m going to rest..” I stand up and kiss Evan and walk away.

I reach my room and see the rose and grab it and lay on the bed.



“Yes mother?” I run to her.

“I brought you something..” She smiles big and sits down with me on the green grass.

“What is it?” I ask excitedly I’m 8 years old.

“A magical rose.” She hands it to me and I giggle.

“What so magical? Can it make my wishes come true?” I ask her and she laughs.

“No but this rose was enchanted by the most powerful witch and vampire ever and this rose will never die and as long as it’s with you it shall stay that way and I will always be by your side..”

“The most powerful vampire? Is that you?” I jump on her.

“Soon enough it will be you..” She kisses me.

“I miss big brother..” I frown.

“Don’t worry you two will meet again. How about I push you on the swing..” She picks me up.

“Why can I not go play with other children?” I ask as she pushes me on the swing.

“Because you are a very special princess that must stay in her castle until time comes..” She whispers.

“But it’s not fair mother..”

“I know, but you need to know life is never fair Kamaria. Life will take any happiness and crush it but its up to you to either wither or blossom.”

I look around and now my mother is brushing my hair.

“Mother can you sing me the song?” I whisper.

“Of course..” She starts singing a sweet but sad song and I join her and I look at her from the mirror and see her crying.

“Why are you crying mother?”

“Because you have the sweetest voice ever..”


I wake up to see it’s noon and it’s snowing again. I look at the rose and smile, my mother cried because she knew what was going to happen and she was going to miss everything.. She sacrificed herself for us..

I get up and walk out the house and see Grayson sitting on a tree.

“Can we talk?” He asks me and I nod and jump and sit next to him on the branch, we were quiet for a good 10 minutes just watching the snow fall.

“I’m sorry for blaming you for Julie’s death..” He starts off.

“It’s okay, I blame myself. I feel horrible..” I say and we stay quiet yet again, “Sooo am I suppose to call you Caspian or Grayson now?”

“Caspian sounds old…” He scrunches his nose, “I prefer Grayson..”

“I like that name better. Grayson Kuro..” I stare at him and he smiles but frowns.

“You do know that I’m still in love with you. Knowing you are my sister makes me feel disgusted and vulgar but my heart beats for you..” He whispers.

“Gray, my heart belongs to someone else and I knew that before I knew you were my brother.. I needed time to tell you.”

“It’s for the best Kam. I just never thought our father would make us fall in love with each other as a trap..”

“He disgusts me…” I spit.

“Same. The way he would treat mother, you, us…” He frowns and I lift his arm and put it over my shoulders and lay my head on his shoulder and he smiles.

“I lost a sister but I gained another one..”

“I’m sorry..”

“Can we stop?” He sighs tightening his arm around me, “Stop being sorry, stop being so vulnerable and stop being scared, we will fight and kill that ******* for our mother’s name and for us and for Julie..”

“I promise..”

“I promise.” We both pinky promise, “So you and Evan are a thing now huh?” He smirks.

“Yes… He makes everything feel better but if you feel uncomfortable then we don’t have to talk about him..”

“Kam just because I’m in love with you doesn’t mean I’m not happy for. Plus we aren’t meant to be, as you can tell this was our father’s disgusting mind and tricks. To be quite honest I rather not even think of what we did..”

“Same, I want us to be how we were when we were kids..”

“Me too and as your big brother I need to officially talk to Evandor.” He winks and I laugh.

“Oh god.. So what exactly did your mother tell you?”

“I got home and she knew exactly what I came for and she sat me down and gave me the dagger and told me everything about how I was a Kuro and how our mother got her to perform this ritual to switch my bodies and she did and erased my mind and filled them with lies and told our father I was attacked by wolves but father new too well and had an eye on both of us the entire time and was just waiting for both of us to turn..”

“Father is a lot smarter than we thought..” I look down.

“Yup but together we can be smarter..” He smiles and I hear my babies.

“Mom!” They look up at me and Gray gives me a scared look.

“Wanna meet my children?” I wink at him and I jump off the branch and kneel for them to hug me and I feel complete with them in my arms.

“Children?” Gray jumps off the branch and lands next to me.

“Gray this is Paige and Philip my adoptive kids and Paige, philip this is my older brother Grayson.” The twins jump on him and hug him.

“Uncle!” They yell and he laughs.

“Well look at you hiding things.” He pokes me and he grabs me and hugs me and I missed this, I missed him.

“Can we play? ” The twins pull on his arm.

“Um sure..” Gray falls them and Julius walks next to me.

“I’m glad you two made up but you know it’s not a sin nor breaking the law to fall for your brother..” He says.

“I know..” I look at him and he looks at me. “Where are you sending them?”

“I was thinking of sending Hazel and Venus and them away for now..”

“Sounds like the best plan.. We need to act fast, I wouldn’t bare them getting hurt. My father isn’t winning this game..”

” I shall talk to them tonight..Why didn’t you get angry with me?”

“I did but you were just doing your job for my mother and I noticed that when my memory came back, although knowing that Grayson was my brother would have been nice before we kissed and other stuff.”

“I warned you to stay away from him.. And again marriage between siblings isn’t frowned upon in the vampire community in fact it’s best because you guys can create better and stronger purebloods..”

“Again I know…” I stare at him and see Evan walk outside, “I told him I wasn’t in love with him..” I smile softly at Evan.

“You know Evandor is a pureblood too right?” He raises his brow.

“I know I can smell it, plus my father already told me in a dream and either way if he wasn’t I couldn’t care, he’s the one I want.. He got my heart..”

“Taking about me?” Evan hugs me from the back and kisses my cheek.

“I’m glad that after everything you two will fulfill your mother’s wishes.. They both are probably smiling huge.”

“Woah there our mother’s wanted us to get married we aren’t getting married anytime soon.” I stop him.

“We can…” Evan chuckles.

“Yea no! We just started dating and I found out you wanted to kill me so I rather not marry you just yet..”

“****..” Julius walks away and Evan turns me around.

“Don’t worry I rather have you beg me for marriage..” He winks.

“Yea sure..” I roll my eyes.

“So what you guys made up as siblings right?”

“Yes.. Why jealous?”

“Well last thing I need is you leaving me for your brother..Now that would really kill my reputation of a lady killer.” He winks at me and I poke him.

“*******.” I kiss him and we hear laughing and turn to see the twins floating around, “I think he’s going to fit just fine..”


“Don’t be an *******.”

“I can try..” 

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