Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

“Of course.” Evan motions me to go and dance with him and I give him my hand and follow the man to the dance floor and they are playing soft ballroom music.

“Enjoying your night princess?” He asks me.

“I would believe so.” I am my best to be so proper and polite but something about this man doesn’t give me a good feeling.

“You are seriously more beautiful than your mother.” He spins me around.

“I would imagine you’d have better taste than this old man..” I whisper to him and he gives me a cynical smile.

“Lets say this is a rental plus I needed a Vampire to use, my hunter form isn’t going to help getting in but he will be for other things.”

“Why are you using a hunter?”

“To hunt…” He whispers.

“I told you I had a negotiation with you..”

“Ah going straight to it then. You see I wanted to take my time and have some quality time with my beautiful daughter.. After all it’s not everyday I get to see you and hold you in person.”

“Don’t call me your daughter. After saying you want me as a women..” I spat at him and his grip tightens and he dips me, I see Evan and Julius and Arias starring intently at us, “Don’t worry they can’t hear what we are talking about..”

“How so?”

“I very powerful dear.”

“Here’s my deal, I will leave with you if you stay away from everyone and never hurt anybody.” I stare into his dark red eyes.

“But that’s too late..” He sighs.

“What do you mean?” I ask scared.

“Well you see someone had to suffer for your consequences… And plus I can’t have a witch helping you and your brother…” Brother?

“Where’s my brother?” I ask him quickly.

“My dear Kamaria he’s always been very close to you..”

“What do you mean..” My heart is beating so hard that I bet Evan can feel it because he stand up tall and starts walking up to us.

Lucifer dips me, “It’s simple your brother is Grayson…” My eyes widen and I gasp and my eyes fill with tears and I can’t see anything. I’m about to be sick…

“I’ll see you soon, I have someone to kill..” He kisses my cheek and I start gasping for air and Evan grabs me and quickly takes me out of the room and Julius and Arias follows us.

“He…he..” I can’t breath at all my heart.

“Kam breath!” Arias says but I can’t. He’s going after julie!

“Ju…julie!” I can’t say ****!

“What?” They ask.

“He’s going after Julie!” I yell and we all turn when we hear screaming. I jump off the building and land on my feet and I start speeding to the dark bridge.

I get to the bridge and I see Nyx bleeding on the ground and I run to her.

“Nyx? Nyx.” She’s bleeding from her neck. I look up to see the same man from before in the headmaster’s room holding Julie and she’s passed out.

“NO! Stop it! Let her go please!” I yell and I see Grayson behind him and my heart drops.

“Ah look at my two children..” Lucifer says and Arias and Julius and Evan just stare at us.

“How could you do this?” I cry looking at him.

“I knew it would cause you pain..” He smirks and turns to Grayson.

“Dad?” Grayson asks, he’s been crying.

“Yes Grayson, I’m using you adoptive dad to help me..” Lucifer laughs.

“I’m going to kill you.” Grayson balls his fist.

“You will have to kill your sister than and I mean Kamaria now tell me you two? How does it feel to be in love with each other?” He mocks us..

“Let Julie go!” I state.

“As you wish my dear..” He throws her into the cold water and disappears and I run and jump into the ice water.

“Kamaria!” Grayson yells as I swim to grab Julie and something stabs me and I yell but I grab Julie and swim back to the side of the bridge and Grayson grabs his sister but I can’t hear her heart anymore.

“JULIE! JULIE! Julie please!” Grayson cries giving his sister mouth to mouth and I can’t stop crying.


“Don’t touch me!” He cries and slams me to the ground, “This was your fault! She’s dead! My little sister is dead!” He cries hard and I’m crying too.

“You think I didn’t love her?!” I scream at him.

“You didn’t even know her you *****!” He screams pushing me and Julius and Arias hold Evan back.

“I cared for her too! I’m sorry!” I yell looking at Julie’s lifeless body and cry even harder and look at Grayson, I….I fell in love with my own brother..

“I’m going to kill him!” Grayson runs away.

“Grayson! Grayson stop!” I scream but he just runs off.

“Kamaria…” Evan touches me but I move away quickly.

“No! You knew I had a brother! All of you knew!” I scream at them.

“Kamaria I never thought you would fall in love with him…” Evan whispers.

“**** you! You knew how I felt for him! Was this part of your plan? You saw my dream…Now tell me if it’s true?” I stare at him and he looks down and I can’t breathe again, “You wanted to kill me! You made me fall in love with you so you could kill me for everything my father did to you!”

“Kamaria that was my plan.” He admits it and I don’t even try hiding my tears, “But I seriously fell in love with you..”

“Don’t touch me! I thought you guys actually wanted to help me but instead you wanted to hurt me. You hated me this entire time..” The tears won’t stop pouring and thunder goes off and winds start picking up.

“No.. Kamaria please.” Evan grabs my hand but I punch him and he falls to his knees.

“You know what kill me.. End this all and kill me please!” I hand him a dagger and fall to my knees and Evan stands up and stares at me and grabs the dagger, “Please Evan kill me.. I can’t with this pain anymore. I was born to bring pain. I’ve been in pain my whole life just please kill me…” I lower my head.

“Evan don’t you dare!” Julius screams but I use my power to hold them back.

“Please Evanador if you love me then put me out of my misery and kill me and if you hate me so much for what my father did than kill me and kill him…” I beg him and Evan is just looking at me but he won’t move.

“******* kill me!” I scream at him but he’s crying.

“No..” He sits in front of me and throws the dagger away, “Kamaria look at me!” He demands me but I won’t.

“I love you!” He grabs my face but I just glare at him, “Don’t give me that cold face Kam. I promise you I fell deeply in love with you and I can’t live without you so if you want to die then you have to kill me first..”

“I’m sorry…” I cry.

“No stop it!” He yells at me and he’s crying, “This wasn’t your fault and I promise you I didn’t know Grayson was your brother.. I knew you had a brother but I didn’t know it was grayson.”

“I…I can’t think at the moment..” I stand up and I look at him, “I’m going home.” I whisper and see Nyx’s body and I just walk away… My heart is dead. I can’t feel pain anymore.. I’ve become numb.

I speed home and I turn the water to the hottest there was and I didn’t take off my dress.. I get in and the water burned my skin but I deserve this pain!

Nyx…Julie! Grayson… I lost so many people today. I scream and I punch the shower wall and it breaks.

“WHY!” I scream and I start crying so hard I can’t even breath. I rather be dead right now I grab a piece of the broken shower wall and start cutting my wrist but it doesn’t do anything because I heal quickly.

“Kamaria!” Evan grabs the piece out of my hand and throws and we both fall onto the shower floor and he just hugged me as I sobbed into his chest, “Cry..” He whispers, “It’s okay..”

“I’m sorry Julie…I’m sorry.” I’m shaking so hard.

“Calm down, calm down. Kam.” Evan begs me and I stare at him.

“My father is a monster!”

“I know and we will finish him.. He’s hurt you too much..” His eyes are full of promise.

“Kiss me..”

He leans in and kisses me and I kiss him back and he can feel how much I need him right now.

“I can’t lose you too Evan. I know you couldn’t kill me but if you have to promise me you will!”

“Kam I can’t…”

“Promise me Evan!”

“I promise but there is another way to kill him trust me..” He says determined, “Come on lets change..” He gets me up and helps me change..

“How’s Nyx?” I asks him.

“She’s alive. She won’t remember anything tomorrow. Julius made sure.” He informs me and I’m happy she’s alive.

My heart stings and I fall backwards and my eyes turn red and start burning and I start seeing red… I look around and I see a dark room and I see the college students that went missing. I start seeing my room and my eyes widen.. What did he do?!

“Grayson’s here!” I stumble getting up. I speed down and I enter the office and slam Grayson to the wall that it breaks,

“What did you do!” I scream.

“Kamaria! What happened?” Evan grabs me.

“Why don’t you tell them? That’s what you came for right?” I yell at him.

“What is going on you two?” Julius asks worried and Grayson is quiet.

“He brought him back to life…” I say and Julius and Evan’s eyes widen.

“No…” Evan stares at Gray..

“I don’t know what happened.. I ran and I started following this bloody track and reach the secret room and there he laid and…..and I took my blood and gave it to him..” Grayson explains to Julius.

“Well congratulations you killed us all! ” I scold him.

“It wasn’t me! It was like he was controlling me..” Gray says to me.

“You have his blood he was using you..” Julius says, “He needed a Kuro’s blood and it didn’t need to be Kamaria’s he knew you were weaker so he targeted you…all this time he was blocking your guys memory. He was playing all of us like puppets. He wanted us to think he needed Kam but in reality he was targeting Grayson..” Julius explains.

“So for a while he knew he was going to kill Julie..” I whisper sitting down.

“Correct, he knew that if he killed Julie Grayson would go on a rage but he wanted to torture him by making you two fall in love and then killing his sister and….”

“All this time he planned everything..” Gray punches the wall.

“Exactly.. This is what your father has always done, he loves bringing pain to others and he knew the only way to come back is by using one of you two..” My head is spinning and all of a sudden I get this pain and both Gray and I winch in pain.


“Caspian!” I scream hugging my brother and he lifts me up and hugs me.

“Kamaria! Ready?” He smiles.

“Yes can we play now?”


I see Caspian and I smiling and laughing and memories start flooding my head. I see him teaching me to hunt, him and I playing with my mother, all these old feelings rushing back, love, sadness, happiness.

My mother putting us to bed and me crawling into his bed and him hugging me saying everything is okay, my father beating us and my mother, screams. My mother running through the forrest and her being killed by my father..

Seeing Julius talk to my mother and hugging me and seeing Evan and his family, Caspian and were so close. We would sit under a tree and read books and go out and run together and fight, hunt, talk all night and we would watch the stars…

“Will we ever be together again?” Caspian asks my mother looking at me..

“One day..” My mother kisses him and then kisses me, “You two will be together one day and protect each other..”


I look at Gray but all I see is Caspian.. Tears roll down my cheek, “Caspian..” I whisper and he stares at me the same way.

“Kamaria.” He whispers and I couldn’t hold it and I speed and hug him hard.

“My big brother…” I cry into his chest.

“It’s okay little sister. Like mother said we would be together again..” He kisses the top of my head. 

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