Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“OW!” I Flinch as they tug on my eyebrows.

“You have such pretty hair!” Hazel says and she tugs on it.

“Then don’t rip it off!” I snap at her and they laugh.

“Big baby! It’s not our fault you have knots!”

“We have been doing this for about 3 hours now…”

“Kamaria can you stop whining, we told you it would take a while.” Venus keeps curling my hair.

“Yea plus we evaluated you wrong, you have a lot to fix up..” Hazel backs her up.

“That helps me!” I sneer at them.

They start doing my make and help me into my dress which they actually approved of and I put on my heels and the girls give me this beautiful diamond bracelet.

“Wow! You for sure look like a princess now!” Hazel gawks at me.

” You mean a sexy but yet elegant Vampire queen!” Venus smiles proud of her work.

I mean they aren’t lying, I look beautiful and very elegant. “Thank you!” I hug them and they actually laugh.

“Anything for our new sister.” Hazel hugs me again.

“Yea. We know we don’t really talk and all but we just want you to know that we are here for you just like the boys and if you ever need any boy advice or any clothing advice or advice in general we are here to help..” Venus smiles big.

“Yea even if you are dating Evan..” Hazel makes me blush, “Anyways we have to go get ready! Bye!” They both zoom out of the room.

I turn to the mirror and just admire myself because it’s not everyday I look this elegant. I grab Nyx’s necklace with the blood red crystal and wear it and it actually looks really nice.

“Ready?” I turn to see the girls all ready and how did they get ready so quick? Hazel is wearing a turquoise long dress and Venus had a lavender long dress.

“You two look great.” I smile and they wink at me and they walk away.

I grab my little clutch and start walking down the stairs. As I reach the last stairs everyone stares at me and Evan is just starring at me like if he just saw an Angel..

“Holy shi…” Julius smacks Arias, “Wow..” Arias changes his word and I reach the bottom of the stairs and Evan extends his hand and I take it.

“You look incredible!” Arias is just starring at me and Evan still hasn’t stopped starring at me.

“Thank you.”

“The girls did great! Lets get going….” Julius smiles and everyone starts following him except Evan.

“You look gorgeous…” He bows and I am taken back that I almost choke on my saliva..

“You didn’t have to bow…” I am still in shock he bowed.

“It’s a tradition within my family. My father use to do it to my mother and I will do it to you.” He spins me around and I end up facing him and I kiss him quickly.

“Thank you.” I whisper.

“Kamaria.” Julius turns around and looks at me, “I almost forgot, um everyone knows you’re a Kuro princess so once you reach the stairs to go down people will bow and watch you walk the steps..”

“WHAT!” I start getting nervous.. “You guys didn’t tell me that!”

“Well it’s obvious!” Hazel snorts.

“Yea come one! What you expect to just be a regular girl? No you are our superior so don’t act all stupid…” Venus claims and I get even worse.

“Girls!” Arias warns them.

“Fine we will see you guys there but just some advice…” Venus gets closer to me, “Walk in and keep your head high and speak with fluet words and look serious but sweet.”

“Thanks..If I would have known this was a get to know me party I would have practiced..” I murmur.

“Bye!” The girls walks out the house.

“Look it’s simple just stay calm and don’t show anyone that your nervous and dance with them…” Julius explains..****! Kill me!

“Don’t worry I’ll be there with you.” Evan squeezes my hand and I slightly smile at him.

“Alright see you there.” Julius and Arias leave the house.

“We are going to take your car tonight.” Evan walks up to my car and opens the door for me.

We make it to the academy and my heart is literally about to pop out of my chest. Like I am seriously getting chest pain…

“Hey slow down your heart, I can hear it from outside..” Evan chuckles as he helps me out.

“Easy for you to say! They aren’t going to be starring at you.” I snap at him and he grabs my hand and kisses the top of it.

“Yea but I am your date so they sure will..” He winks, “Look I’ll be right there with you so don’t worry you won’t be alone all night..”




“Is that a question?”

“Can I go back home?”

“Come on..” He grabs my hand and intertwine our finger and we walk to the main entrance and the guard bow to me and I nod at them. “Don’t forget you never bow..” Evan whispers at me.

“Got it..” Wow I seriously went from broke flower shop girl to Rich Vampire Princess… Who gets to say that everyday? Oh right.. NOBODY!

“Good evening Lord Night and Lady Kuro!” I jump as the knights stand up straight and there is a red carpet leading up to the dorms.. Holy ****! Nope I am not ready for this but they saw me already ****!

We start passing the Knights and they bow as we pass them and I see people walking into the dorms. I think I stopped breathing..

We reach the door and they open them for us and the room is empty, guess the party is in a separate room.

“Almost there…” Evan whisper and I nudge him and he chuckles. We walk up the stairs which contain more guards/knights.

“This way sir..” One of them bows and points to the ballroom.

We make it and people quite down and they can sense I’m here… ****! ****! Nope I can’t.. My grip tightens on Evan’s hand and he winches.

“Okay here hold my arm…” He whispers, they open the door and the ball room is lit with gold designs and diamond chandeliers hanging high. I can’t see anyone because we have to walk down the stairs and Evan slowly walks me to the ledge and everyone literally stares at us but once they see me they all bow… Including Julius and Arias and the twins…

I am seriously scared, holy ****! They all stand up again and Evan walks me down the stairs and everyone is just swallowing me alive with their stares and my grip is so tight on Evan’s arm that I feel like I’m going to break it.

“Good Evening Lady Kuro.” Is all I heard as I passed everyone and we finally meet Julius.

“You have to get the glass of wine and raise it up in the air in order to start the party..” Julius hands me the glass and I turn to see everyone starring at me and I raise the glass and they all cheer and clink their glasses and I take a sip of the wine and its blood.. hm. Everyone drinks as well and the music starts going again and everyone is talking to each other.

“I need some air..” I turn to Evan and the whole group laughs.

“Different huh..” Arias smirks.

“Yes.. Evan please..” I turn to him and he takes my hand and we walk out to the porch and I let out a huge breath and stare out towards the woods.

“You almost broke my hand in there..” Evan chuckles.

“I’m sorry. I just. God is this really my life now?” I whisper to him and I swallow the whole glass of wine.

“Pretty much. You will get use to it..” He rubs my bare back and takes my glass away and sits it down.

“I hope so..” I’m seriously shaking.

“Come on lets go back inside.” Evan extends his hand to me and I stare into his eyes and I wrap my arms around his neck and he’s taken back by my action but he grabs my waist.

“Kiss me..” I whisper and he smirks.

“Guessing you need it?”

“Yes please..” He leans down and kisses me softly and it calms me down, “I love you..” I whisper up to him and he stares in my eyes.

“I love you too.” He whispers, “Come on..” He grabs my hand and we walk back inside and everyone is ballroom dancing and waltzing.


“Pretty huh?” I look next to me and see Kora wearing a black dress that makes her purple hair stand out.


“You look very beautiful Kam.” She drinks her wine.

“Thank you..”

“Lady Kuro.” I turn around and see these men around me.

“Good evening..” I nod politely.

“We just wanted to meet you and introduce ourselves. We are the counsel of the Vampire’s.” Ah so these men are all part of the ‘kingdom’

“Pleasure.” I smile.

“We just wanted to welcome you and say we would be honored for you to serve and lead us to greatness.” Oh god..Lead? I am not ready to be president, queen whatever you call it.

“Thank you gentlemen I will make sure to keep it in mind for the future as of right now I am still in the academy but maybe once I graduate I shall take it upon you..” I practice my formal talk and let me say they are truly buying it.

“Well Lady Kuro we will be waiting for you patiently.” The man bows as do the rest.

“We would also love to give you our condolences for your father and mother..” Another one says. 

“Thank you. I really can’t remember my parents but I appreciate it.”

“You mother was a lovely women and you will be too.” He says.

“Your father will be back though..” One of the men say and I am taken back.

“I beg your pardon?” My eyes widen at him.

“Well it’s in the prophecy..” The man explains.

“And where is this prophecy?” I ask him.

“Very well hidden Lady Kuro..” One man says.

“Ofcourse.” I smile at them.

“I believe we have bothered her enough gentlemen lets get dancing..” Another man pushes them away and bows and walks off.

Wow.. Where’s Evan? I look around and I see him starring at me next to Brandon and Heath and Tut.

“Here comes the beauty.” Brandon smirks as I walk up to them and Evan takes me by his side and rest his hand on the small of my back.

“The counsel can be very creepy right.” Tut makes the boys laugh.

“Yes, they are so intense.” I add and they laugh.

“They were just testing you..” Mathew walks up to us with Mia.

“Testing?” I ask confused.

“Yea, they wanted to make sure you were capable of being one of them and ruling.” Mia leans into Mathew.

“And I weren’t?”

“Simple they cut you off and just treat you like any ordinary pureblood.” Heath states.

“That doesn’t sound horrible at all.” I cheer up and they all laugh.

“Don’t worry you handled them quite nicely so they most likely want you.” Evan speaks.

“Great..” I sigh.

“Plus you’re beautiful and young they will most likely want you around because of that.” Mathew says and they all agree.

“True, Everyone loved your mother because of her power and beauty..” Emma joins the conversation.

“My mother must have been the best.”

“She was more than that. Trust me all the stories of her and your family tree are incredible!” Brandon geeks out.

“Well I think I need to check up on my history..” I giggle.

“Yes, well if you excuse us I’m going to take my date to dance.” Evan pulls me towards the dance floor and spins me around slowly.

“I can’t dance..” I whisper and he laughs.

“Follow me.” He sways me back and forth and everyone is starring at us.

“Everyone is starring.”

“Then lets give them something to looks at. “He lifts my arms and places them around his neck and he slowly slides his hands down to my waist and leans in and my heart is beating and he smirks. He wants to show off I’m his.

We kiss and I can feel my face turn more red than a bloody traffic light. His kiss was passionate and soft and gentle, soothing.

I hear clapping and I giggle because they are clapping for us.

“You do know this literally means your only mine..” He winks.

“I knew it had something to do with that. You aren’t that slick.” I raise a brow at him as he dance gently and he laughs and gives me a quick peck.

We stop dancing and walk off the dancefloor.

“Evan!” We turn to see this lady hug him and she bows to me, “My lady.”

“Hello.” I smile.

“Hello Samantha.” He nods.

“I can’t believe this your mothers would have been so proud of you two…” She actually knew my mom?

“Thank you.”

“Lady Kuro may I say you are as beautiful and elegant as your mother. You seem to have her heart as well..” She smiles and bows and walks away.

“I’ll be right back..” Evan whispers leaving me in the corner and walks off to his group of friends.

“Lady Kuro..” I turn to see a women and a man. They seem very familiar..

“It’s an honor to be in your presence dear Princess.” They bow.

“Thank you.”

“We were very honored to befriend your parents and let me say we are truly sorry for your lost.” The women apologizes.

“I’m glad you two met my parents and I thank you from my parents and I.”

“Ah the beautiful daughter of Celine!” This old man kisses my hand and I smile, “You are sure one beautiful lady!” He checks me out.

“I say, she is more beautiful than her mother and let me say every girl envied your mother for her beauty and grace and it seems to me you are the same but a better seed..” The man’s wife says very coldly guess she’s right women will envy me.

“Thank you but my mother will always be the most beautiful.” I say politely.

“Excuse me while I take my date..” Evan grabs me by the waist and leads me away from them..”Annoyed yet?” He chuckles.

“Yes.” I lean into him.

“Well it’s only going to get worse.”

“Ugh really?” I whine and he grabs me a glass of red wine.

“Here it’s red wine with a mix of blood.” I grab the glass and we clink them and I take a sip.

“Hello Mr.Night may I ask for your lady’s hand to dance?” This old man asks me and I look into his eyes and it’s him…

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