Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“I saw you happy..” I whisper as we lay in bed and Evan smiles at me.

“I was..”

“I mean when you were younger..” He stiffens.

“I naturally try blocking them.”

“Why do you do that to me?” I’m starting to get disturbed that even when he’s supposed to let me in he doesn’t.

“Because my past is mine!” He snaps at me and I give him a death glare and move away from him, “Where are you going?” He asks as I stand up from bed.

“This isn’t going to work.” I look at him.


“Because you won’t let me in!”

“First of all that isn’t something you should worry about..”

“Why not? Last time I checked you knew everything about me and yet you can’t seem to tell me one thing about your past! Why? What happened?” I yell at him.

“My past wasn’t easy okay!” He yells back.

“I’m a very understanding person but I just can’t be with someone who has secrets.”

“Kamaria they aren’t secrets….” He sighs looking down, “They just hurt me and I wouldn’t want to go back.”

“Who hurt you?” I sit in front of him.

“Hunters…” He whispers and I know now is my time to stop pushing him.

“I’m sorry..” I whisper looking down but he grabs me and lays me next to him and hugs me tightly.

“I know it’s difficult to not know who I am but I’m not the same person from the past. I’m not that happy little boy you saw anymore and one day I hope to show you what I felt..” He whispers and I feel something wet hit my head and he’s crying..

He’s crying because of me, I pushed him too far.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry…” I hug him tighter and kiss his chest.


“Get away from me!” I hear screaming and crying all around me but its all pitch black.

“Hello?” I yell.

“This is all your fault! She’s dead because of you!” I hear a man say, “Get away from me!”

“Please, Let me see her.” I hear my voice say and I am taken back what is happening?

“You’re my sister…” He whispers and my heart drops…My brother! Let me see him! Who is he?

Why can’t I see anything? “Caspian!” I yell but all I hear is evil laugh echo and I hear a water stream..

“Lucifer! What do you want?” I yell and he brings my vision back and he’s standing in front of me leaning onto a grave, he’s very handsome but his heart and soul are hideous!

“I want to make you another offer but as I can tell you are making your mother’s wish true..” He smirks.

“What do you mean?” I ask confused, my mother’s wish?

“Well I mean you’r mother wanted you to stay human and out of harm but with my curse that wasn’t going to happen but you fell in love with that ***** pure blood. At least you have a good taste and fell for a pure blood. ” He chuckles.


“Yes my dear, Evandor is a pure blood and your mother wanted to marry you to him ever since you were born..something about creating a stronger blood but she didn’t think about how mixing our blood would come out..”

“Why does that matter?”

“Because no other pureblood vampire will ever be more stronger than ours…” I feel disgusted and want to throw up!

“I will never be with a monster like you!” I spat at him.

“Its just more beautiful how Evan still fell for you after everything I did to him… “

“What did you do to him?” I’m starting to get angry.

“Long time ago I killed him from the inside and yet he stuck with his promise.. But it scares me maybe he wants to get me back for all I did to him…” That’s why he doesn’t show me his past…

“Yes Kamaria I am telling you the truth, Evanador is using you to get back at me…”

“Why are you telling me this?” I am trying to remain calm and not cry.

“Because after all you are my daughter and I know his intentions.” He slowly walks circles around me sending chills and shivers up my spine, ” I mean did you really think he was going to fall in love with you after I hurt him so bad all he wanted to do was hunt you down and kill you so I couldn’t come back to life…”

“Then why hasn’t he?”

“Because he figured out you have a brother…”

“But you’re only connected to me…”

“But he doesn’t know that but once he does….” My body freezes as he touches my forearm, “He’s going to kill you, why do you think he fought you almost killing you? I mean maybe he fell a little bit for you but at the end of the day hate is stronger than love and my dear he will kill you..”

“I don’t believe you…”

“Don’t but you will eventually see his intentions. Reason why I came to offer you a great deal..” He purrs into my ear.

“What is it?”

“You come with me and we leave together…” His voice rings in my ears, “We will leave away from here and go to Rome, where we can take over the counsel and show them what vampires are supposed to be like..”

“I have another option..” I whisper.

“I’ll hear it tonight during our dance..” He whispers.

“You’re going to there?” I’m out of breath.

“Of course I can’t wait to finally meet you in person.” And with that he disappears…


I wake up and Evan is starring out the window in thought… Did he see my dream? If he did then he knows what my father told me and won’t answer anything..I should act normal for tonight at least..

“Good morning..” I sit up and Evan smile’s softly and walks to the bed and sits next to me and kisses me gently.

“Good morning.” He studies my eyes and this confirms it. I feel sad because I believe my father..

“Did you sleep?” I whisper and he passes his fingers across my lips.

“Not really… I just went for a run and got back a while ago..”

We both are quiet and it’s awkward.

“So what time are we leaving tonight?”

“Um well we can leave before 8.”

I nod gently, “Okay..”

“Are you okay?” He looks me over.

“Yea, just getting out of my slump.” I fake a smile.

“I’ll see you downstairs later.” He kisses my forehead and he walks out and I just sit on my bed for maybe another hour..

My father can’t be right… Evan isn’t just caring for me so he can kill me later but my father has a point if he kills me, he get’s back at my father and kills him. What if he is telling the truth? I would probably let him kill me because by then my heart would be killed and smashed into tiny pieces.

My phone rings and I answer it, “Hey.”

“Hello dear!” Nyx laughs

“Hi!” Julie screams in the background.

“Hi Julie!” I enjoy hearing them laughing.

“So we made it to this cute little flee market and they have the most cutest animals and stuff ever! We wanted to invite you just for the morning and then you can go to the boring all ball.” Nyx says.

It wouldn’t be a horrible idea,”Alright I’ll see you guys in a little send me the address!”

“Kay!” They both laugh and I hang up and shake my head, at least they are enjoying each other. I get up and change into some clothes and I see the keys of my new car on the dresser and I take them.

As I am speeding to the door I bump into Arias and Julius.

“Where are you going with such a rush?” Arias asks.

“Going with Nyx to a flee market and then come back and get ready for tonight..”

“I think you guys did bad buying her a car..” Julius chuckles.

“I think so too..” Arias pokes me and I laugh.

“I’ll see you later.” I smile walking passed them.

“Be careful!” Julius yells behind me and I skip some steps and get in the car and I feel funny as heck!

I turn on the engine and it roars to life and I feel so funny but enjoying it, I never thought I’d have such an amazing car. When I was younger I would see people drive really fancy cars and imagine myself in them and now I am actually in one!

“Where you going?” I jump as I turn to Evan next to me.

“How did you?” I shut up as I remember he has super speed, “I’m going to the store with the girls.”

“Alright, bye.” He kisses me and gets out of the car and winks at me. He can be weird at times… I shake my head and I drive off to the flee market and I get out of the car and I walk to the girls.

“Hey babe!” Nyx jumps on me.

“Hello.” I hug them both, “So I see you girls have bags already.”

“Yup but we haven’t finished.” Julie winks.

We start walking around and I end up buying somethings for tonight. We end up at a store and Nyx started trying on somethings.

“Did you go to the huts yet?” I whisper to Julie.

“No, not yet. I was thinking after all this but if anything I will get her number and give her yours so you or her can contact each other..” She reassures.

“Thank you Julie!” I hug her big and she laughs.

“No problem.” I kiss her cheek and she hugs me again.

“So have you heard about Gray?” I ask because he’s supposed to be meeting his parents today.

“I called my mom to ask if he was there yet but she said no and that my father has been acting weird lately and that maybe Gray coming over wasn’t a good idea but Gray left a while ago so maybe they can talk.”


“Yea, she said it was not to worry but he just disappears at night and comes back not remembering anything the next morning.. “

“Could he be hunting vampires?”

“That’s what I was thinking and he doesn’t want to tell my mom but I’m planning on talking to him later on.” She smiles as she stares at my hot best friend as Nyx comes out in a sexy tight dress.

“You really need to get at her..” I whisper in her ear and she turns bright red, “**** Nyx you are so sexy you will turn girls out!” I smack her butt and she laughs and winks at me and starts modeling for us.

After shopping like crazy it was 4:30 and I decide its time to leave and they walk me to my car. As we are walking we see a huge group of people taking pictures at me car and drooling over the car.

“Well what rich person came down here?” Nyx and Julie laugh and ****! Now I’m in for it.. I stop and take out my keys and they are starring at the crowd and I press the unlock button and everyone and I mean everyone including Julie and Nyx stare at me..

“Mine…” I make the worlds ugliest face because I’m so embarrassed..

“What the ****! How?” Julie is shocked.

“The Night family huh.” Nyx raises a brow.

“Exactly, I’m just borrowing it..” I explain and they shake their heads.

“Yea sure! We will see you tonight Miss Rich *****!” Nyx says sarcastically and hugs me tightly.

“You’re only saying that because you’re jealous.” I whisper in her ear.

She squeezes me tightly,” ***** you know **** well I am!” She whispers back into me and we both laugh.

“Bye Julie! Love you!” I hug her tightly and kiss her cheek and squeeze her.

“Bye, Have fun tonight!” She laughs.

“Yup and don’t forget, flirt and be very careful!” I glare at her.

“I will.” She winks and I push through the crowd.

“Excuse me…Excuse me.. Yo GET OUT OF MY WAY!” I yell and they all stare at me and move quickly and I get in and drive off.

“There she is!” Hazel and Venus run towards me as I walk in with my hands filled with bags.

“What?” I ask scared.

“We have been waiting for you!” Hazel crosses her arms and I see the three brothers lean against the wall smirking at me, what’s going on?

“Why?” I look at everyone.

“Duh we are going to get you ready and by the look of it we have lots to do!” Venus checks me out and my mouth drops.. No!

“Um…no thanks. I mean I was just going to be simple and…”

“No buts! What do you mean simple?” Hazel smacks me hard and my eyes widen and the boys laugh loudly.

“What are you three starring at?”Venus yells at them.

“Easy girls, she isn’t a toy..” Julius winks at them.

“Hush Julius tonight is a big night for her.” Venus snaps at him.

“Right she is going to seen by everyone in the counsel and very important people!” Hazel jumps up and down and what? The counsel?”

“I feel sorry for you..” Arias laughs with Evan and Julius and I frown and mout help me but they raise their hands and shake their heads.

“Girls I’m seriously okay!” I try backing away but they grab me strongly and pull me upward to my room.

“Woah! I can shower myself! I stop them as they push me into the bathroom and they laugh really loud and walk away.

“Hurry up!” Hazel yells closing the door and I take a deep breath. Ugh this is going to be torture!

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