Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

I get in the car and I was quiet the whole time.

“Are you seriously mad at us?” He sighs.

“Well you guys literally sliced me up in tiny pieces!” I snap at him.

“Look I did it to test you and Evan was just letting out steam and helping you.”

“Gosh I wonder what not helping looks like..” I snort.

“Just talk to him and I forgive us we just wanted to test your strength.” Arias stops the car at the front of the house and I walk out the car but stop as he steps in front of me.

“I know..” I sigh.

“Then stop pouting and being such a grumpy pants we all trained this way. Trust me after all this you will be grateful.” Arias hugs me and I just snuggle up to him.

“My body still hurts.” I murmur.

“It’s okay everyone else were sore too. I mean you didn’t get a sword or dagger stabbed into you.” He nudges me as we go up the stairs.

“All of you deserved it.” I walk into the house and it’s empty, “I’m going to my room.” I speed into my room and close it.

I look at my desk and see my mom’s rose and I take it in my hands and hug it close to my chest. I’ll never see her again. She did so much for my brother and I that I can’t even thank her, it feels horrible and breaks my heart..

Where is my brother? Does he know I even exist? Is he a vampire? Is he alright? Ugh so many questions that I’m going to drive myself insane!

I hear a knock on my door and I can sense him already, I lay on my bed and rub my forehead.

“Come on in..” Evan walks into my room and closes the door and lays next me on my bed.

“Sorry…” He whispers looking up at the ceiling.

“Sorry for stabbing you..”

“Are you?”


“Thought so..” He makes me giggle and he chuckles, “It’s okay I deserved it. I was an ass for beating you up..”

“That sounds horrible.”

“It does and I’m truly sorry for hurting you it’s just sucks feeling what you feel when you kiss him or see him..” I forget he can feel those things.

“I understand but next time you try killing me I will kill you.” I stare at him.

“Sounds fair, at least I know you can defend yourself from my tantrum.”

“I should probably apologize for kissing Grayson..” I whisper as he stares down at me.

“No need..” He moves a strand of hair out of my face and I groan and straddle him and he smirks, “Why are you making those noises?”

“Because you aren’t fair..” I pout and he laughs but tries to contain himself.

“Wh..what?” This is the first time I hear him stutter but he’s stuttering because he wants to laugh.

“Like you don’t even expect anything from me after I kiss another guy.”

“Well to be fair we did already fight it out but like you say we aren’t really dating so..”

“Again why do you like me?” I cross my hands over my chest.

“Because you are beautiful and challenging. Don’t get me wrong I rage of anger when I feel you feeling something for that guy…”

“He has a name..”

“You’re right.. That *******.” I roll me eyes, ” It drives me insane where I want to kill him but I just need to be patient and let you choose for yourself..” He shrugs.

“I seriously hate you..”

“And you say I’m bi polar.” He chuckles and I caress his face,

“Seriously Evan you don’t deserve someone like me. I cause you pain..”

“But the pain is what keeps me alive..”

“Why do you always have something smooth to say?”

“Kamaria what do you want from me?” He sits up and spins me around and now I’m laying under him, “Do you want me to hate?” He kisses my neck, “Do you want me to kill him?” He kisses my neck again, “Do you want me to scream at you?” He kisses my cheek, “Do you want me to pull your hair?” He kisses my forehead, “Do you want me to punish you?” He kisses my lips and I kiss him back.

“If you do I can’t do any of that..” He breaks apart but kisses me again, “Maybe pull your hair and punish you might be negotiable..” He smirks and I laugh and kiss him again and we end making out on my bed.

“We need to stop..” I break us apart as I feel his hand travel downward.


“Because we lose control too fast..” I whisper.

“Fine, lets talk about the ball.” He sits next to me and I look at him.

“What about the ball?” Shoot I need my dress still!

“Arias said you didn’t have a dress..” He raises his brow.

“Yea, speaking of which I have to tell Arias to take me to the….”

“Stop right there.” Evan grabs my hands and he gets off my bed and pulls out a gift box from under my bed. “I got you this..” He hands me the box.

“Evan, why?” I ask him and he smiles big.

“Shut up and open it.” I open it and it was the brown dress and I cover my mouth. NO!

“E….Evan w…what? How? No.. why would you buy such an expensive dress?” I glare at him.

“Kamaria I have money to spare trust me it wasn’t expensive but if you want to thank me then I’ll accept it.”

“Thank you!” I throw myself onto him and kiss him and he laughs.

“No problem, Paige and the lady in the store helped me find it and I can’t wait to see you wear it..” He winks.

I kiss him and hug him, “Seriously, thank you.” I kiss him again.

“Well I hope you don’t hate me but there is more to this present..” He slies.

“No…” I raise a brow and he grabs my hand.

“Come on.” I follow him and we go out the house and I see the whole family outside waiting for us and I stop at the stairs.

“What’s going on?” I ask nervously.

“Well I was thinking about everything and thought you needed this but since I was being an ass I guess this is an I am sorry gift..” He leads me to the garage..

The open the garage and I gasp, holy ****! It’s a car…

“That’s not mine right?” I back into him.

“Um it is actually…” I am starring at a Matte Black, Audi R8.


“You say no a lot.” Hazel and Venus laugh.

“I’m in shock that’s why….” I snap at them and they smile and walk away.

“Well Arias and I were talking about it a while back so when we left you and paige at the mall we went to go see it.” Evan explains to me and I slowly walk up to the car and it’s beautiful but it’s too much!

“Thank you but…”

“Ah no buts!” Arias smacks me and opens the car and lets me check it out.

The interior was silk black with dark blue lights. “Wow.” I am seriously breath taken.

“Glad you liked it..” Julius grins.

“I do but..”

“Gosh darn it Kamaria can you ever just say thank you?” Arias stands next to Evan.

“No she doesn’t. Her way of saying thank you is by getting mad.” Evan laughs with Arias.

“Whatever!” I get out of the car, “I don’t know what to say but thank you..” I hug them both.

“There you go!” Julius claps and laughs as he walks away.

“I’ll leave you two alone but see you in a minute..” Arias winks at me.

I wrap my arms around Evan’s neck and I kiss him softly.

“I know it was your idea, thank you..” I kiss him again.

“No problem. I mean Arias picked the car and I picked the color.” He shrugs.

I kiss him again and we get honked at.

“Hey we are going out to see the twins we shall be back tomorrow morning!” Arias yells as I turn red and look away.

“Careful you two!” Julius yells and we both shake our heads and they drive off.

“No..” I kiss his nose and run up to my room and I gasp the room is filled with candles. “What the **…”

“Surprise..” Evan whispers in my ear and I am so surprised.

He grabs my hand and he leads me to the middle of my room and the room is just lit by candles.

“Why?” I stare at him softly.

“I wanted to finish this once and for all…” What?


“Kamaria I know you probably aren’t ready for any of this but I just can’t share you anymore and I need you to be mine.. ” He hugs my waist and my heart is beating so hard right now, “I love feeling your heart race.”


“No, just listen. Ever since I saw you when I was a young boy I fell in love with you and I knew you would be something special to me and I just can’t stand these games anymore Kamaria. Please be mine, be my girlfriend…” He asks me and a let a tear fall down.

“You know what, I love Gray.” He frowns but I tilt his head up, “But something about you makes my heart race not even Grayson can do and you know that or else you wouldn’t be doing all this. “

He smirks, “Is that a….”

“No you listen,” I shush him, ” You drive me insane, you freaking almost killed me today! I stabbed you and yet here I am wanting to kiss you and rip your clothes off..” I smirk and he bites his lip starting the fire in my stomach.

“I have no idea what is going on with me but something about being with you makes me feel sane because you are just as crazy as I am but I’m sick and tired of playing these games too.”

“Nah you’re crazier but is that a yes?” He pulls me closer to him and I bite my lip.

“Yes..” I whisper and he just smashes his lips on mine and our kiss is so passionate and wanting.

“Is punishing still up for negotiation?” I bite his lip and his eyes turn playful and full of energy and his hands move down to my butt and he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his hips and bite his neck softly as he quickly swipes my vanity off and sits me down and we start kissing hungrily.

He rips my shirt off and kisses me down and I moan and I rip his shirt from the back as he sucks on my sweet spot, I start digging my nails on his back and scratch him as he just keeps going and my moans get louder.

He takes his shirt off and he picks me up again and slams me onto the wall and we both moan and I bite his lip hard to draw blood and I suck on it and he scratches the wall behind me and then moves me to the bed and lays me down and leaves trails of kisses everywhere on my body and as he removes my jeans and the room is filled with my moans because his mouth just makes me melt underneath him.

He’s soft and delicate with me but yet rough and stern that drives me insane! He pulls my hair and I grab onto the bed spread and hold it tightly and he kisses my shoulder and then moves to my neck again and then sinks his fangs into me and I gasp but hold his head and pull him closer and I can hear his heart beat beating so fast and it matches mine exactly.

It excites me more as I hear him moan as he drinks my blood and I am panting and almost shivering from his touch. I love this man so much, only him can ignite the biggest flames with just one stare.

He stops and I kiss him with so much force and I just can’t handle it anymore I want to taste him, I want him! I need his blood.

I suck on his neck and then I bite him and I feel his excitement, his passion, his fire, his sadness, his fears. All of a sudden I see him running around as a young boy, laughing. Then I see him training with his father.

Him smiling and laughing with his mother, and his true feelings when he first saw me at the flower shop.. I stop and he looks at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just make me yours..” I whisper and he kisses me and lays me down.. 

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