Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

“We have to find the opening..” I say quickly and we start moving the books but there isn’t a thing there.

“Wait!” Gray stops me and we both hear movement and we walk slowly to the opening and we peak and we see a light.

“Ah yes! My sweet girl come to me.” We hear a deep voice say. We keep looking into me and then the rustling stops.

“I hear someone…” The man says.

“There’s nobody here..” Another man voice says.

“I sense them!” The voice whispers and we stare but then an eye pops up and Gray pulls me back and covers my mouth because the man scared me and I gasped.

“Someone is out there! Go check!” He yells. Gray and I stare at each other because we can’t move without being seen but we can’t warn Julie either… she’s going to get caught! ****!

“Julie…” I whisper to Gray..

“I know!” He sounds nervous and worried..

“We have to jump out of the window!” He pulls me to the window..

“No you go and warn Julie! I’m going to stay!” I pull him away and we the rustling getting worse.

“You’re ******* stupid no come with me!” He grabs my arm.

“Shut up and go save your sister!” I push him away.

“If you get caught yell and I’ll come help you!” He says.

“Yes now go!” He jumps out the window and I close it and hide under this empty bookshelf..

I don’t see the door open but instead a person walks into the room through the regular door. They start checking everything and even the windows.

“I told you there wasn’t anyone here!” He says.

“I felt them..” Another voice says but there’s only one person here…how is that possible?

“Do you feel them now?”

“Something is lingering and feels off.”

“Well I checked everything, nobody has touched anything nor disrupted.. Look the girl is going to wake up soon!”

“Okay let’s continue then!” I hear a growl and I cover my mouth and see the strange man walk away.. Was he talking to himself? This could be a case of schizophrenia and he’s a psychopath…

I wait about 10 minutes and I hear the door open again, “Kam?” it’s Grayson.

I climb out of the spot and we both run out of the room and go to my dorm.

“What did you see?” They ask me.

“It was a stranger and he was talking to somebody else but there was only the one man in the room but I could hear two different voices and they sent shivers down my spine I don’t have a good feeling..”

“What do you mean two different voices but one man..” Gray asks confused.

“I don’t know Gray, it was strange. It was like someone was there with him but I looked around I only saw one man standing there.”

“Well we did only see one shadow go in..” Julie adds to the weirdness.

“Maybe the man has a second person in him? ” Gray suggests.

“Is that even possible?” I change into nightwear in the bathroom and come out.

“Yes it is. When a spirit is awaken but has no body it can transfer from one body to the next..But that must be one powerful spirit..” Julie looks worried.

“Maybe as strong as a pureblood vampire?” I ask them and they nod.

“But who was that man?” Gray asks us.

“I’ve never seen him around before..”

“So does that mean the headmaster has nothing to do with everything?” Julie sits on her bed.

“No because why would the room be in the headmasters room? I mean he’s been the headmaster for the longest don’t you think he would know about it?” I shake my head.

“He wasn’t always the headmaster..” Gray strokes his chin.

“This just got harder….” I sigh.

“Yes but for now good night..” Gray stands and kisses my head and then Julie’s cheek and walks away.


“Kamaria I hope you are being a good girl..” I look around and I’m at a cemetery..

“Why can you talk to me in my dreams?” I yell out but nothing, “Talk to me you coward!”

“Oh sweet Kamaria why are you so beautiful?” I turn around and see the shadow.

“Why do you use a shadow? Why don’t you show yourself? I know who you are now and what you are doing..”

“If I showed myself you wouldn’t be scared.”

“Who says I’m scared now?”

“Don’t test me Kamaria.” He’s right in front of my face and his shadowy hand caresses my cheek, “You are more beautiful than your mother.. I have decided something.”

“What?” I say clenching my fist.

“Be my wife… Be mine Kamaria! Wake me up and be with me and together we can rule the world and be the strongest ones…”

“I would never be one with you..”

“So be it!” He grabs my neck and starts choking me.. “I’m giving you a chance Kamaria, I like you…a lot. I want you to be mine and nobody elses..”

“You’re my father! No! You killed my mother!” He tightens his grip and I can’t breath and I start gasping for air.

“Kamaria I’m trying to save you! You think people will want you to be the most powerful Vampire ever? No dear the world is going to come for you but if we join forces everyone will bow to us!” He roars.

I can’t say anything because the lack of oxygen.

“Think about it Kamaria because I will be back soon enough and I will come for you my princess…” He whispers and I start kicking him but it doesn’t faze him.

“Either you come with me and live or die….But let me warn you Kamaria if I see what you are planning, you’re friends will all die! So it would be best if you stayed away from the truth.. But at the same time come play my game!” He drops me.


I wake up gasping and grabbing my neck.. Play his game? What is his little game?

“Hey are you okay?” Julie sits up rubbing her eyes.

“I had a nightmare…” I pull my hair and get out of bed.

“What are you doing it’s only 4 in the morning.?”

“I’m going to take a shower and maybe go for a morning walk..” I walk into the bathroom and get in the shower and let the hot water burn my skin and I breath in the steam and relax.

If Julie uses her magic he might find out that she’s the one helping us.. I can’t let her put her life in danger just for me.. Maybe if I talk to Julius… But he’s just so stubborn and doesn’t want to tell me everything and even if he did I wouldn’t be able to know what to do or feel.

I turn off the water and get dressed in my red uniform and start walking outside and it’s still dark and its snowing.

What am I supposed to do? How can I get my father to stop all this? He wants me? Maybe if I leave with him he won’t hurt anybody…But he’s a horrible man he kills humans just for pleasure.  

He’s a monster, I’m a monster.

“No you aren’t.” I turn to see Evan looking sad at me.

“Why are you out so early?”

“Can I ask you that?” He slowly walks up to me.

“I asked you first.” I try lightening the mood but he grabs my hand and pulls me into a hug and I really needed him. He made me feel safe and warm.

“You seem to forget that I feel what you feel..” He hugs me tighter and I sniff.

“I’m sorry, I make you hurt and it’s not your fault.”

“Hey.” He tilts my head so I look up at him, “I rather know what you feel so I know when to show up and save the day..” He makes me giggle and he leans down and I lean up and kiss his soft, lushes lips. To a human his lips would be cold but to me they are warm and welcoming.

We stop and he grabs my hand and intertwine our fingers and we start walking.

“I feel funny..” I say out loud and Evan looks at me and chuckles.

“I’m not the type to give girls roses and chocolate nor am I the romantic type but for you I’m willing to try.”

“To be quite honest I miss the witty Evan.” I smirk.

“Oh is that true? My little princess likes being messed with, okay. How about like this.” He stops and grabs my thighs and I shiver and try pushing him off me.

“Stop it!” I laugh and he flings me over his shoulder and he laughs as I drop him on the snow and I fall on top of him straddling.

“I like this position.” He winks and I slap his face gently and he grabs my hand and kisses the back of it, “We will get through it Kam..”

“It sometimes feels like the closer I get the farther I actually am from everything.”

“It may seem like that for now but you need to stay strong and fight it and remember you aren’t alone.”

“I rather be because if I were alone he wouldn’t have anybody to hurt. Everyone around me is being targeted as a game..”

“Hey, we are all doing it because we care for you and if we stay together he won’t be able to beat anyone and he knows that.”

“Evan he’s playing his own game and I can’t figure out what he’s planning!” I get off him and sit next to him.

“He maybe playing tricks and games but we are too.” Evan admits.

“Evan people are going to get hurt..”

“I know..” He hugs me from the side and I put my head on his shoulder, “I know they are but that’s what will make you stronger.”

“You are so mysterious..” I say out loud and he chuckles.

“You always come back to me. What makes you want to know so much about me?”

“First of all nobody knows about you..”

“Not true Julius knows who I am.”

“Yea but Julius literally raised everyone.”

“I like keeping to myself that’s all.”

“Why?” I look up at him and he’s just starring at the snow serious.

“I just think nobody needs to know my life that belongs in the past.”

“Was it bad?” I whisper worried, now I’m wondering what did happen to his parents.

“Kam…” He sighs and I know how to relax him. I get back on him and sit on his lap and I kiss his cheek and his hands automatically go to my waist and I kiss his chin and he chuckles, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, you seemed tense.” I look into his eyes and kiss his nose and he scrunches his nose.

“I know you want me to open up but my past just isn’t some happy fairy tale.”

“Mine either. I mean I don’t really believe in happily ever afters..” I raise a brow.

“My father was good friends with your father and my mother was close to yours.” He starts off, “My father trained me harder than anybody else and your father would give him advice on pushing me to my breaking point.”

“So you remember my father..”

“I mean I didn’t really like him but I noticed that he loved causing pain and was cruel and wicked. Something about him didn’t seem right, I knew your mother had given birth to a baby but your father wouldn’t let anybody visit her until a few years later I got to meet you..” My heart starts racing! My dream!

“You were older than me..” I whisper and his eyes shine brightly.

“You remember?”

“I had a dream about you.. I never thought it was a memory but it was..”

“So you remember when we first met..” His smile is so sincere and I grab his face and caresses it.

“Evan I’m scared..” I whisper and he starts frowning.

” Why?”

“Everytime I’m with you I fall deeper and deeper for you.” He pulls our friends together and he lets out a shaky breath.

“So do I..” He kisses me passionately and I kiss him with the same passion and I lay him down on the snow and we just make out. I can’t explain this feeling I have for him, I feel helpless and submissive to Evan but at the same time I trust him with everything I have, I want him to have me completely. 

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