Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Hide Kamaria!” I turn to see my mom running behind me and she shoves me into the closet and I see some evil men come up to her and slap her and she falls to the ground and I cover my mouth trying to not make any sound.

“Where is she you witch!” They yell at her.

“She left, she went to school!” She yells back at them and she crying and one of them kick her and I can’t control crying and all of a sudden one of them stops and drops to the ground and laughs.

“No she isn’t, she’s here…I smell her blood.” He looks around.

He grabs my mom’s hair and pulls her to stand up and for some reason I can’t move again.. I’m frozen in place. Mom.

“Come out little Kamaria!” He yells as he pulls a knife out and he is holding her up in the air.

“Come out you little *****!” He screams, “Find her!”

All of a sudden I hear flower pots being smashed every around me flying around and crashing and bangs go everywhere.

“Where is she?” He looks at my mom.

“She’s not here.” My mom states.

“Then I guess I have no use for you.” He cuts her throat open and I scream but it’s like he didn’t hear me and he throws her to the floor and she is gasping and grabbing onto her throat and I can’t help it but cry and scream.

“MOM!” I scream.

“She isn’t here boss.” One of the men say.

“**** it she got away!” He screams and he stabs her one more time and she grunts.

“The ***** is still alive?” One of them says.

“Not for long.” He grabs a gun and shoots her head.

“STOP IT!” I scream and I come out of the closet and again they don’t see me.

“MOM!” I cry as I see her covered in blood and the men leave snickering and I am on my knees crying and I can’t touch her.

I’m a ghost…

I look around and now I am in front of the chapel and I hear crashing and I run inside to see that the same men are torturing the priest.

“STOP IT!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!” I yell but they don’t hear me.

“Where is she!” He yells the same question.

“I rather die than betray Celine.” Father Joseph says.

“Than you will.” He slams his sword into father Joseph and I cover my mouth… What is going on?

This is a dream! This is only a dream!

“This is all your fault my sweet daughter.” I turn to see the shadow.

“What do you want from me!” I scream and all of a sudden he grabs me by the neck and starts suffocating me.

“You will soon find out but for now I want you to suffer! SUFFER!” He laughs.


Mom!” I scream as I wake up.

“MOM!” I cry and she runs into my room and I jump on her and cry harder than I ever have.

“What’s wrong dear.”

“Just hold me please.” I cry into her chest.

“What happened now?” She asks more worried than before.

“No, I rather not talk about it…” I whisper.

“Happy Birthday.” She kisses the top of my head and I just keep crying terrified.

“I love you so much mom! Thank you for everything you have done for me and caring for me.” I hug her even tighter and now she starts crying.

“I love you too sweetie. You will always be my world but you are starting to scare me.” She looks at my crying eyes and all I see when I see her face is the pale, lifeless face in my dream.

“Mom please don’t go..” I whisper and she looks at me.

“Kamaria what is happening.” She asks me.

“I love you so much!” I hug her and she cries.

“I love you too.” She whispers and we stay in silence for probably 30 minutes and Nyx shows up.

“Awe look at you guys!” She breaks the silence.

“Hello Nyx.” My mom greets her.

“Alright I’ll see you downstairs so we can cut the cake.” My mom says to me and I smile big.

“Sure, thanks mommy.” I wipe my tears away.

“You sure woke up late today.” Nyx comment and I look at the time and it’s already noon.

“Wow. By the way you ***** the warm milk did not help! In fact it gave me the worse nightmare ever!” I push her of my bed.

“Hey I didn’t say it would work, I said it was maybe a remedy. Don’t blame me when you’re the weirdo. What did you dream this time?” She asks me as I get up and get changed.

“Something that I would never want to talk about.. Ever!” I state brushing my hair.

“That bad?” She asks me.

“Yes.” In fact I am terrified to sleep ever again.

“Well since you are ready lets go get that cake!” She pulls me downstairs and I smile as I see the chocolate cake in the middle of the table and it has the number 21 as candles and I stand behind it and my mom takes a picture with a polaroid and it comes out and she swings it back and fourth and then Nyx take a picture of my mom and I together and then it was Nyx and I and they sang Happy birthday to me and I blow the candles and I look up to see the Black cat at the window starring at me and then it leaves…..

“Yay finally 21!” Nyz sings and we all laugh and I cut the cake and we sit down and eat it and I am very clingy to my mom and I do not want to let her go.

“Well first thing is first here!” Nyx hands me a little box and I smile.

“Nyx you shouldn’t have.”

“Oh shut up and love it.” She smacks me.

I open it and it was a necklace with a blood crystal and I take it out of the box and put it on.

“It’s beautiful Nyx thank you.” I look at it an it feels like its surrounding me with protection.

“Um I could have sworn I got you a clear crystal but it looks better that color.” She makes a face and starts thinking really hard.

Huh my best friend is going crazy.

We end up going out to town and buying a few things and it was around 5 in the afternoon and Nyx get me ready for the bar and she get ready herself and we take a few more pictures.

“Look at you!” My mom gasps and I smile big.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” I ask her and she nods.

“Honey this is your girls night, last thing you need is an old mom behind you.” She laughs.

“Okay but I’ll come back early.” I reassure her.

“No, no this is your birthday night. I want you to go and have fun! Go live life.” She smacks me.

“Okay, I love you mom.” I hug her and she hugs me back.

“Love you too, always will.” She gives me her blessing and I was about to walk out but she stops me and hands me a gift.

“MOM!” I smile softly.

“It’s something small and old.” She smiles and I sit down and open it.

“A rose?” I ask her, t wasn’t a simple rose it was a dark wine red rose, almost black.

“This rose came with u and the rose has never died.” She explains to me.

“What? How is that possible?” I ask her.

“Well the nuns gave it to me and told me the story that when they found you, you had a rose in your hands and put it in water and months passed and the rose just wouldn’t die and they handed it to me for protection and told me to give it to you when you were ready and you are ready dear.” She smiles big.

“So this rose has never died…Thank you mom.” I hug her and kiss her cheek.

“Alright time to go!” Nyx says and I put the rose in my room and I kiss my mom and I walk out the house and my dream pops into my head and I was ready to go back to the house but it was only a dream.


“Hey is something wrong?” Nyx asks me as we enter the bar.

“No, just give me a shot so I can forget my dreams.” I smile at her.

“That a girl!” She yells, “Martine two shots!”

“You got it!” He laughs and starts making the shots, “Here you go.” He hands her the shot and she hands it to me.

“This is for our friendship, for your birthday, and for the many adventures we are going to have together, and lastly because your life is about to change forever!” She yells and I laugh and we clink our glasses and we drink it.

The alcohol is burning my chest and I loved it! Another!

We start taking shots and I forget about everything and just start having a good time.

“Come here!” Nyx says and I follow her and stop when I see her heading to the stage so I stop and run back to the bar and sit down as Nyx jumps on it.

“Here you go miss.” I hear Martine to me and I see the shot and its red.

“Um I didn’t order this.” I point at it.

“Yea someone told me to hand it to you.” He says, “Birthday present they said, to a new life.” He winks at me and I grab the shot and it looked thick and a dark red…Blood?

“This is for my best friend who turns 21 today! Give it up to Kam!” Nyx yells and everyone cheers, “Here’s to you best friend to an exciting new life starting tonight!” She says and my heart stops before I take the shot.

The room turns quiet and the room is covered in blood.. I look around and I can’t shake it off. My throat tightens.

“Then you will.” I hear from a distance and I drop the shot and the glass breaks and I look down to it and it was blood!

“Oh my god!” Nyx looks at me from the stage and I run out the bar and I start walking to the chapel that’s only a few blocks away.

“Hey! Kam! Where are you going.” Nyx follows me.

“Nyx something is wrong. I need to see father Jospeh now!” I say worried.

“Why? No Kam tonight we had an agreement to have fun!” She exclaims.

“No! Nyx listen to me something is not rig..”

I am caught off by screaming and we both turn to the church. NO!

We run into the church and I am frozen at my spot….

“Holy ****!” Nyx screams as she sees the body of father Joseph covered in blood…

“MY MOM!” I scream and the tears start running down and I take of my heels and throw them down to the ground and I start running to my house.

Everything is quiet and dark, I pass the graveyard but someone pulls me behind a stone wall.

They cover my mouth and I struggle and try to escape them and I keep crying. Well I’m dead.

“Shut up!” I hear a very rough and cold voice.

In the distance I hear some men and they sound like in my dream.

“She’s nowhere boss!” I see them walking around the cemetery.

“She’s here, I smell her!” The boss says and I can’t stop crying. Why? My mom….

“Lets go!” He yells and they all just run away and I close my eyes.

“Be careful, here.” The man says but he voice is giving me chills and his touch sends me shivers all over my body and I am scared but not of him.. I need to see who it is. He hands me a gun and lets go of my mouth but when I turn around he’s gone…

I look at the gun and then the thought of my mom comes back to me and I gasp and run to my house the windows are broken and the flower shop is trashed.

“MOM!” I yell and I look around holding the gun tightly to my chest and I run into my room and there she was, like in my dream, covered in blood.

“NO!” I scream and drop the gun and go to her body and carry her in my arms and cry.

“COME BACK TO ME PLEASE!” I cry and I hear footsteps coming up to my room I grab the gun and point it at the person and its Nyx.

“Oh my god!” She gasps and she drops next to me and I drop the gun again and hug my mom’s cold, lifeless body.

What am I supposed to do now? She is gone!

“MOM!” I scream and Nyx hugs me.

“Its okay Kam.” She rubs my head.

“It was all my fault! It was my fault…” I whisper.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Nyx scolds me.

“It was….I had the dream.. I knew it. My dream warned me!” I cry even harder.

“Girls…” We both look up and it was Sister Molly.

“Sister..” I cry and she grabs the gun and hides it.

“The police is here.” She states and the men come in and they try to take her body away from me and I scream at them.

“No! Leave her alone!” I yell but Nyx and Sister Molly pull me away and I turn to Nyx and cry on her shoulder and then the cops leave like nothing happened.

“I’m sorry Kam.” Molly walks away.

“Sleep at my house tonight.” Nyx says and I nod.

She’s gone…she’s gone. It was my fault, my fault.

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