Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

“HEY YOU!” I turn as I am walking around the school park, Nyx tackles me onto the ground.

“Nyx! Are you insane!” I pretend to be mad but she just laughs. “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“Yes but I wanted us two to hang out together.. I come back and you are so different..” My heart starts beating.

“What do you mean? I’m the same person..” I can’t look away now or else she will keep going at it.

“I don’t know you.. You changed.” She frowns.

“Nyx, I haven’t changed.”

“Yes you have, you keep secrets from me and you won’t tell me how you have been these couple of months..”

“What do you mean? I told you I was fine. “

“I can sense something is wrong with you and its up to you to tell me but I just need to know are you seriously fine? That family hasn’t done anything to you right?”

“Nyx I seriously love you to death but I am completely fine and no the Night family hasn’t done anything to hurt me, in fact I think I fell in love with the twins I’m taking care of. ” I hug her and she smiles slightly but she still isn’t buying it.

“I know you Kamaria, I know something isn’t right but I can’t put my finger on it..”

“And you probably won’t because I’m fine and healthy.”

“Whatever so how are the two little baby’s?” She changes the subject, good thing about Nyx she doesn’t hover.

“Oh my god Nyx you have to meet them! They are so beautiful and fun..” I gush over my little babies.

“I can tell you grew very fond of them.” Nyx smiles.

“I have, I would protect them with my life! They aren’t brats even if they have everything, they appreciate it all.”

“Well at least that made your job easier but speaking of which how does this job even work? I mean you come to school all week so how do you care for them?”

“I take care of them during the weekends. I study during the week and I work the weekends.”

“**** that’s a hard bargone.”

“Not really, I mean I usually never go out so I’m okay with schooling and then work for two days. I don’t have to break my back really.”

“But what if you do want to go out?”

“I just ask Julius, he’s pretty calm about things and is very negotiable..”

“I see. Hey at least you got a good thing out of everything.”

“Yea..” I frown slightly.

“No! I didn’t mean it like that! ****… Kam I’m sorry I know you miss her and I miss her too but I bet you she is smiling as she sees the wonderful life you have now..” Sure she is…

“I hope so..” I smile softly picking at the grass.

“Well I am hungry, lets go get some breakfast..” She stands up and helps me up and we go get breakfast at the cafe.

“So what classes do you have?” Nyx eats her breakfast sandwich.

“Well I have night classes reason why you saw me in red but in a little bit I have P.E.” I take a bite out of my crepe.

“We have P.E. here?” She asks surprised.

“Well I do..” I giggle.

“Well thank god I didn’t but people were telling me that the students from the other campus don’t mix with students from our campus and the Nights are like the owners and that they are selfish and ********…” I scrunch my nose and get a little mad but I understand why people would think that I mean they aren’t meant to mix because they are all vampires and one little slip can cause a huge problem.

“Well I go to that campus and some of the students aren’t bad it’s just they have a reputation and they are a little older and rather not mix with the younger students plus they can’t really be out when the day classes are out so instead of causing trouble they just keep to themselves Julius is the headmaster on that side so they really respect him..” I try to explain to her so she can understand and stop asking questions.

“So um people are really scared of a friend of yours….” She raises a brow and oh god! I feel my heart racing and my cheeks are heating up and my hands turn clammy.

“Who?” I ask like if I didn’t know.

“Um I believe he hugged you and you guys seemed very close. His name I heard is Evandor Night..”

“You have been hearing a lot of stuff you know that..” She roles her eyes.

“Everyone says he’s quite the intimidating and very rough. When I saw him he is very..very attractive.” She winks.

“Again he just keeps to himself and people find him intimidating.. And he can be scary when people try him..He’s very serious.” She smiles widely.

“If I didn’t know better I would say you like him a lot..” She winks and I hear a chuckle and I look up and see Evan and he’s smirking. Shoot he’s coming over.

STAY AWAY! I say in my head.

“Why? I miss you..” He says back.

“Hello..” He sits next to me and Nyx turns red gosh darn it she thinks he’s very attractive.

“Nyx this is Evan…Evan, Nyx..” I smile politely.

“Yes I’m the very sexy and….”

“Annoying person ever..” I cut him off and he chuckles and puts his arm over my shoulder and pulls me into his side.

“Nice to meet you, I’m the very protect and willing to kill anybody who hurts my bestfriend, bestfriend..” She introduces herself and I laugh.

“Nice to meet you.” He kisses the top of her hand and she blushes.

“So what are you doing here?” I push him away.

“You are very rude. I just wanted to meet your best friend and walk you to your class.” He winks at me.

“I am not, you are just annoying and looking for a reason to annoy me..”

“Well you guys get along..” Nyx smiles big.

“Thank you. But just a quick question between you and I..” Evan leans closer to Nyx, “How do I get her to fall for me?” I gasp and Nyx laughs.

“It’s easy just be cliche romantic..”

“NYX! That is not true! Do that and I will kick your ass.” I shoot up and they both stare at me.

“Well if that doesn’t help then go for the outgoing and big surprises trust me.” Nyx winks at Evan and my mouth drops.

“Okay, I’m leaving see you later traitor!” I snap at her and I start walking away.

“Bye! Love you!” Nyx yells and I feel Evan following me.

“Oh come on..Stop walking so fast I can’t keep up.” Evan chuckles at his own words.

“Did you really have to say that to my friend?”

“What was so bad about it?” He stops me and stares down at me.

“She’s going to start bugging me and think we are a thing..”

“Aren’t we?” What? He does not think we are does he? or is he just playing with me?

“Of course not!” He frowns slightly, “Last time I checked nobody has asked me to be a thing with them so to me I am still free and single..” I push him away and start walking again and he smirks at me.

“Then be my thing..” He stops me again.

“No..” He pretends to gasp shockingly but chuckles.

“And why not?” He follows me into the dorm people bow but I ignore them now.

“Because that isn’t a way to ask someone plus I’m not some ordinary girl that you can ask so simply and think that I will say yes..”

“Ah so Nyx was right you do like the whole clingy cliche ****..”

“No but…” I stare into his grey eyes, “Ugh just no..” I give up with this beautiful man.

“Come on you’re killing me here little princess!” He yells as I enter the matted gym and go into the girl’s locker room and change into my uniform and start practice with Julius but this time we were practicing with swords and let me say he cut me many times but it was interesting to see myself heal.

We kept on going on till I did some weird defending moves where I got into the splits and cut Julius leg and face but he wanted me to do so much more.

“Okay! Okay! Stop, I…I need a break!” I yell as he drops me onto the mat hard and slams the sword next to my neck.

“Okay but you need more practice.” He puts away his sword.

“Oof he got you hard.” I look and see Arias, “I haven’t seen him train so hard.”

“Yea well I wish he wouldn’t take it all so serious.” I drink some water.

“Well you are royalty and very powerful vampire so I would believe you defending yourself and being very good at fighting would be the best thing.. I mean what if your powers don’t work on someone and you have to defend yourself?”

“I know, I know. Julius doesn’t let me forget it..” I huff.

“So Evan told me you are coming to the Vampire Ball..”

“Yea he was saying that lots of people want to meet me officially..”

“Yea well be careful please we may all be vampires but some of us vampires are deceiving and would kill for your powers…”

“I thought it was a crime in the vampire world to kill a pureblood..”

“It is but it’s like in the human world, It’s illegal to kill someone but people still do it because if you don’t leave a trace then you don’t get caught.”

“That’s very smart. “

“Yea and also I hope you are a good dancer..” He starts walking away.


“Because at this ball everyone will want to dance with the beautiful new princess.” He walks out the room. What? Dancing? ****! Do I really have to go to this thing?

Julius came back and we continued and we finally finished and I went back to my dorm and showered and changed for my night class and I ended up meeting with Gray.

“Hey how was training?” He asks me.

“Tiring and I got cut so many times that if I weren’t a vampire I would be in the hospital.”

“Gotta love the healing power.” He nudges me and I giggle.

“So how are you doing?”

“Good, Julie talked to me today.”


“Yea she said that you want to use magic to bring back your memories..”

“I didn’t say that! I mean it would be a nice way maybe to bring everything back giving me a new vision of where I stand but I told her it was up to you..”

“I know you asked me but how are you? I mean after class we do have to sneak into the headmasters room and I rather have you thinking clearly than mess everything up..”

“I’m fine just confused because last night I had a dream about me having an older brother and I have no clue if that’s true or not but somethings just don’t add up.”

“I know, Julie told me everything and the reason why you want to remember everything..”

“Yea but if you aren’t up for it then that’s fine I mean I will eventually find something to help me right.”

“I told her it was okay..” I stop and glare at him..

“You did? Why?”

“Because she really cares for you and I know you care for her and I can’t really stop her if anything she would have probably done it behind my back..” He runs his hands through his hair, “Probably told you I said yes and all plus we came to an agreement that she can help you with that but after that she was done and in return I would go talk to my parents.”

“Oh my god that’s awesome!” I hug him and he chuckles, “I’m really glad you are going to talk to your parents. When are you going?”


“I would go with you but I can’t I have to go to the ball with Ev…” He stares at me angry and jealous..****!

“I see. Well let’s go to class..” He storms into class and I sigh.

The whole class went by fast and I saw that Evan wasn’t in today.. weird. Gray didn’t speak to me unless he missed the notes but now we are walking with Julie quietly through the dark halls of our dorms and we reach the headmaster’s office and Julie uses her magic and opens it and Gray and I go in it and check around and the whole room was lit by the moonlight and it was creepy.

“It’s really cold in here..” I whisper to Gray and he nods.

“It’s like if he had windows open..” We check the windows but they were all closed and we start opening drawers but nothing we couldn’t find a single article or any evidence.

“Hey I found the girl’s files..” Gray take out the blue file folder and I look at the poor girls who are probably now dead thanks to my father. They were all so beautiful but this didn’t help Julius has the same files..

We keep looking around and some drawers were locked and we couldn’t find keys and we looked through his book shelves and nothing.

“Hey look at this..” Gray calls out for me and I walk to him and it was a gap between one of the shelves and we both look at each other.. There’s a hidden door….. 

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