Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

The twins wake up and I change them and I change into my red uniform and take the twins to meet up with Julius and Julius takes them to school.

“You okay? You look dead..” Evan hugs me and all I want to do is sleep in his arms.

“I am dead, I just don’t know anymore.” I whisper and he pats my hair down and Arias walks down the stairs and sighs big.

“Guess you didn’t sleep either..” He rubs my back and I turn and smile softly at him.

“Not really but I have important things to do..” I stand up straight and fixing my jacket.

“Well I’ll see you guys at school.” He walks out the house.

“Did I ever mention how sexy you look in that uniform?” Evan grabs my hand and I blush.

“Thank you.” I am seriously not in the mood today. I feel a headache coming on.

“You are seriously not going to have a good day..” I chuckles and kisses the top of my head.

“Not really and what’s worse my best friend is here…” I am excited to see her but I rather have her far away so she wouldn’t get hurt.

“Come on lets go…”He pulls me out of the house and in his car and we drive up to the academy.

“ugh…” I scrunch my nose as everyone stares at us and I catch Gray’s eyes and he’s watching intently at me and I see Nyx..”Alright I’ll see you later.” I hug Evan because I wasn’t about to kiss him in front of everyone.

“No, kiss?” He says in my mind as I walk away and I shake my head and giggle.

“Holy **** Kam!” Nyx screams and she runs to me and I smile big because even if I don’t want her here she brings me so much joy to my life.

“Nyx!” I extend my arms and she jumps on me and kisses my cheek strongly.

“Oh my god look at you! Red is your color!” She spins me around and I blush.

“You look amazing yourself! How is everything going? Is Gray and Julie treating you well?” I hug Julie and Gray hugs me and kisses the top of my head and I sense eyes burning on my back and I know who is starring.

“Of course, she is really fun.” Julie smiles big.

“Good..” I wink.

“You look tired, you okay?” Gray whispers in my ear as the girl talk on their own.

I look up at him and squeeze his arm and rest my head on it, “Figure out somethings last night but other than that I still have a lot to do today..”

“I know I’ll take Nyx while you and Julie talk and I’ll see you later..” He nods, “Um how about I show Nyx to the class while Julie you go with Kam to your room to pick up your books.” He grabs Nyx’s hand and Julie grabs mine.

“Don’t worry Nyx I’ll see you in a while, I don’t go to day classes and I’ll explain everything after class during your lunch..”

“Okay.” She hugs me again and starts walking away with Gray.

Julie and I head to our dorm.

“Okay so I found out some things..” I sit down on her bed and whisper to her making sure I block out my head.

“So what? No more sneaking into the house?” She asks.

“No, Julius told me that my father is here and in hiding.. Somehow he believes the headmaster has something to do with it and we need to get into his office..”

“But how?”

“I don’t know we have to get Gray without Nyx of course and talk tonight!”

“Well you guys have class so its going to be hard..”

“I mean we can probably talk after class. You know just to keep everything in line and try not to make it suspicious.” I explain.

“Yea sounds good, Okay well I’ll see you later. I have a class to attend to..” She grabs her books and walks out.

“Oh hey Julie!”


“If you see Gray can you tell him to meet me at the Garden?”

“Sure..” She walks away and I lay on my bed and rub my head…

I get up and walk up to the garden and sit on the ledge and let my feet dangle and look at the campus.

“Hey.” Gray sits next to me.


“Something wrong?” He frowns.

“I would be lying if I said no…” I keep looking straight, “I never thought so much could happen in just two days.”

“Well you look like **** so I believe it was bad..” He pushes me and I grunt.

“Yea, we need a new plan but if we are going to talk about it I rather not have it be here…”

“Then lets go.” He walks on the ledge and he jumps off and I gasp and run to see him dusting himself off. “Come on jump!” He yells from the bottom and I know I’m vampire and all but I do not want to break my neck..

“Come on, I’ll catch you if anything! You have to live a little. Feel the rush!” He yells.

“If anything I rather feel the rush by running not jumping from so high!” I gulp but I mean its time to live wild as I am meant to be. I close my eyes and one…two..three! I jump and all I hear is the wind rushing upward and I open my eyes to see myself falling in slow motions and I squat and I land on my feet and I lose balance and fall on my butt.

“You need work kid..” I get up and push Gray and he chuckles. We end up walking around the woods.

“So what’s going on?”

“Julius told me that my father is here in the academy and I believe him..”

“I wouldn’t be surprised but if he is then why doesn’t he show up?”

“What I started thinking was he’s using somebody..”

“As a body source?”

“Yes. Because Julius told me that to come back fully he needs my blood reason why he gave me this stupid curse so I can bring him back.”

“So what? We need to find his body and kill it?”

“I don’t think so because if he doesn’t need his body for now then killing him won’t do anything plus we still need to find his body and a way to kill him.”

“But how do we find out all this?” He leans on a tree and I sit on a branch.

“I’ll ask Julius but for now our job will be to find who is helping my father and where his body is located..”

“Sounds good.” We start walking back to the campus..

“What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“I want Julie out of all this..”

“I understand Gray but Julie is 18 she knows what she’s getting into.”

“Either way I just have this bad feeling because once they find out we are using a witch they are going to come after her and she’s my little sister Kam.”

“I know. You are still in time talk to her. Because you’re right I wouldn’t want her getting hurt because of me.” Since last night I noticed everyone close to me is in danger and I can’t and won’t stand by any of that..

“I will.”

“She told me the other day that your parents knew you were a vampire when they adopted you..”

He stares at me and we walk back onto campus, “I know. She has told me a while back and I feel like they planned something but I just can’t seem to go and see them.”

“Well go Gray.” He rolls his eyes and I stop in front of him and grab his hands and stare into his brown, red eyes, “Seriously Gray. Maybe the way to stop Julie from helping us is by you getting answers by your parents. I mean they did adopt you so they must know what family you came from and what happened to your parents.”

“I will think about it…” He kisses my hands and I feel this warm feeling in me. I love this boy as well.

“Miss,Kuro..” I turn to see Julius starring at us intently.

“Yes headmaster?” I clear my throat.

“Um we need to start classes today and I was looking for you.”

“Right but I was going to go with Nyx today…”

“Well maybe later but right now I need to speak to you about the classes and Mr,West you can come and join us..”

“Um no thank you Headmaster but I got all my training done by my family.” He sneers and I pinch him to cool down.

“I’m very sure but you Miss Kuro you come with me..” He starts walking away.

“Alright, um tell Julie and Nyx I had to talk to the headmaster and maybe had class.” I hug and kiss Gray on the cheek.

“Yea, no problem go ahead.” He smiles.

I follow Julius and he leads me to this training room in his dorms and hands me some black training clothes and I go and put it on.

He first trains me some protecting stands and how to land on my feet and let me say it was not fun. He would hit me and send me flying and I had to land.

After that he started teaching me how to hit and protect myself.

We were fighting and I punched him and he groaned and fell to the floor.

“****! I’m sorry are you okay?” I run to him and he just hold up a finger.

“It’s okay, I’m just old but you are very good with your fists.” He spins and pins me down on the mat really hard and I gasp, “But never let your guard down..” He winks at me.

“Messaged received. ” My back is sore.

“**** getting your ass kicked by an old man.” Evan claps his hands.

“Who’s old?” Julius smirks.

“Shut up old man.” Evan laughs.

“Take a break Kam.” Julius pats my back as I sit up.

“See the old man can’t even take the heat anymore.” Evan pats his brother’s back really hard and Julius winches and punches him.

“Watch it Evan, watch it brother.” He walks out the room and I just lay on the mat.

“Tired?” Evan lays next to me.

“Yes, we have been at this for the past three hours and he wants to continue more and I didn’t sleep last night.”

“Then you should tell Julius and stay at your dorm so you can sleep.” Evan sits up and stares at me.

“I’ll mention it to him but I think I can handle it.” I sit up and Evan rubs my thighs.

“Good then get up, I’m going to teach you some things so you can tire him out and finish these lessons for today.” He stands up and I groan but stand.

“Just a reminder Vampires go for either your head or your heart so if you see a vampire going at you all of sudden the best would be use your powers of course but since here we aren’t it’s best to duck but quickly swipe up and grab your opponent from the neck and slam them hard on the ground and if you want to kill you squeeze so hard until you rip their head off.”

“I see.”

“Come on lets practice..” He smirks and here we go.

We start punching and he actually punches me hard enough to knock me down and I glare up at him and he laughs and shrugs, “Come on princess I’m not even going hard..”

Fine he wants me to go hard, then lets play. We start fighting again and I see him swing to my stomach but I stop it and punch his face and he stops and grins at me, “Good girl.”

He swings again and he hits my stomach and I gasp but I pull back and tighten my fist again and he nods and swings at me but I dodge it and I turn behind him and kick in his knee and he kneels and I punch his face and he falls and grunts but gets up and pins me to the floor but I punch his ribs and push him off.

I swing but he dodges and he grabs my wrist and pulls my back into his chest, “Almost..” He kisses my neck and I grab the arm wrapped around my neck and I spin around him like a snake and I slam him onto the mat and I grab his neck and lift my fist ready to punch him.

“Almost..” I mimic him and I hear clapping and I let him go and stand away from him and see Julius starring at us.

“I’m guessing you let her win right?” Julius raises a brow.

“Haha.. She’s strong and very flexible..” He winks at me and I blush.

“Well glad to see you learned some things but lets continue. Thank you Evan and I’ll see you in class.” Julius dismisses Evan.

“Bye, remember relax and sleep.” Evan kisses my forehead and I scrunch my nose, I’m sweaty.

“Bye.” I watch him leave and Julius raises his brow and chuckles.

“Glad you two are very friendly and comfortable.” I turn beet red, “What does he mean rest and sleep?”

“I just haven’t been able to sleep lately and today I was all tired and he told me to tell you if maybe I can skip class today and just sleep at my dorm.”

“Well for your best I’ll accept it but I better not see you wondering around with Mr.West.”

“I promise the most I want right now is sleep..” I stretch.

“Okay well lets go over everything and then you are free and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ugh I need to sleep more if I’m going to be practicing this much everyday.

After we fini****ake my bag and head to the dorms and I reach my room and open my door to see Gray and Nyx and Julie.

“**** they worked you out hard.” Gray laughs as I throw myself onto the bed.

“You have no idea.” I mumble from my pillow. 

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