Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Have you investigated him?” We both turn our heads as Evan walks in.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes.” I smile.

“Evan come in..” Julius points to the chair next to me and as Evan sits down and he rubs my shoulder and Julius gives us a weird look but softly smile.

“What’s going on?” Evan looks at us.

“I was telling Kamaria about her father being hidden.” Julius explains and Eva knew about it?

“Ah so you knew about it..” I raise my brow.

“We all have our secrets.” He shrugs, that’s true..

“So were you able to find anything?” Julius asks him.

“It’s not something easy I mean I don’t go there. I can barely get around without girls drooling over me.”

“Maybe if I..”

“Of course not!” Evan snaps his neck so fast that I seriously think he was going to break it.

“Calm down Night I swear you look like Nakir.” I cross my arms and they both look at me like I’m crazy.

“Who’s Nakir?” Evan asks confused.

“My owl…”

They start laughing really hard.

“You are seriously crazy.” Evan wipes his tear.

“Shut up!” I smack his chest and he winches and rubs his chest.

“Look Kam I’m only telling you this so you can prepare for anything but for now I want you to act like you know nothing until Arias and Evan and I figure something out or at least we get proof he is doing something.” Julius explains.

“Okay…” Evan glares at me like he doesn’t believe me.

“Well that was easy, alright just please Kam your job is to take care of your friend because if the headmaster is up to something I wouldn’t trust him..” Julius informs me and I nod.

“Okay, I know. I will do anything to protect my best friend and I don’t have a good feeling about her being here but I just can’t tell her to leave…” I frown.

“I mean you should probably think of that happening because if her life is in danger that might not be a bad idea..” Evan suggest.

“I know..” I glare at him for being right, “Look I told Julie and Grayson to keep an eye out on her while I get back so she should be busy for today..”

“Good. For the meanwhile I’ll go back and investigate more. I’ll leave you two alone.” He walks away and I stand up but Evan grabs my hand and pulls me back to him and puts my hands over his shoulders and I leave them there and start playing with his hair.

“You are not going to stop..” I smile and he gives me a simple peck but I love those little pecks.

“Nope. You see I got this taste of some sweet, addicting lips and it drives me insane. And I think to myself if her lips taste so sweet…imagine her body!” He smirks and I laugh as he pecks my lips again and he hands start roaming.

“Ugh you are really smooth, now tell me how many other girls have you told that too.”

“I mean I’m pretty old so…” I make a disgust face and roll my eyes and I push him away and he grab me again and laughs.

“Oh I see your making jokes now..” I raise a brow.

“Well lets say I slept really well last night.” He kisses my neck and I bite my lip.

“Mom!” Paige and Philip bust through the doors.

“Mom?” Evan asks terrified.

“Hi babies.” I smile picking Philip up and hugging him and Evan picks up Paige and kisses her cheek and makes her giggle.

“What are we going to do today?” Philip asks me.

“Um well I need somethings so how about we go to the store.” I smile as they cheer.

“I’ll join you guys.” Evan says and Paige hugs him, “Plus we can use my car because you don’t have one and the twins can be quite the hassle.”

“Thank you, I would appreciate it but your car isn’t adequate for the twins.”

“Oh come on! They can think about it as a roller coaster.” He swings Paige around .

“Use my car!” Arias walks into the office, “Well look at the happy family..” He winks and Evan makes a face.

“So you are tagging along?” I ask and he nods.

“Yup lets go.” We all pile in the car.

We got to the store and Arias left with the twins and I went to the bedding area.

“How about the Dark purple?” He points to it.

“Is that your favorite color? Because you have the same one on your bed..”

“Yes, well that and grey.” He grabs a dark grey silk bedding and throws it in the cart and then dark blue ones, “We are probably going to need to stock up.” He makes my mouth drop and turn red and he laughs.

“How about this one?” I look at a gold and red one.

“That’s good. Oh this one is hot!” He pulls out a black and red silk bedding.

“Okay, seriously we are good.” I laugh looking at the cart filled with beddings.

“Geeze you guys stocking up for winter you rabbits?” Arias says out loud and I turn red and hide into Evan’s chest.

We end up buying everything and by we I mean Evan because he wouldn’t let me waste my money and now I am walking hand in hand with Paige as we walk through the small mall because the boys went to go shop for something and Philip wanted to go with them.

I see nice dresses from a boutique, “Hey lets go in here.” I pull Paige in the store and we were both in love with the nice expensive dresses.

I see some really nice ones but the price killed me.

“Hello, would you like to try some on?” This lady asks me and I hesitate.

“Try some on! Please!” Paige pulls on my hand.

“Okay..Okay.” I grin and I pick a baby blue, Paige picks a pink and a lavender dress. I try all them on but I didn’t like any of them and neither did Paige.

“Can I make a suggestion?” The stylist interrupts as I look in the mirror and frown.


“Well you have very beautiful pale skin and I have this rare and brand new dress that might just fit the bill.” She pulls out a dark brown, velvet dress.

I make a face and so does Paige.

“I know ladies this isn’t your typical dress but once on you will not want to take it off.” She sells very well.

“I guess trying it won’t hurt.” I giggle.

The lady helps me in the dress because velvet does not stretch. I love the material and the dress is long and has tight fitting long sleeves and a tail and its backless.

I walk out to the mirrors and Paige gasps and I am in shock. The dress is plain and simple but elegant.

“Perfect I knew it!” The stylist claps.

The back falls all the way to my hip and it curves and its tight fitting but hugs my curves perfectly. The tail is perfectly long with a round shaped end. The dark brown color makes my pale skin pop.

“You were right..” I giggle turning to Paige.

“You are beautiful!” Paige throws her arms up and hugs me.

“Thank you.” I bow and she laughs, “How much?”

“That dress is one of a kind and a rare one but since it fits perfectly I’ll leave it at 1,500.” What the ****!

“Um that is a very good price for such a beautiful dress but I’ll have to talk to it to my boyfriend.” I smile politely and she nods and helps me out of the dress and Paige and I walk away and I frown.

“Hey what’s with that face.” Evan picks up Paige

“She found a pretty dress but didn’t get it.” Paige whines.

“Why not?” He looks at me.

“Because it was really expensive for a dress, I’m not use to wasting money on something like that..” I scrunch my nose and he chuckles and kisses the side of my head and we all go home.

I decide to put on the gold and red bedding on and I shower and change into my night wear and sit on my bed.

“Hey.” Evan walks in and give me a cup with blood and I smile as he gives me a peck and I drink the blood and it doesn’t taste as well as his but it will do.

“So how about we use these nice bedding..” He bites my earlobe and I push him.

“Mom!” The door bust open and Paige and Philip run onto the bed and Evan scrunches his nose.

“Hi. Why aren’t you asleep?” They hug me and they seem scared, they even start shaking, “Hey, hey what’s wrong?” I look them over and so does Evan.

“We…we..” Paige stutters and she hugs me tighter.

“Philip what’s wrong?” Evan asks worried now.

“There was a scary man in our room..” Philip and paige start crying and I look at Evan and his eyes grow black and he runs out the room and the twins hug me tightly.

“It’s okay..” I whisper.

“What’s wrong?” Arias and Julius run into my room.

“Paige and Philip say they saw a man in their room.” As I explain Evan comes into the room and he looks mad.

“There was a light odor..” He looks at Julius.

“NO!” Arias punches a wall and breaks it.

“Arias calm down we won’t let anything happen to them.” Julius rubs his head.

“He can’t do that!” Arias yells.

“Can we maybe not talk about it with the children in the room?” Evan pushes his brothers out of the room.

“Use your powers to listen.” Evan says in my head and I nod.

“It’s okay guys, lets go to bed. You can sleep here with me tonight..” I tuck them in with me and I lay down with them and they hug me tightly.

“Julius he’s targeting them because he knows that Kam is caring for them but I will not accept this!” Arias yells.

“They aren’t the only ones, I believe he’s targeting her best friend, Nyx.” Julius sounds mad.

“Why?” Evan sounds frustrated.

“You boys don’t understand in order to come back he needs her blood and he knows that if he lets her do it on her own she won’t do it and if he makes her suffer she will run to wake him up…” 

“At least he hasn’t…”

“Kamaria is listening by the way.” Evan cuts off Arias.

“Don’t you dare do what you’re thinking Kamaria!” Julius yells and a tear rolls down my cheek. He wants to kill my best friend and my babies…

“We will find a way to finish it, and if he’s still not in human form then we can still kill him.” Julius informs all of us.

“How?” Arias asks.

“Look I don’t know but I’m searching for a way but for now we must not let our guard down , we will follow and keep an eye on Nyx and the twins.”

I just zone out because the tears start streaming down, I literally feel like screaming but I have to show everyone that I can handle it all. I hug the twins and kiss the top of their heads.

I would never forgive myself if something happened to them, my father is a cruel man who is willing to kill children just for his life!

“I promise on my mom and on my life that if you touch them you monster I will kill you myself!” I say out loud because I feel like he’s listening to me.  

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