Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

It was my turn to look for them and we have been playing this for over 3 hours. I was in the hallway and I close my eyes and I see them in my room?

“Ooo she’s cheating!” I get attacked by Arias.

“Can you shut up!” I smack him.

“Help! Help Paige! Philip! She’s cheating and hurting me!” Arias yells and the little kids run and attack both of us and we are all on the floor.

One of them actually bites me and I yelp.

“Okay, okay stop no biting it still hurts.” I pick them up with my powers and they start laughing because they are floating.

“WEE!” Paige giggles.

“That actually looks like fun.” Arias laughs as I carefully drop Phip into his arms.

“It was!” Philip laughs.

“Alright lets go eat.” Arias takes the two and walks off.

I go to my room and shower and I change into a night shorts and a tank top and read my book.

“Hey I’m taking everyone out, what to come?” Julius walks into my room.

“Um no thanks, I already got changed into my night wear. How long will you guys be gone?”

“About the morning, we do night activities with Paige and Philip so they can understand about control but since you spent the whole day with them I’ll let you stay but next weekend you will be tagging along. Good night.” He winks at me.

“Night!” I yell as he closes the door and I watch them leave from my window and the moon was shinning bright tonight I open up the windows and curtains letting the moonlight shine and I check my phone but no text nor calls.

I sigh and sit on the ledge looking out my window and into the woods and I see it start snowing and I extend my hand and catch some and they actually stick because I’m that cold.

I actually haven’t thought about my future lately.. I’ve been so stuck in the past that I forget what am I going to do if my father comes back and these hunters try looking for me and if I am royalty what am I expected to do? Become a ruler? Lead people? I wouldn’t be able to? What if other vampires want my powers as well?

“Your head is seriously a box full of questions..” I turn to see Evan sitting on my bed.

“What do you expect, I know nothing.” I fiddle with my thumbs.

“Have you ever thought maybe its best to not know. Maybe there is a reason why you haven’t found anything because maybe things want to stay this way and want you to just move forward..” He tilts my chin upward so I can meet his gaze.

“I actually have but I need to know in order to be at peace..”

“What if instead of bringing peace it brings disaster?’

“Then I’ll deal with it.”

“You will get hurt…” He caresses my cheek and I close my eyes and just enjoy his touch, “I seriously don’t want to see you get hurt Kam..”

“I know, I know you will feel everything too.”

“Not that, I rather feel it ten times worse than have you feeling it one bit..” He admits and my heart skips and beat and my palms starts getting sweaty and I can’t look into his eyes without blushing, “I can hear your heart beat.” He whispers into my ear and my legs tighten together and my breath hitches.

“You cause it…” I whisper out of breath.

“I love it..” He blows on my neck and just that simple gestures makes me gasp and my fist tighten and my insides explode with joy..

“I want you to accompany me to the vampire ball..” He looks at me seriously.


“I want you to be my date for the dance…” He smiles a charming smile that makes me melt.

“At the academy?” I’m still lost.

He chuckles, “Yes. Its this weekend and its an annual thing were Vampire families and students come together for one night and they have this huge ball and it’s quite boring but I know that if I have you right beside me it will be amazing.”

I’m still shocked, “Are you sure? I mean I don’t even know about going myself. People are going to be starring at me and…and.”

“And you will stun everyone with your glowing beauty plus I bet you everyone is dying to me the Grand Kamaria Kuro.”

“Exactly! I don’t know what to expect..”

“Don’t worry I’ll be there with you if anything, plus I think Julius was going to make you go either way so he can introduce you to other pureblood families.”

“I wouldn’t have anything to wear..” I smile as he smiles a genuine smile and he hugs me.

“Don’t worry, we have a week.”

“Okay..” It gets quiet and his eyes turn into a playful grey and my butterflies come back up…

“You I love knowing what you feel but its also a curse for me..” I know what he means by that and I feel like an ass.

“I’m sorry..” I look down but he tilts me head back so I can face him.

“Hey I told you I understand but all this just lead me to thinking that I will not let him take you away from me. He made his moves but I’m way smoother and better looking.” He kisses my nose but I laugh pushing him off.

“I’m still sorry, I just can’t be playing with both of you and….”

“Then let me change your mind..” He kisses my neck and I shut right up.. I think kissing a girls neck works better on shutting them up than kissing their lips..

He looks at me and I stare at him with lust and desire that he sees it and bites his lip and I bring him in and we both kiss and its so passionate and full of desire..

We start getting heated very quickly and with him I can’t even control one ounce of myself like with Gray I can say stop but with Evan I can’t even speak!

I let my hands roam onto his firm abs and he bites my lips and tugs on them gently and I moans lightly and I start unbuttoning his shirt and he grips my waist harder and I just rip his shirt off and he smirks.

“Now we are talking.” He mumbles as he picks me up and carries me to the bed and he takes off my shirt and I bite his lip so hard it starts bleeding and I suck on it and he groans and he lays me down and starts kissing me everywhere and he grabs my breast and I whimper.

He comes back up and I turn us around and I kiss his body and I move up to his neck and his blood is luring me in so bad and I don’t even ask I just bite into him and his grip tightens onto me and he moans and I can sense the pleasure he is getting off of it and I just enjoy the taste of him and again I can see his life and this time I see him touching me and loving me and just pleasing me.

I stop and he kisses me wildly and aggressiveness and I love it because my senses are so delicate with every kiss I feel myself getting higher.

He starts sucking on my neck but he hasn’t bitten me but I want him to so much.

“Do it..” I whisper grabbing his hair and he bites me and he literally pulls me into his body so much but I was enjoying this feeling of being high and I can hear him drinking my blood but that sound is like a sweet melody and I want more of him.. So much more!

We ended up having a crazy but passionate night that we eventually fell asleep from how tired we got.


“Ah the beautiful daughter of Celine!” This old man kisses my hand and I smile, “You are sure one beautiful lady!” He checks me out.

“I say, she is more beautiful than her mother and let me say every girl envied your mother for her beauty and grace and it seems to me you are the same but a better seed..” The man’s wife says very coldly guess she’s right women will envy me.

“Thank you but my mother will always be the most beautiful.” I say politely.

“Excuse me while I take my date..” Evan grabs me by the waist and leads me away from them..”Annoyed yet?” He chuckles.

“Yes.” I lean into him.

“Well it’s only going to get worse.”

“Ugh really?” I whine and he grabs me a glass of red wine.

“Here it’s red wine with a mix of blood.” I grab the glass and we clink them and I take a sip.

“Hello Mr.Night may I ask for your lady’s hand to dance?” This old man asks me.

“Of course.” Evan motions me to go and dance with him and I give him my hand and follow the man to the dance floor and they are playing soft ballroom music.

“Enjoying your night princess?” He asks me.

“I would believe so.” I am my best to be so proper and polite but something about this man doesn’t give me a good feeling.

“You are seriously more beautiful than your mother.” He spins me around.

“Excuse me?” I look at him as we continue to dance.

“Don’t play games with me Kamaria.” He dips me and I see his eyes turn red like my father’s and the whole room turns into a black charcoal, like if it got burnt down.

“What do you mean?” I pull away from him.

“I’m saying that if you continue looking for answers some friends might get hurt..” He laughs and disappears and I hear screaming outside the campus and I run to it and I see a lifeless body and I see Gray crying on his knees.

“Don’t get near me! You did all this!” He screams at me.

“Grayson..I..I.” I see everything moving fast in front of me and I see the shadow.

“Don’t play with me Kamaria!” He yells.

“Stay away from them! It’s between you and I!” I yell at him.

“Stay away from the truth!” He sneers.


I sit up from my bed and I am breathing hard. I hold onto the white sheet because I’m naked and I jump as Evan touches my back and he sits up worried.

“Sorry, are you okay?” He studies me.

“I had a nightmare..” I lean into his bare chest as he hugs me.

“I’m sorry I actually fell asleep this time.” He chuckles and he lays down with me on his chest and I look up at him, only the moonlight is the only light in the room but his grey eyes are so bright that they calm me and warm my body.

“What do you mean?”

“Want to know a secret?” He smirks playing with my hair.

“Yes please..”

“The whole time I’ve been near you I’ve been sending dreams to your head.. Blocking away the nightmares..” My heart flutters so much.

“I think I’m starting to fall in love with you..” My eyes widen and his too…****! I did that just come out? Oh my god!

“Do I lose points if I say me too?” He whispers back to me and I grin from ear to ear but I caress his face and kiss him passionately and he flips us over and he’s on top of me and his hands trail down my bare body that it starts the fire again.

“No matter what I can’t get enough of you..” He kisses my neck.

“Good.” I smirk at him and we start all over again..

We both see the sun rising and I am just quiet looking at the sun as Evan sleeps. I mean he literally just fell asleep, we were up all morning he got tired.

I feel so relaxed and holy ****! I was a virgin! I lost my virginity last night! How…How could I not remember that tiny detail? Wow, guess being a vampire just makes you lose control of your hormones and go crazy.. Seriously Evan makes me lose every control I have over myself that its unbelievable in fact I can’t believe I told him I loved him….

I mean I do but what about Gray? No, I’ll talk to him tomorrow… I’ll tell him my feelings for Evan are stronger than I can control and I will not play with him in that way and he deserves to be happy with someone who will love him back..

The sun is finally out and I see blood stains all over the white sheet. Reminder vampire sex gets bloody no more white…anywhere!

I slowly get off of Evan and he just turns to his side and I go and take a hot shower and I get dressed and I don’t hear anybody up so I run to Evan’s room and get him some clothes and I bump into Arias and he raises his brow..

“Mhm, glad to see you guys are getting along.” He winks and I turn bright red and he walks into his room and I run into my room and lay his clothes on my bed.

I hear my phone vibrating and I pick it up.

“Hey Julie.”

“Hey so your best friend just arrived.”

“Nyx? Oh my god, look keep her close to you please Julie. I’ll see if I can go today but if you can show her around and get to know her…She’s a really nice girl.”

“Of course any friend of your is a friend of mine.”

“Good please keep an eye on her and tell her where I am and that I’ll see her soon. Thank you Julie.” I hang up the phone and tap my chin with it and I stiffen up as Evan kisses my shoulder.

“Can you stop..” I giggle turning around and kissing his lips.

“Why?” He smirks and kisses me again.

“Because you will end up sleeping all day with so much activities.” I kiss him again and he inhales and hugs me.

“It’s like your my drug Kamaria, I can’t seem to get enough.”

“Glad to know I’m your crack. There’s some clean clothes you can use my shower..”

“Shower with me?” He hugs me and I giggle.

“Tempting but I already took one plus I have to clean my sheets.”

“Ah yes, welcome to my world.” He gets up and kisses me passionately and I am forced to push him into the bathroom or else I would have him right here right now.

Ugh! He starts showering and I clear off my bed and shove the blankets and sheets in a bag and I speed to the dumpster and throw everything away and I speed back.

“Good morning Kam.” Julius greets me.

“Good morning, Nyx is at the academy.” I inform him and he sighs.

“I’m sorry Kamaria. I tried but she was already enrolled and expected to start.”

“I know, I’m going to keep an eye on her though.”

“Why? Do you think something is brewing in the academy?” He asks suspiciously.

“If I’m being honest here yes.. Julius I know you feel it too, in fact everyone can probably feel it. Ever since I became a vampire, something in the environment has changed and it feels dense and threatening and I have no idea what is going on but if you know something please inform me because this is all my fault..”

“Come to my office.” He leads me and I sit on the chair in front of his desk.

“Kamaria I want to start training you to protect yourself.”

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

“Kam I know you still want to know what exactly is going on and I’m going to tell you.” He drops a file of the students that left school.

“These are the students that left school..”

“Yes but they never made it home.”

“What? So they’re missing?”

“I spoke to their parents and they said that they haven’t seen their daughters.”

“So they were all female students?’ What’s going on.

“There’s another thing..” He stops, “All these students were brunettes.”

“Is that leading to something?” I’m still lost.

“Your father loved young female blood..”

“And he’s killing brunettes because my mother had brown hair..”

“Exactly, he’s killing girls that look like you and your mom but the other headmaster is covering them up..”

“So the headmaster is hiding my father’s track.”

“Yes, I believe your father is in the academy.” 

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