Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

“I’m seriously going nowhere Gray!” I push him away.

“Look you might find something at your house.” He explains and he’s right. Julius probably has some bodies hidden in his closet..

I sigh and sit down on the dusty covered floor, I need a break.

“Tired?” He looks down at me.

“Yes, physically and mentally..maybe more mentally.” I giggle but frown.

“The Night brothers are quiet the caring people huh.”

“They were just being protective.”

“Some more than others..”

I look up to his red eyes, “Jealous?”

“Why were you avoiding me the whole week?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean one minute we were making out and on good terms and then the next you won’t even let me hug you…”

“Why do I have a feeling you already know the answer?”

“Because I want to hear it from you.” My heart starts beating fast and I stand up and hold onto a rail next to me.

“Yes Grayson I have feeling for Evan.” I can’t believe I didn’t even stutter.

“And for me?” He won’t remove his eyes from me.

“Yes, I have feelings for both of you and the reason why I started avoiding any contact is because I don’t want to play with both of you.”

“And he knows this and he still isn’t going to back down..” He smirks walking to me.

“How do you know that?” I whisper as he caresses my face.

“Because in some ways we both are the same, we are both going to fight for what we want and let me get a head start..” He smashes his face onto mine and he kisses my lips so strong that I literally had to grab onto the rails so I wouldn’t fall.

I kiss him back and I move onto his neck as I smell his blood and I wanted it so bad!

“Do it..” He whispers into my ear.

“I can’t..” I kiss his neck softly.

“Do it Kamaria I know you want to. You feel the same way I do.” He whispers and he sucks on my neck and I moan, “I want to bite you so bad..” He whispers and I know we shouldn’t but…

“Do it..” I crave his fangs into me the pleasure and the arousal it brings to my body is addicting! He takes off my jacket and my shirt and he waste no time as he bites me and I gasp and a moan follows it and he pulls me harder into him.

I am filled with pleasure and warmth and I close my eyes as the sensations heightened.

“Gray..” I pull onto his shirt and he stops and I kiss him harder and our kiss starts getting rougher and needy.

He slams me into a book shelf but it doesn’t hurt me it arouses me and I take off his shirt and I scratch down his back and I suck on his neck.

“Do it..” He whispers but for some weird reason I want to do it but I just can’t..

“No, stop.” I slightly stop him and he looks at me.

“What’s wrong?” He asks caressing my face.

“We have to stop or else I won’t be able to control myself..”

“Then don’t..”

“You aren’t helping me here.”

“What do you need?”

“I literally just said I didn’t want to play both of you.. “

“Then don’t. Be mine..” He whispers and I am taken back by what he says.

“We have to go.. You know I feel something for Evan and I’m not choosing..Not yet at least.”

“I’m okay with that as long as you don’t run off with him and leave me here without explanation..” He puts on his clothes and I do the same.

“Good.” I check the time and it’s 2 in the morning, “Lets go back..” I walk up the stairs and we grab our things and head back to our dorm and he had his arm around me the whole time, he even walks me to my door.

“Good night.” I smile at him.

“Good night.” He kisses me and he walks away.

I walk inside and close the door and let a huge breathe out, what am I doing… Two guys? Why couldn’t I bite him? I wanted to but something was holding me back like if someone was telling me it was wrong.

“Hey..” I jump as the light turns on.

“Julie! You scared me..” I hold onto my chest.

“So how did it go?” She asks rubbing her eyes and I sit on my bed.

“Useless, we found nothing..”

“Wow. This is really starting to get interesting.. They must have done something bad in order to be removed from the world like that.. Do you know something about them?”

“You probably know more than I do, I mean all I know is that my father killed my mother..”

“Yea, everyone knows that but yet everyone studies him and his past to greatness..” She says sarcastically.

“Do you know something about my mother?” I ask her and she thinks about it.

“Um I mean we are trained to hate Vampire so all I know about her is bad things, I doubt you want to hear them..”

“I’m so desperate I’m willing to hear it.” I play with my blanket.

“Well we knew that your mother use to kill hunters with your father and that she had these amazing powers and that she was ruthless and willing to kill anybody that crossed her path. In fact she was the most powerful vampire ever until.. you know.” She doesn’t say it.

“Yea I know.. So you didn’t study about her having children?”

“I mean in the books it says that she was pregnant but then she went missing. She was never seen for centuries that even other hunters thought she died but some said she was in hiding because she was very weak if she had a child and didn’t want to risk being caught by a hunter and having her child killed. So they warned us that after she appeared she was last scene running through a snowed forrest with a girl but the girl was around 8 and thats when she got murdered by your father and we never heard about the girl. Until..”

“Until now. So you are saying that hunters know I am alive and are probably going to come and kill me?”

“Pretty much, reason why I am helping you before time runs out and they come for you.”

“What about Gray? He’s part of the hunters..” She frowns.

“To be quite honest I have no idea how they adopted him because even at a young age they must have known he was a vampire, I mean no matter how much I tried I never got anything out of them. You guys smell. Sorry.”

“None taken, you guys smell too if it helps.” I wink and she laughs, “So you don’t know who gave birth to him?”

“Nope, I mean it’s weird growing up with a brother that by the age of 21 he stopped growing and I could sense his powers but yet he didn’t know until he finally felt it. I tried finding out his passed but everytime I do it he just remembers growing up with my parents because he was adopted at 6 months but something doesn’t add up.

“Like what?”

“They have no pictures of him, no legal document saying that..”

“That is weird and he never found those things weird?”

“No because he has memories. ” Wait she said she tried bringing his memories!

“Julie! That’s it!” I jump of excitement.


“Use your powers and bring my memory back! I can’t remember anything passed 8.”

“Wow that’s a lot!” Her eyes widen..

“Why? Is that a problem?”

“It could be because my magic is strong enough to bring that much memory back but maybe I can try to bring some of it back by sessions and with each session you will eventually ge them back right?”

“Anything will do right now Julie. We need this!” I smile big.

“Okay then tomorrow I will head to the market with Grayson and get everything I need and we can perform it in the woods.”

“Perfect!” I run and hug her and she laughs.

Julie ends up falling asleep again and I just couldn’t, I got ready to just start walking home. It was 5 in the morning and I went from the back of the school and started walking across the woods.

As I’m walking the winds starts making some dried up leaves move around me in a circle and I stop and stare as they lead me to a stone, broken down building and it has stairs leading downward and I walk them down and there is a stone table and it reminds me of my dream…

I start getting the creeps and I just walk back out and continue walking back to the house. I get there with no problems and I walk in to see Arias and Julius on the couch with Paige and Philip.

“Did you walk home?” Julius asks concern.


“Don’t make that a usual thing, the woods are very dangerous.”

“Yea because being a vampire means I can’t protect myself..” I smirk as the kids literally zoom up to me and hug me.

“Yay your back!” Paige hugs me tightly and the boys just stare in disbelief. Philp hugs my thighs and I crouch down and hug him with paige and they giggle.

“Yes I am, glad to see you guys are well.” I smile big.

“You do understand you don’t have to take care of them right?” Julius looks at me.

“No it’s fine, I like taking care of them. It gives me something to do.” I tickle them and they run off.

“They started growing on you..” Arias chuckles.

“Yes. How did they come into the picture?” I walk towards them.

“Well you see some vampires can have children and some can’t and Paige and Philip weren’t meant to be born because their mother was a human and during the pregnancy Julius and my father would go and see her and give her blood so she could recover but during the birth since they were twins she couldn’t handle it so she passed away and here we have Paige and Philip but for some odd reason they haven’t grown much and thankfully my father adopted them.. “

“So did your father name them?” Julius hands me a cup of blood and sits next to me.

“I did actually.” He winks.

“What made you name them that?” I drink the blood and I didn’t notice how thirsty I was until the taste flushed my mouth, its like when you open a cold drink you really like on a hot day and take the first sip.

“Well their mother was called Paige and I thought Philip was a cute name.” He smiles as Philip crawls onto his lap and Paige on mine and I snuggle up into her goldie locks.

“She can be my mommy.” Paige batts her eyes at me and I choke..

“Ugh…um yea sure..” I look at the boys and they laugh.

“Told you she really wanted that mother figure plus eventually they will grow bigger.” Julius smiles.

“How long until they stop growing?”

“18.” Arias grabs my cup and walks away.

“I see and how long until they grow fully?”

“About 2 years really.”

“Not bad…” I smile down at Paige.

“Well I have somethings to take care off at the office, I’ll leave you three at ease and don’t cause trouble..” Julius walks into his office closing the door.

“What can we do today?” Philip jumps up.

“I got it! How about hide and seek!” Do vampires like that?”

“Yay!” They both yell and start jumping.

“Okay, go hide and I’ll count until 100.” I smile and they zoom off.

I just sit on the couch and close my eyes enjoying the quietness.

“99, 100! Here I come!” I yell and I hear giggles and its creepy because it’s a huge place, where could have they gone?

Hm maybe I can use my powers to find them? I close my eyes and concentrate, I start seeing blue, blurry visions of them and they are in the castle covering their mouths.

I smirk and I run to them and I slowly creep up to them and I grab them and they scream.

“Got you!” I laugh dragging them out of the castle and they laugh.

“Me next!” Philip raises his hand and closes his eyes and Paige and I run out the room and Paige runs into the gym room but I run up the middle stairs and I see four more doors up here. Actually there’s five the very last one is a glass door and I walk to it and I open it and its a balcony.

“Wow..” You can literally see everything from here I mean the school garden shows more but its still beautiful.

“Like it?” I jump as Evan speaks behind me.

“Have you been here the whole time?” I ask curiously because if yes I didn’t feel him.

“No I just wanted to talk to you..” He leans against the wall.

“What about?” I start loosing my breath because his grey eyes are enchanting me.

“I know what you did last night..” He smirks and I get nervous.

“Got you!” I jump as Philip opens the door and jumps on my legs.

“Yea you did! Excuse us Evandor.” I clear my throat and I grab Philip.

“See you tonight!” He chuckles.

Now I’m nervous and can’t focus. What exactly are we going to talk about?

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