Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“So you are telling me that there is no trace of anything over my family?” I ask Julie for the thirteenth time.

“Yea its so weird…I mean our family and everyone talk about you guys but how weird is it that we can’t even find a picture.” Julie looks through the book again.

We were in the campus library and Gray and I took some books from the other magical library but nothing and just in case Gray was searching through the human library. It was friday and I have been trying to aviod any kind of attraction between both Gray and Evan. I just need to focus and I can’t be with two guys at a time and at the moment I can’t make a decision.

“What about on your side Gray?” I look at him and he sighs and slams the book closed.


Gosh I was really hoping we were going to find something because Nyx is coming on Monday and I can’t pull her into this as well.

“Seriously we have been searching the whole week and not even one single clue..” Julie closes the book and runs her hands through her hair.

“We seriously suck at being detectives.” I giggle.

“Either that or they have everything well hidden..” Gray gets lost in thought.

“Exactly, I mean not even my birth certificate pops up or anything. Someone is hiding all this but why?” My head is literally smoking up from how hard I am trying to figure something out.

“Well maybe if they are in the Vampire’s library..” Julie suggest.

“Maybe but if they are then they must be well hidden.” Gray rubs his chin.

“Well if I go in there I can probably use some magic and find out if they are..” Julie butts in.

“Julie you aren’t aloud in that side…” Gray warns her.

“Maybe if you sneak me in..”

“No Julie it won’t work. They will sense your blood right away.” I rubs her shoulders and she sighs, “If anything Gray and I can go before they close tonight after class and look around.”

I look at Gray and he was still lost in thought, “Gray..Grayson?” He doesn’t respond and Julie and I crumble up paper and we throw it at him and he jumps and we laugh and he throws them back at us.

“What were you thinking about?” Julie asks him.

“What if our new headmaster is hiding them…” He stares at me… Julius?

“I’m not going to defend him because he was part of my past and there are things he hasn’t told me but if I were in danger he would tell me right?”

“The only way is figuring out who is really Julius Night.” They both stare at me.

“You don’t expect me to break into his office and search around..” I glare at them.

“I doubt he has anything in the campus office but maybe his home office.” Gray suggests.

“Either way it’s too risky, plus I just can’t go in there and look throughout everything.” I wouldn’t know where to look his office is huge.

“Kam you are the only one who can, if he has been watching over you for so long he has to have everything hidden somewhere…” Wait his room! The bedrooms upstairs! Maybe the empty rooms..

“What are thinking about?” Gray stares at me trying to figure out what I’m thinking.

“The mansion has a lot of empty rooms anything could be hiding in there..”

“Then you have this weekend to look.” Julie states.

“No, I can’t.”

“Why?” They both say in sync and I giggle

“Because I babysit weekends and the boys are there and now that I’m a vampire I don’t know if the twins are going to be there..”

“Full house huh.” Gray starts thinking again.

“How about you just sneak around at night?” Julie wonders.

“That would be good but Evan can sense me.”

“What do you mean?” Gray asks quickly and I hear a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“I don’t know how to explain it but when I became a vampire we grew a bond and he can hear my thoughts and follow me around without actually being there.”

“What if he’s here right now?” Julie jumps up anxious and I laugh.

“Sit down Julie he isn’t, I can sense when he’s around.”

“That’s an actual thing?” Gray huffs rolling his eyes, he’s bothered by it.

“Yes it is and my thoughts at home aren’t really safe so I tend to not think much over there.”

“Have you tried blocking him out?”

“I don’t know how…” I blush.

“Hm you have powers and can’t use the..” Gray laughs, “I’ll see you guys later.” He gets up and storms off and I am taken back..

“He got jealous but while you guys go to class tonight I’ll figure out a spell and see if I can help you with the whole mind reading process. But just to be safe since you don’t get caught I think you should go on monday..” Julie starts putting the books back.

“That wouldn’t be a horrible idea because the morning are free for me and I can sneak out of the campus without anyone noticing and come back before class.”

“Exactly and everyone would be in school while you look around..” She smiles big.

“Shoot, I can’t… “


“My best friend Nyx starts school Monday..”

“That’s weird another new student?” She looks surprised.

“To be quite honest I am just as surprised especially because I rather not have her here when this go down. Not only because she’s a human and she’s coming into a den with Vampires..”

“Well you greet her in the morning and then she can come to class with me and I’ll will keep her occupied with Gray..”

“Okay, okay. I’ll do it but I promise I will come back fast.” I smile grabbing the other books and we walk back to the dorm.

“Can I ask you something?” Julie asks as we get in the dorm and I start dressing into my other uniform.


“You have feelings for Evandor right?” I pause and look at her.

“I’m not going to lie to you Julie, yes. I do but…”

“You like my brother as well.” She finishes my sentence and I look down, “Can I just ask for one thing…”

I look up to meet her gaze and its firm but yet sad, “Don’t play with him. Please Kamaria don’t play with my brother he may act like he doesn’t care but in the inside he is so fragile in fact I’ve never seen one girl he’s ever liked and the tragedy is that he fell for a girl who likes another man..”

“Julie I just don’t like Evan..I feel this bond between us but with your brother I feel something pulling us together and I can’t help myself from falling for two amazing guys and I know I’m doing wrong..”

“You are but because you are becoming one of my closes friends I at least want you to talk to him and let him know your true feeling for both. That’s the least he deserves. “

“Your right Julie and I thank you for understanding, I’ll talk to him tonight so he get the weekend to think things over.” I smile softly and Julie nods.

“That’s something that I can live with and thank you for.” She hugs me as I am in my underwear and I laugh as she grabs a book and starts reading and I get ready and get my things and head to class.

I walk in and everyone stands and bows they seriously have been doing that the whole week and Evan just stares at me smirking because he knows I hate it.

“Kam can we ask you some questions?” This blonde girl asks me.

“Um sure..” I sit on the teacher desk and stare at them.

“Why are you so shy?” She asks me and I wanted to laugh.

“Um, I was raised that way..” I have no idea how to answer that question.

“You had other parent’s?” The girl with purple hair asks me.

“Yes, before anymore questions can I get all your guyses names?” I smile big because I’ve been here all week and have no idea who I am talking to.

“I’m Brandon.” The guy I met before stands and I smile.

“Kora.” The girl with purple hair says.

“Mathew.” A guy with blonde hair stands and bows he’s polite.

“Mia.” The girl always asking me question and a blondie, bows.

“Heath.” A guy with red hair raises his hand.

“Emma.” A girl with orange hair says.

“Tut.” A grey haired guy stands and bows.

They all finish and I mean there were more students but these were the ones to follow and obey Evan and they were the really talkative and curious ones.

“Nice to meet you all.” I smile big and jump off as Julius walks in.

“Glad to see you guys talking but lets start class.” I sit down next to Gray and we didn’t talk the whole class.

We finished class and it was the end of school so we were free to go home.

“Hey Kam!” I turn to see Arias walking up to my seat.

“Hey.” I hug him and Gray ignores him and continues packing.

“Want to ride home with me?”

“Um actually Gray and I are going to the library to study..”

“Study?” He raises his brow and I see Evan is listening and I roll my eyes.

“Yes we are going to study some few notes and then I have to help Julie study. My roommate and I’ll sleep here tonight and go back home early tomorrow in the morning to babysit the twins.” I explain directly.

He starts eyeballing Gray and I but I see he gives up, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hugs me and walks away.

“Ready?” I look at Gray and he points for me to go first and we start walking the hallway and we were quiet.

“Kamaria!” What now?

“Yes Evan?” I feel my heart beating fast, can there be one time I can actually see him without him causing me something?

“Can I speak to you alone?” He glares at Gray and Gray does the same thing, they seriously hate each other.

“Gray I’ll be right back. I’m sorry.” I walk away with Evan and Gray just stands and looks out the window.

“Where are you going with him?” He asks dominantly.

“I think you know.. Do I really have to waste my breath?”

“I know **** well you two aren’t going to study. Tell me the truth what are you two doing?”

“Look Evan I really do not want to fight..But I already told Arias which I know you were listening we are going to the library. You could follow us but please don’t because we aren’t anything so I need you to turn down just a few notches to your jealously and overprotectiveness.”

“Come home with me and study on Monday..” He stares me down and his grey eyes are seriously dominate all by themselves I mean if I didn’t have a real reason I would have but I need to go and figure things out.

“No, the test is on Monday for Julie and I promised her we would study together.. Look you heard me explain it to Arias so please go home and relax.”

“Don’t forget what we talked about Kam.. I was being serious…”

“Evan, I’m just friends with him. Seriously I haven’t tried anything ever since our talk, I can’t do that to both of you…” He caresses my cheek and my knees go weak as we stare into each others eyes, “It…it wouldn’t be fair for both of you.” What I say makes him smile softly and he leans in but I pull back.

“I said I wasn’t trying anything with him but doesn’t mean I was going to try with you. I am not going to try anything with anybody. Not you or him. Good night, see you tomorrow.”

“We will see about that.” He whispers in my ear that sends chills down my spine and he walks away.

“Sorry.” I whisper as Gray and I start walking to the library.

“Don’t say sorry. You’re free to do what you want..” He starts speed walking, he’s mad yet again.

We get to the library and it’s empty because everyone went home.

“Miss Kuro, Mr. West.” The librarian greets us.

“Hello. We are just going to be studying in the back. Is that okay?” I point to the very back tables where nobody can see us.

“Yes go ahead right now might be the perfect time to study everyone goes home but remember I close up at 5 in the morning.

“Of course, thank you. Do you mind if we look for some books as well?” Gray asks her.

“Of course Mr. West you guys can wonder and search whatever you need down here and upstairs. Even the computers are ready to use.” She smiles.

“Thank you mam’ We will only be in here for maybe 3 hours” I reassure her.

“Be here until I close I don’t mind Miss Kuro. If you need my assistance I will be in my office right here.” She walks in her office and Gray and I look at each other and we walk upstairs and all the way to the very end table and we set our back packs down.

“Um you search down and I search up?” I suggest and he just walks down the stairs not saying anything. Are Vampires naturally bi polar? Gosh!

I start searching every shelf but nothing. All just regular fantasies and nature. I start heading towards the back and the books get more dusty and older.

Either way they were just regular books, I mean there’s only the ones we already looked over. I pass this weird looking shelf and I walk backwards and stop in front of it and I look at the books and I grab one and it was blank.

I grab another one and it’s blank as well. “Hm..” I grab another one and it blank.

“Found something?”I jump as Gray walks up to me.

“Look at these books.”

“What about them?”

“They’re bank.” He grabs one and its blank as well.

“That’s odd..” He whispers.

“Just look in every single one of them maybe we find something..” I shrug.

We start picking each book and they are all blank and I sigh and look up and see a red, old, dusty book st the very top corner of the shelf.

“Hey Gray look at that!” I point at the book.

“I’ll grab it.” He reaches and pulls it but it doesn’t come out, instead it just slings back in place.

“What the heck?” We both stare at each other. He tries it one more time but it does the same.

“What could it be..”

“A door maybe? Try it again..” I start focusing on my hearing and he does it again and this time I hear a slight click, “Did you hear that?”


“It was a click. Like a lock being flipped.”

“I don’t hear anything..” He whispers.

“Do it again.” He does it again and I push on the shelf but it wasn’t that one.

“Hold it!” I whisper to him as I start pushing in random shelf.

” Kam this isn’t working..” He stops as I push one and it opens. A secret door!

“Come on. Hurry!” We both go inside it and it was a very dark but the moonlight shines through this huge window from the roof. It was literally the whole roof.

The room had glass stained windows with stories of vampires. We were at the top of the stairs and we both slowly walk down the stairs. The room smelled like old pine wood and covered in books and spider webs.

“It seems like nobody has been here for a while.” My voice echos in the huge room.

“Yea but we better start looking fast..” He starts searching the shelves.

All I see are spell books, werewolf books, poems.. vampire books but no archives!

“Nothing! How can there be nothing!” I slam a book and Gray looks at me.

“Try the file cabinets.” He points to them and I run to them and I open them and they are student files..

“Find anything?” I ask him and he shakes his head as he gets next to me.

“No only hunter books.”

“These are the student files.” I whisper.

“Student files? Like everyone that came here?” He opens another one.

“Yea do you think our file is in here?”

“I doubt it, these things haven’t been touched for a while..” He’s right..

“Ugh!” I slam the drawer and huff nd cross my arms.

“Hey, hey don’t do that..” He grabs my arms and moves a strand of hair away from my face.

“I’m just getting frustrated.” I look away.

” I know, we will eventually find something. Don’t give up..” He caresses my face as my eyes get watery.

“How can one family be so famous and loved and looked up to but none of their things are documented?” I all my hands into a fist.

“Hey calm down.” Gray rubs my hands.

“No, I just don’t understand!” I huff feeling helpless and useless. 

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