Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

I feel something wet touch my face and I slowly move and I hearing snoring next to me and I open one eye and remember I’m actually outside and it’s snowing.

I look next to me and Grayson is asleep and then he hugs me and squeezes me to him body and I snuggle into him. I actually didn’t dream last night..

What time is it? I move and he pulls me in closer and he squishes me really hard that I yelp and I see a small smile forming on his lips.

“Stop.” I whisper kissing his cheek and his eyes flutter as I sit up and I check the time and its 7 in the morning and Gray starts pulling on my hair and I look at him and he’s just smirking.

“Can you stop?” I ask raising a brow and he pulls me down and he kisses my lips and I am taken back but it feels so right.

“I slept so well last night.” He smiles at me as I run my hands through his hair.

“Really? Well we slept outside.”

“Not the first time for me..” He chuckles.

“Well I have to go change and talk to Julius..” I sit up.


“Because I convinced him to let us stay here in these dorms but we have to go to night classes..”

“You can I won’t.” He crosses his arms.

“First of all yes you will because I convinced him to let you stay in this dorm..”

“So..Thanks” He rolls his eyes.

“Well thanks isn’t going to cut it this time, you are going to thank me by going with me to the night classes..” I smack him.

“No! You will not make me..” He sticks his tongue out at me like a playful little boy.

“Yes you will. See you later.” I walk to the door but he slams the door close and steps in front of it, “You are extremely fast you know that.”

“You drive me insane..” He kisses me and I kiss him back and he turns me around and pushes me against the door and he bites my lip and and I moan but I push him away.

“I got to go.” I smirk walking out the door and he licks his lips and winks. Dear god I can’t control myself.

I walk into the room and Julie is still asleep and I softly grab my things and head to the bathroom and shower and get ready.

I get out and she’s up.

“Hi. Good morning.” I smile big at her.

“Sleep well?” She smirks like she knew something I didn’t.

“Yes…” She laughs.

“Going somewhere?”

“Um yea I’m going to talk to Julius. I’ll see you either in class or lunch. Bye.” I walk out and start walking to the other dorm.

“Good morning Miss Kurro.” The security open the gates for me.

“Good morning.” I walk into the dorms and see it’s quite.

“Oh hey look it here!” I turn to see a guy with orange hair and blue eyes.

“Hey.” I say awkwardly.

“I’m Brandon.” He extends his hand and I give it to him and he kisses the top of it.

“I’m Kam.”

“I know who you are, you’re a Kurro. And just let me say if you ever need anything we are all here for you.” Brandon bows and I feel weird.

“Um thanks but I think I can do without the bowing its, umm..”


“Too much…” I say bluntly and he blushes.

“Well you should get use to it Miss everyone will bow where ever you go.”

“Aha..Well do you know if the head master is here?”

“He is, He’s in his office.”

“Thank you.” I smile

“No problem.” He bows and I scrunch my nose.

I make my way up stairs and start walking around but this place is bigger than my dorm and its a maze!

“So you have a boyfriend now?” I turn around and see Evan.

“No..” I shake my head how would he know…

“Were you stalking me?!” I push him back and he actually moves back and is surprised. I am strong now!

“Of course not but it was a little hard to concentrate last night with talking coming from the other campus…”

“My ass, if you wanted you didn’t have to listen in. Plus what makes you think you can go through my head?”

“Because I can..” He smirks.

“No you don’t first of all you told me I was free to do whatever I wanted, second of all you said you were going to go away and break our bond, third of all stop messing with my head!” I snap at him and people start starring at us.

“I have but I know you are doing something bad.”

“No you are just jealous. Man up!” I glare at him.

“Please I have nothing to be jealous of..”

“Why are you guys starring? Go back to your rooms!” I snap and I push everyone back into their rooms and slam the doors with my powers and Evan raises a brow.

“Making new friends? You know that’s one way of showing people your the new boss.”

“Just please stay away from me and my thoughts..” I see Julius heading towards us.

“Okay.” He says seriously.

“And Grayson.” I state and he gives me a stink eye.

“I wont promise anything.” He walks away, “Hey bro.”

“Kamaria heard you were looking for.”

“Yes head master can we speak about yesterday?”

“Yes follow me Miss Kurro.”

“So I talked to him and he said yes, that would be fine meanwhile he gets things in order..You still have to wear our uniform at night and here are your papers to get your books..”

“Thanks can I get Grayson’s stuff too. I’m still convincing him but I sure he is going to come tomorrow.”

“Oh no you guys start tonight.”


“Yes I will see both of you tonight so I can introduce you two the class.”

“But…But great..” How am I going to convince him…

“See you tonight, I bet you need to get going and get to convincing.” He winks and chuckles.

“Whatever see you tonight head master.” I sigh getting up and I make my way downstairs and head to the library and I get my things.

Everyone kept bowing and I smiled but I hate it!

“Miss Kuro.” The librarian bows and my eyes widen.

“Um did I miss something? I mean its nice of you but you out of everyone doesn’t have to bow.” I walk up to her desk.

“Oh but miss its our way of respect for you.”

“I heard, Um can I get all these things please.” I hand her the forms and she starts gathering everything and she puts them in separate bags.

I look around and it was a huge library.

“Hi.” I turn to see a girl about to bow but I stop her.

“Um no don’t do that. I feel weird.” She looks at me weird but smiles.

“I just wanted to welcome you.”

“Thank you, my name is Kam.” I extend my hand and she shakes it.


“Nice to meet you.” I grab the bags and start walking back into my dorm and I drop my stuff and look at the Blood red uniform. Hm..

I lock the door and I try it on, first I put on the black thigh high socks and these actually have a silk red bow on them and I put on my black button up and then put on the skirt and then the Jacket with the logo on it and thien the red silk tie and I look in the mirror and I felt sexy! I mean I love Navy blue but something about this blood red made my pale skin color pop. The heels were the same simple black high heels.

I admire myself one more time and then I take everything off and hang them up and I get dressed in my regular uniform and I grab Gray’s stuff and head to the dorm.

I knock on it and a guy answered and he looks shocked to see me.

“Hi can I come in?”

“Gray, there is a really hot girl in here!” The boy yells and I see only one bed, Grayson has his own room? What a punk!

“I’m Kam.” I smile at him.

“You single?” He winks at me and I laugh.

“Hey.” Gray kisses me and stares at his friend.

“Alright see you later.” The friend walks out the door.

“What’s in the bags?” He asks and I dump them on the bed.

“No! Nope!” He yells looking at the uniform.

“Yes, in fact we have class for tonight. So get undressed and put this uniform on!”

“Well if you want me to get undressed why don’t you help me.” He winks hugging me. My hormones go crazy but I contain myself.

“No you change into the uniform I need to see if they fit.” I point to the uniform and he pouts and I give him a peck and he smirks.


I wait in the hallway for almost 10 minutes and I look around.

“Hey are you done?” I knock on the door and he slowly opens it and holy **** he looks hot!

“I look good but I’m still not happy.”

“Wow, you look very nice…” I grab the tie and tie it up.

“Well I hope this makes you happy.”

“Oh you have no clue how happy this makes me.” I pull on his tie biting my lip and he gets a playful look.


“Mhm.” I slowly kiss him and bite his bottom lip and he smirks.

“How much time do we have before class?” He asks and I laugh.

“I think we can get there on time…” I sit on his bed and grab the tie and pull him down on top of me as we start making out.

“Hey guys! Oh ****!” Julie runs in and out of the room and we both jump up and look at the door. 

“Next time..” I suggest and he groans, “I’ll go down and meet her, you change.”

“You don’t want to help me?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I smirk and walk out the door.  

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