Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I look around and its snowing in the woods this time. I start walking and looking around and the snow is so peaceful and the snow looks untouched.

“Isn’t it so pure?” I hear an angelic voice speak next to me.

“It is.” I smile to myself.

“It’s unbelievable that even the purest things hide their impurities.” She whispers sad.

“What do you mean?” I ask curiously.

“Follow me.” She starts leading the way and I follow and its quiet. Too quiet maybe, the wind starts picking up and it starts getting colder and the snow starts falling even harder, and the sky turns grey.

I am not liking this follow idea. She disappears and all I see is a fawn with blood all over it. What kind of monsters would do this?

The snow is covered in red and the fawn looks peaceful, I feel a tear roll down my cheek and all of a sudden I look up and everything is red. What’s going on?

I hear footsteps and I turn around to see the red eyes as always and I starts running into the trees and I can’t see where I’m going and I fall into a blood bath and I slow down and it starts eating me, is it quick sand?

“Don’t fight it Kamaria.” I hear the voice say and I try to grab whatever I can to get out of it but the voice just laughs at me and I move something and a human skeleton floats up and I scream and start crying as I feel the blood is piercing into my body and I can’t help it but feel pain all throughout my body.

“Your powers are coming my daughter. Feel it inside you!” The shadow screams at me and now my head is going under and I look around it’s pitch black. I feel nothing.

“Take her away Julius!” I hear the angelic voice say and all of a sudden I’m back into the snow and I see the angel fighting and all I feel is someone grabs me.

“Come Kam!” I just keep my eyes on her and all of a sudden I see the shadow stab her with his sword and she falls slowly to the ground.

“NO!” I cry and I struggle trying to get out the guys grip.

“Run Julius! You know what to do! Keep her safe!” She yells one more time and the guy cuts her head off and I scream.


I jump up from my bed and I grab my face crying. Why?

“Why!?” I scream throwing my blankets and pillows at the floor. Why does this keep happening to me? My head is pounding and my mom opens the door and she has the saddest look I have ever seen.

“Mom…I can’t take this anymore.” I cry and she hugs me.

“It’s okay to cry.” She whispers like if she knew what my dreams were about.

“She….she died and I couldn’t do anything and it was the shadow again and I fell into a pool of blood and I was drowning. Mom I can’t do this anymore. These nightmares are causing me so much pain and no matter what I do I can’t seem to escape them.” I cry even harder but my head is seriously hurting.

“It will hopefully all be over soon. Maybe you should go talk to Father Joseph today.” She looks at me.

“I think so too. Maybe if I found out about my parents it will help settle these awful nightmares.” I sniff.

“Hopefully, it hurts me to see you cry like this.” She kisses my cheek and I smile softly but winch as my head throbs.

“Do you have a head ache?” She asks worried.

“Yes.” I rub my temples.

“I’ll go get you some aspirin and orange juice.” She get up and walks out the room and I sit there. The angel actually said a name this time..

Julius? I know anybody named julius? I try to remember my past but I can’t see anything. From 8 and below all is dark and that isn’t normal. naturally a child can remember their life from 3 and up or sometimes even younger but why can’t I remember anything from my past?

I got adopted by my mom at age 9 when she saw I was the quiet one playing with the animals and she chose my and I remember some things with the sisters but nothing important I wouldn’t get any visitors nor did I ever here the name Julius.

I’ve asked my mom about my past if the nuns ever told her anything but she says no that I was dropped off when I was baby and that I had a name tag so no one could ever change my name Kamaria Kuro…

I even looked up the last name Kuro but nothing it’s like my past isn’t meant to be known. Maybe they just made up that name. My head throbs again and I winch and gasp.

“Here hun.” My mom hands my the pills and the orange juice and I drink them.

“Thanks mommy, I’m going to get ready and go to the college with Nyx and then after that I’ll go to Father Joseph.” I kiss her cheek and I get up and take a quick shower and get ready I only took a quick shower because I’m afraid of my thoughts now.

“All done? So fast?” My mom asks me as I enter the floral shop and I smile.

“Yes, I need to get my day started. I’m going to meet Nyx. See you tonight mom.” I smile at her and kiss her cheek and she does the same but she gives me her blessings.

She does that everytime I’m about to leave the house. I walk towards Nyx’s house and as I am walking I have to pass the graveyard and it’s so creepy. You would think in the daytime it wouldn’t be so scary but it is but it’s so much worse at night.

Especially because the graveyard isn’t in order, there’s graves here, there and everywhere they aren’t in rows they are a mess and they are really old and everyday there is at least four people being buried.

As I pass one group some of them stare at me as I watch quietly and I give them a small smile but they are blank, no expression. They aren’t even crying.

I stare at this one girl and her eyes gleam red for a minute and my throat tightens and I feel fear come over me… I look away and start speed walking the the next group just stares at me too. This is really freaking me out.

All of a sudden a huge black crow appears next to me at the fence of the graveyard and it caws and I jump and stare at it as it stares back at me.

“Whoa! Hey careful.” I bump into Nyx and I am shaking now.

“Sss sorry.” I stutter and the crow flies away.

“Hey are you okay, you’re a little pale.” She feels my forehead.

“Yea just this graveyard gives me the creeps. Can we please leave.” I beg her and she still looks worried.

“Okay but here eat this granola bar please, all I need is you fainting on me at the campus.” She hands me this granola bar.

“Okay.” I take a bite of it and the chocolate taste so good.

“Good morning ladies!” We turn to smile to Mrs.Stern.

“Morning Mrs.Stern.” We say in sync.

“Where you two headed off to?” Wow nosy much?

“School.” I smile at her as Nyx rolls her eyes at her.

“Really Nyx is finally going to school? About time.” She says rudely.

“And I see you finally left your drunk husband and started cleaning your house.” Nyx states and her eyes widen.

“NYX!” I push her off, “Sorry Mrs.Stern but I’m glad you left your husband.” I smile politely and run off.

“Nyx what the heck?” I ask her as she shrugs me off.

“That lady deserved it okay. She has hated me since I dumped her little boy in the third grade.” She states.

“Third grade?” I laugh.

“Yea she’s a bitter old hag!” She grunts.

“Well even if she is a bitter old hag, you shouldn’t talk to her like that. It’s very disrespectful.” I scold her.

“Yea..yea..yea. Look Kam nobody here hates you, to everybody you are just the poor ,little, adoptive, angel child who came down from heaven okay. You wouldn’t know how this town sees me.” She snaps at me and I don’t know if I should take all that offensively but she’s my best friend I’ll let it slide.

“Well don’t give them something to talk about. Be the bigger person here.”

“Can we please change the topic here?” She begs and I frown, “So you couldn’t sleep last night again?”

“No, I had another nightmare.” I look down and mess with my zipper on the jacket.

“Maybe you eat really late. Or maybe drink something before bed…” She tries making up ideas.

“I eat around 6 and go to bed at 9…I doubt that’s it. And I only drink water or sometimes nothing before bed.” I think about it.

“Hmm. Maybe you should try drinking warm milk before bed tonight.”

I look at her with a face, “Really?” I laugh

“What? I am just trying to give you remedies here.” She pushes me and I push her back and we laugh.

We arrive to the campus and we pass through all the students and go straight to the office and they tell us that we would have to wait a couple months because classes are already packed and they have no space so they put us on a wait list so we can come back in maybe 2 months and we can start school.

“You would think that in this small town they would have room.” Nyx states as we walk away.

“Well like you said it’s a small town and this is a small college.” I wink at her.

“True, so what are we going to do now?” She jumps clinging to me.

“Well I have to go see Father Joseph.” I see her cringe.

“How fun. Why?”

“Because my mom says it might be best to go talk to him about my dreams and maybe he can help me.” I explain to her.

“The priest isn’t a psychologist Kam. He only tells you to dear 3 Hail Marys and you are good to go.” She makes fun of me.

“But I was adopted by his hands so he must at least know something about my parents and by the way he ran yesterday I really do believe he does know something that can help me and if takes me up to 100 Hail Marys I will.”

“So your mom thinks its maybe your mind going crazy on wanting to know your real parents that is causing these horrid dreams?” Nyx asks serious and she seems in her thoughts.

“Yea, and to be quite honest I am starting to think the same.” I look forward scared to start crying.

“Well I hope that’s all and I hope to god that Father Joseph can answer all your question to set your mind in peace.” She sighs as we walk up to the little chapel.

“So you don’t want to come with me?” I ask her.

“Girl I am good but I will see you tomorrow for your birthday because we are going to go take shots and party!” She yells.

“I don’t know about that.” I hesitate.

“Oh come on it’s not everyday you turn 21.” She nudges me and smirks.

“I know but I am really not in the mood to go party.” I smile.

“Oh come on you at least need to come with me to the bar and take one shot…just one!” She smirks and winks.

“Fine we will talk about tomorrow because I rather not talk about this in front of the house of god.” I push her off and she laughs.

“Careful don’t let Father Joseph turn you into a nun!” She yells and my eyes widen and I cover my face and go into the church.

I look around and it seems there is mass going on. I sit at the back and I stare at this statue of Jesus and I trace my fingers against his.

“Even the purest of people hide secrets..” I hear a whisper behind me and I jump and turn around and no one was there.

I look at the statue again and I look at his eyes and I concentrate on them and I jump as everyone claps and I turn around and watch them all walk out grabbing the holy water and blessing themselves.

“Have a good evening everyone!” Father Joseph walks them out the door and he is surprised to see me.

“Kamaria dear, what brings you here? I thought you were coming on wednesday.” He takes off his robe and hang it and starts putting everything back in place I’m guessing he’s going to have another mass soon.

“Father I was wondering if maybe you had some time so we can talk about my parents.” I ask.

“My dear I have only a couple of minutes and then the next mass starts.” He explains.

“I know but please, father. I have been having these horrible nightmares. I beg you please talk to me.” I plead him and he gets worried and then he leads me to his office ad he closes the door and sits at his desk.

“Tell me about these nightmares.” He looks at me intently.

“They have been happening for about two weeks now and I either dream about a women getting murdered or this shadow killing me and he is always talking about these powers and he calls me daughter or I’ll dream about these guys following me or stalking me.” I explain him and he murmurs something and he rubs his eyes.

I thought he said it’s starting or it’s happening I’m not sure.

“When these men follow you what do you feel?” He asks me and it surprises me out of everything he asks me this….

“Um, I’ve never thought of it but I don’t think I feel scared. I feel anxious and mad because they won’t show their faces.” I whisper.

“I see and the man trying to kill you.. How does he look like?” He asks, I give him a weird look. Why is he so into my dreams.

“Well I can’t see him well because he’s mostly a shadow with bright red eyes and he has very sharp teeth unhuman like. He causes fear to overcome my body and I can’t move when he’s near me and he feels so real.” I explain to him and he sighs and starts searching in his desk for something.

“Kamaria I can’t tell you much but here is this place that you can find out everything going on.” He hands me this old piece of paper and its so a house.

“A house?” I ask confused, “But what do I do here? Do I just go up to them and say hey I’m Kam and I need you to tell me my past.” I say sarcastically.

“Look Kamaria these people are going to help you but the problem is once your with them you can’t leave them….” What?

“What exactly does that mean father? I can’t leave them?” I’m more confused and have more questions than I thought.

“These people are very special to you and you can not leave that house once you enter it.” He explains but it sounds more like ********.

“Father I don’t understand please tell me more than this…” I beg him.

“Kamaria there are things you can’t understand just yet and questions that we can not answer them, you have to find out by yourself.” He gets up and gets his robe.

“Father no! Please explain to me what happened to my parents, where are they? Can you at least tell me something that makes any sense..”

“If you feel threaten run as fast as you can and listen to your dreams.” He whispers to me and I freeze and he walks out to greet everyone…

Run? Run from what?

Julius P.O.V.

“Julius! “

“I know! I know, she’s coming.” I look out the window watching the trees swing back and fourth.

“She isn’t ready.”

“She’s going to have to be…” I sigh.

“She’s in danger, should we go?”

“We can’t change anything, I thought it would be different but he found her and as soon as she gets her powers, he will rise too. “

“But if we go now maybe…”

“It’s too late.” I see a leaf down to the ground. 

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