Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

“Are you sure you aren’t going to kill yourself? That thing reeks.” Arias gags as the water boils. I am covering my nose as well.

“No, I followed the instructions here and it should be ready in any minute.”

“What the hell is that smell?” Evan walks in covering his nose and glaring at both of us.

“Nothing…” I **** their my sweatshirt.

“She’s killing herself that’s what.” Arias whines.

“I think she’s trying to kill us all, I can smell that from my room.” Evan coughs.

“Well excuse me for trying to save myself from my nightmares.” I pour the drink into my cup and they both sit down at the counter starring intently at me.

“That looks disgusting!”

“You’re going to drink that?” They both make a disgusting face.

“Well I have to..” I gag from the smell and the boys smirk, “Can I help you?”

“Don’t mind us we just want to see you drink that.” Arias waves me off and I roll my eyes.

I smell it again and I cough and I shake my head, god this thing smells disgusting plus being a vampire doesn’t help with the smells.

Well bottoms up. I cover my nose and I start chugging it.

“Holy ****..” Evan’s eyes widen.

“EW! ****.” Arias is making a disgust face.

My stomach is bubbling so much and my head starts spinning and the taste is worse than the smell but I have to drink this.

“There!” I gasp as I slam the cup down and the boys just stare at me.

“We feel okay?” Arias asks me.

“I think so..”

“You don’t feel like throwing up?” Evan asks me.

“I mean my stomach is turning but..but.” There it is it’s coming back up. I turn around into the sink and start throwing up and the boys start laughing really hard.

“Shut u…” I can’t say the word without throwing up and the boys are literally on the floor dying of laughter.

“Guys I….” I throw up, gosh darn it I can’t talk without throwing up. I grunt wiping my lips and washing my hands.

I turn around and the boys are wiping their tears away and studying me.

“So how was it?” Evan smirks.

“Shut up…”

“Hmm do you think if you smell that again you would throw up even more?” Arias chuckles as Evan is behind me looking at the pot that has all the ingredients.

“Man I wi**** would have stayed down.” I huff.

“Well who knows maybe the little bit might just help.” Arias says.

“God even this still smells worse than your vomit.” Evan smells the pot and he puts it under my nose and I burp and here it comes and I run upstairs to the bathroom and leave the two laughing boys in the kitchen.

After throwing up for what seemed forever I decide to take a shower and I just sit at my window letting the cool winter breeze hit my face.

So my father is a murder and he killed my mother and now he’s torturing me so I can bring him back… What would happen if I brought him back? I know he was using my mother but then why have a child and erase her memory? Why can I still not see my past? What is forbidding my memory? I know Julius told me about my mother but I still can’t see anything from my past…

I know that the fallen angel in my dream is her and the shadow is my father but why can I not see them in my memories. I close my eyes trying to remember my very first memories was waking up in the orphanage and sister Molly smiling at me saying everything is going to be alright like if I was having a nightmare.

There are so many questions in my head and I need answers and I know Julius can answer them but when it comes to him I can’t ask him..I feel like it’s up to me to find out who I really am.

Knowing I’m some kind of royalty and the most powerful Vampire of all that exists doesn’t help. I feel vulnerable and weak. Something in me tells me that disaster is heading my way but what is it? I thought my father can’t do anything but I feel like a puppet on strings and I’m not the only one. He must have somebody working for him as well.

Maybe if I can find an archive of my father something that can lead me to him, other than my dreams I can find a way..

I look at the time and it’s already 4 in the morning.. I have school today. I get dressed and I sit back down on the window and watch the sunrise and the beam of the sun is so strong, almost blinding. The rays tickle my skin making me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I stand up an close my window and head downstairs.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Arias hugs me.

“Like ****.” I admit.

“It’s okay but at least you will probably be moving dorms today.” He tries cheering me up but that actually makes me more sad.

“Hey you will be fine. Nobody is going to mess with you.” He looks at me.

“Yea, can we go to school already, I just want to get it over with..” He leads me to the car and we head to school.

We get there and they greet us opening the gates and I can sense eyes on me but only the students wearing red, they know who I am… They sense my blood.

I can smell everyone and to be quite honest the smells are starting a fire within me.

“Calm down..” Arias whispers to me, like he knew what I’m feeling, “I know the smell is going to drive you crazy and if it does and you can’t contain yourself, run into the woods or go home..”

“Thank you…” I whisper and all of a sudden I smelled his, this thick mahogany smell I look up to the dorms garden and there he was starring down at me. “I got to go, see you later.” I wave to Arias and walk to the dorm and up the stairs.

My heart starts beating really fast and my palms get sweaty and I feel my throat get dry, his smell gets stronger and I close my eyes inhaling it, it’s fascinating how everyone has different smells and some are stronger than others, especially his and Evan’s.

“Can I come in?” I know he’s starring at the door watching me.

“Yea…”He whispers softly. I open the door and lock it so we don’t get disturbed.

He is now looking at the students down at the campus.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers and I am taken back by what he says.


“I’m sorry, because of me you turned into a bloody killer, a monster..” He sits over the ledge and I knee down in front of him but he shoots up and moves away.

“This wasn’t your fault. I was born to be a Vampire, whether you or I like it or not I was going to become one.” I walk slowly to him but he keeps moving away from me.

“I know who you are..I’ve always known. Since the day I met you, I knew you were a Kuro a pureblood a descendant from Celine and Lucifer.. but you were different from what they trained me to think. You….you had this innocence in you and you were human..” He is looking down to the ground and I walk up to him and try touching his face but he grabs my wrist and pushes me away.

“Then you know that all this isn’t your fault..”

“It is don’t you get it!” He snaps at me and he shoves me back and I stumble, “I knew you were fighting the urge and fighting your powers but yet something came over me and bit you… I didn’t want to but you are so addicting! cause me to lose control! Even now when I should be hating you, I can’t I want you even more, your blood, it has this sweet taste to it. It’s so mouthwatering.”

“The only thing you did was hurry up the process.. Why are you in denial?” He finally looks up and meets my gaze and his eyes seem in pain.

“Why can’t you see that this is who I’m really supposed to be? I know you were raised to hate what I am but I know you feel what I feel. This electricity bringing us together…Why are you blaming yourself? When all this time it was my fate to become one.”

“That’s the reason.” He slowly starts walking up to me and he stops right in front of me, “I’m in denial because I have never felt this burning sensation of lust with someone and if I blame myself I wont feel ashamed for falling for a monster..” This time my heart breaks and I move away from him and look out into the woods.

“I maybe a monster but don’t forget you are a monster too.” I snap at him.

“I hate myself for it.” He admits falling to the ground and I just stare at him.

“Instead of hating yourself, why don’t you embrace it? For some reason you turned into one, have you at least tried figuring out what happened?”

“It’s easy for you to say because you have a nice vampire family that cares for you and I have brutal people who were designed to kill any blood thirsty monster they see in front of them. “

“Do they know?”

“Ofcourse not, I won’t go back there..” He glares at me sickeningly like he hates seeing what I have become.

“Stop it!” I scream and he jumps and looks at me, “Stop it! Stop this right now! You are no monster!” I fall to my knees right in front of him and I touch his face gently.

“Look at me, you have to fight this urge, you are going to fight it with me. If we have to we will both find out what happened and why both of us randomly became this.” I force him to stare at me, “I need your help! I know that if we work together we might find some answers but if you keep acting like a little ***** we will not get anywhere..”

“**** you.” He snaps at me.

“Then you will stop it right here and leave all this ******** up here in the garden and help me find out what the hell is going on!” I say sternly.

“Okay..” His red eyes turn into a dark brown.

“Promise me we will stick together.”

“I promise.” He grabs my hand and kisses it and I smile big and hug him tightly and I can smell his blood and I grunt and pull away.

“I still have trouble controlling myself..”

He chuckles and winks at me, “It’s okay me too.” 

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