Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Kam!” I turn around to see Nyx running to me and I smile big.

“Nyx!” I yell and we hug.

“Oh my god, look at you! You are beautiful!” She laughs checking me out in my red uniform.

“You look hot as well.” I wink and she poses.

“You think?” She laughs, “Ugh we have so much to talk about!”

She drags me to a bench and sits me down.

“So how you liking the academy so far?” I ask her and she looks around and licks her lips.

“Well there are many attracting guys. Especially from your side, wanna hook me up?” She winks.

“Um I doubt you want any of them plus they are all taken but I’ll keep an eye.” I poke her side and she pouts but then laughs.

“Ugh I’m glad to be here with my best friend!” She hugs me but all of a sudden the blue sky turns grey and it starts pouring rain and I am in the campus and I look around.

“Nyx!” I yell and I can’t see anything.

“Nyx!” thunder starts roaring.

“Kam!” I hear screaming and I start running.

“Nyx!” I yell and I reach the top of the bridge and she’s being held by the black shadow.

“NO LEAVE HER ALONE!” I yell and then I am being held back these black shadow ropes and the more I move they burn my skin.

“Kam!” Nyx cries.

“Stop please, she has nothing to do with this…”

“My dear daughter, your transformation isn’t done yet. Tell me Kamaria why do you fight it?” The shadow asks in his demonic voice that send fear over me.

“I made a promise!”

“Well in order to finish this you need pain..” He stabs Nyx in the back and she starts bleeding.

“NO!” I yell and I run to her and the rain is just falling on us and I touch her face and try waking her up.

“NYX!” I scream.


“Nyx!” I jump in my bed and I gasp and grab my face.

“**** it!” I scream and I throw the lamp across the room and Evan and Arias run into my room.

“What’s wrong?” They asks looking at me.

“My nightmares won’t stop!” I scream at them and they both just stand there, “What are you two standing there for? Get out! You can’t help me plus I don’t need your pity! Get out!” I throw a pillow at the door and they stare at me but they don’t move.

“I said get out!” I scream and I push them out with my powers and I slam the door and lock it.

“What have I done?” I whisper to myself and I cry. Why me? Why…What are these dreams? How come all this is happening to me, I’m nobody! I’m..I’m just some orphan who’s paren’t didn’t want and threw me away and now my mom is dead, I keep having nightmares, I’m a vampire and every single day I get more confused about who I really am!!

I am getting to the bottom of this. I get up and get dressed and I walk into Julius office.

“Ah Kamaria, heard that you found out about more powers, come sit.” He points to the chair and I close the door and lock it.

“Julius.. tell me the truth. Please. These nightmares are killing me.” I beg him and he gets serious.

“Kam I wish telling you about your past would help with the nightmares but they wont…”

“Then how the hell do I get over them? Why do I keep having them so vivid? Please, there must be something to take them away…Anything!” I plead as a tear rolls down my cheek.

He gets up and sits right next to me and wipes the tear away, “It’s a curse..”

“What? Why?”

“When you were 8, your father put a curse on you…”

“My father? So you knew my parents?”

“Yes, your mother was beautiful, just like you and she had all these powers and something tells me you have them as well.” He stares at me.

“But why would my father put this curse on me?”

“Because this curse on you meant he would live once again.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Listen, your father was the most powerful vampire but he was greedy and the more power he had, the more power he wanted. He was the ultimate pureblood but that wasn’t enough. You see Kamaria if you drink a pure blood’s blood you get their powers and become more powerful.”

” My mother was a Pureblood as well..” I know where this ends, my dream.


“Stop! I can’t hear it..” I sniff. My own father killed my mother.

“So in order for him to rise you need to be in pain and wake him up but he’s half awake now, because you turned into a vampire.”

“So in my dreams he was leading me to his escape, so he could come back and rule again..”

“Yes and he will continue until you do it but I am trying my best to find a way to stop this curse but meanwhile you have to deal with it.” He rubs my hands.

“So he can’t hurt me only in dreams…”

“Yes at the moment he only lives in your dreams.” He focuses on me. Maybe I can find a way to not dream. Maybe if I find out how to stop him then, all this will stop.

“You okay?” He asks me.

“At the moment yes, but I will in the future ask more questions.”

“When the time is right I will answer them all but right now the less you know the better. Trust me.”

“I get it, because if you guys would have told me about being a Vampire I wouldn’t have fought so hard and he would have gotten his wish. I thank you for both my mother and I for taking care of me..” I hug him and he hugs me tightly.

“I am seriously glad you understand why I did this. I just can’t risk losing you. I made a promise to your mother and I intend to keep it. ” He whispers and I just hug him more.

After talking he gave me more blood and he left to figure out things for Nyx and I stayed in his office looking at the books he had and I see a medicine book.

I get it out and start looking through it.

“Ew, you’re reading?” Arias walks in.

“Ew you’re here?” I make him laugh and he sits in front of me.

“Very funny, see you’re getting comfortable here. What are you reading?”

“I’m looking through this medicine book, looking for some prescription for sleeping pills.”

He starts laughing at me and I glare at him, “You know medicine doesn’t work for us right?”

“****.. Really?” I slump into the book and groan.

“Yea, but maybe if you searched this one..” He looks at the shelf and pulls out a huge, thick, dusty old book and slams it onto the desk..

“A spell book?” I look at him like he’s crazy.

“Look, you shouldn’t be so surprised there are such things as witches. Stop being so closed minded gosh..” He rolls his eyes and I smile and shake my head and open it to the table of contents and look for the exact spell but they aren’t really in great order it just says sleeping spells and it’s like 100 chapters for that section.

“What exactly are you looking for?” Arias leans back in his chair as I flip through the old pages and I love the old sound they make.

“A spell or some potion recipe to help my dreams..” I glance at everything but nothing.

“Well if it’s a spell you can’t do it..” I glance at him, “Only witches can do spells, if it’s a recipe and a simple herb recipe then maybe you can cook it up but most likely it wont help. You need a real witch.” That isn’t a bad idea..

” I mean I’m desperate right now. I just can’t sleep anymore. I’ll try anything and everything..” I sigh rubbing my forehead.

“It’s that bad huh?” He makes a face, “Thank god I have no curse on me..” **** you….

I roll my eyes and I find a potion, “I got it!” I smile writing everything down.

“What do you need?” He asks me, “Maybe we can make a quick trip to the town and get the things you need.”

“Um Holy basil, poisonberry, Anise, Zingiberaceae, Fingerroot, oak wood, rain water or fresh river water and virgin blood.” I smirk as his eyes widen.

“You lying *****!” He grunts as I laugh, “Well I have no idea what half of those things are but good luck.”

“You don’t think the town might have it?”

“Well you know I’m not a town person or market owner but I have never heard of Zingiberaceae.”

“Well I mean my other option is to go and find a witch..”

“Yea, you see I don’t know how you figure out on doing that without getting killed. You see witches don’t like Vampire’s and us Vampires don’t mess with old creepy ladies that can turn us into dust with their sorcery.”

“That’s so taboo.” I scrunch my nose.

“It maybe taboo but it’s also reality. There is a thin line where we shouldn’t cross and guess what there’s a reason why. “

“Oh come on! They might have a solution to all this.”

“Kamaria are you not listening to me? I literally just said that they hate Vampires and imagine when you pop up being a pureblood, girl your blood is stronger than anybody’s that exsist and you don’t think they can sense it from miles away? Good luck, your ass is going to be ashes in a second. You might as well try singing before bed and keep yourself awake all night. “

“Hmmm.” I twist my lips to the side and stare at him. “Welp lets go!”


“To the market, I might as well try finding these ingredients before dark and try them. Something is better than nothing and I am not giving up.” I grab my jacket.

“Alright but I swear if you plan on seeing a witch I am long gone and saying you ran away or something, and to be quite honest I think that potion sounds like it’s going to kill you not help prevent dreams.” He follows me.

“He anything is better than dreaming about blood.”

“That actually sounds like a good dream.” He pushes me out the door. 

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