Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Oh look it here!” somebody grabs me and I squeal as Arias spins me around. “I got another sister!”

“Stop it.” I laugh and then the twins pop up.

“Yes! We can finally actually hang out and talk all day!” Hazel hugs me.

“**** you smell good! No wonder you drive the boys mad!” Venus hugs me and I give her a look., “Oh right, well everyone at school can literally smell your scent and can’t wait to meet you!” That didn’t help. I look to see Julius smiling at all of us getting along and in the corner of my eyes I see Evan just frowning and walking up to his room.

“So what? I’m going to be a new toy?” I sigh.

“Nah I doubt they will mess with a Pureblood.” Arias says and I look at Julius and he rubs his forehead. What’s a pureblood?

“I’ll explain later.” He winks,” Guys can I speak with you for a minute..” He calls of his siblings and they walk away with him and I start making a sandwich.

“So you learn you are a vampire and instead of learning how to use your powers you decide to make a sandwich?” Arias asks in shock as they all gather around me and I eat my sandwich.

“I’m hungry…” I pout and they all laugh.

“Then that wont fill you up for long.” Hazel states.

“True, we will have to train her.” Venus’ eyes glow.

“Well lets see how fast this little princess is?” Arias yells.

“Family day!” The twins yell and they all smirk at me, great I’m in for the ride.

We end up at the woods and the snow has covered the ground, it’s beautiful.

“Alright lets play!” Arias yells.

“Slow down guys, Kam probably has no idea what she can do.” Julius laughs.

“What can you do?” Venus asks me and I shrug.

“How do I find out?” I ask and they all laugh.

“Pain.” Hazel starts fire in her hands and my eyes grow wide. She controls fire!

“Trouble.” Venus does the same.

“Fire twins..” I smirk.

“That’s what they call them, it’s rare but yes they both got the same powers.” Arias explains and I look at them playing around together.

“What about you?” I raise a brow.

“Super speed.” The twins make fun of him.

“Don’t all vampires have super speed?” I giggle.

“Yea but I’m a lot faster than natural.” He gloats and I smile, wow that must suck.

“He’s also a warrior…”Julius protects him.

“What’s that?”

“Julius taught him how to use all type of weapons and how to fight..” Hazel rolls her eyes.

“I taught all of you but just some are better at learning.” He rises his brow and the twins roll their eyes.

“So you will teach me?” I ask excited and he smiles.

“If you wish..”

“Of course.”

“Okay enough talking and lets see what her powers are!” Arias yells.

“Guy I don’t know about this!” I look at all of them.

“It’s okay, naturally if you haven’t found out your powers we can push them out.” Hazel explains.

“Meaning they will defend you, it’s instinct for them to just naturally come out.I mean if you have powers..” Venus adds.

“Of course she does, she’s a Pureblood, she should be more powerful then all of us.” What is pureblood?

I look over to see Evan just starring at us and leaning on a tree.

“Alright first run!” Arias smirks. I guess. I start running and all of a sudden everything goes passed me really fast and I stop and I’m on the other side of the mountain, I smile and I hear the birds and tree cracking and the breeze moving leaves. I go back and I stop but I almost fall and give myself whiplash.

“Careful.” They laugh.

“You are very fast.” Hazel smiles big.

“Faster then me?” Arias winks at me and my blood starts pumping of excitement.

“Alright let’s race.” I smile at his big smirk and we both get ready and Venus walks in the middle of us.

“Whoever goes around the mountain and back here first wins.” We look at each other and he winks at me, “Ready, set….GO!” And we were both off I swear I could just see everything pass by me but I could see every piece by detail.

I look over and Arias was right beside me.

“This is fun!” I yell at him and he laughs and we both go back and he starts going faster. Shoot, he’s going to win.

We both reach back to the group and they look at us.

“So who won?” Arias asks excited.

“Seemed like a tie to me..” Julius shrugs.

“No, I think he won.” I hug him and he smirks as everyone eyeballs me.

“I did?”

“Yea, I was right behind you so maybe next time I’ll beat you.”

“Not a chance..” He laughs.

“Alright lets stop playing child games, lets fight!” Hazel pushes me and I get this tingling feeling in me.

“Wait!” I say and she starts throwing fire at me.

“Hazel…” Julius warns her.

“Oh come on, I’m just playing.” Her eyes light up with fire and she starts throwing fire at me and I avoid it.

“Come on Kamaria! Fight!” She yells as she gets tired of missing,

“I can’t!” I yell and everyone is starring.

“Fine.” She stops and punches me and I am sent flying and I land on my face.

“Hazel!” I hear Evan yell.

“What? She can fight, she can feel it!” Hazel tries kicking me but I stop her and throw her back. “There we go!” She smirks.

She tries punching me but I see it in slow motion and I grab her hand and I punch her in the ribs and she gasps.

“Alright!” She laughs, **** this girl is a masochist.

She punches me and I block her many times and I grab her from the back and I knee her and throw her into a tree and I gasp and my eyes widen..

“I’m sorry!” I yell and everyone laughs at me.

“There we go Kamaria!” Julius yells.

Her eyes turn black and she punches me so hard that I literally break a tree when I hit it with my back and I stay on the floor trying to breath.

“Come on princess!” She’s on the other side. I stand up and she runs up to me and grabs my hand and starts burning it and I winch and I kick her and she won’t stop.

“Okay Hazel she’s tired stop it.” Julius yells at her.

“She hasn’t even used her powers yet!” Hazel screams and she throws a fire ball at me and I jump trying to dodge it and it slightly touches me and I yelp and look at my thigh and it recovers quickly like nothing happened.

She starts throwing them around me making a huge flame around me so I can’t escape.

“Hazel!” Evan yells and she isn’t paying attention.

I close my eyes trying to figure something out but I can’t… I can’t see a thing, all of a sudden I feel myself feeling and I hit another tree and that’s it!

I touch the snow and I feel the coldness freezes my blood and I look up and everyone is starring at me and Hazel throws a fire ball at me and I freeze it and it falls to the ground and then I send some weird snow wind and it hits her and she is sent to the other side and I start freezing the floor she was in and it looked like a snake crawling onto her and it freezes her leg.

“Okay! Okay you win! Snow princess!” She yells from the pain. I control the snow? Hm thought it would be something more exciting.

“So it’s snow…” Arias smirks at me and I shrug.

“Nice job.” Julius hugs me and I smile slightly.

“There you go, happy Hazel!” Venus laughs at her sister.

“That could probably be why I’m always dreaming about snow..” I sigh and I see Evan wasn’t there anymore, he left..

“How about we go back.” Julius pushes me forward and everyone goes up to their room and I was just sitting in my room and my phone rings.


“So what? you forgot about me?” Nyx yells in the phone.

“No, it’s just been pretty busy here..” Wait I can’t tell her! How do I tell my best friend that I’m a vampire and I control snow like Elsa!

“Really? Then what’s going on?”

“Um, homework and apparently I’m switching dorms because my scores got better…” I lie and my heart breaks, she’s like my sister and I can’t tell her anything, in fact I can’t tell anyone.

“Ugh gross and really? Man and I had some news for you..”

“What’s the news?” I ask her surprised.

“Well I got accepted to the academy…” WHAT!

“Thi…this academy?”

“Yea! Why don’t you sound happy? I thought you would be!” She sounds worried and I love that she’s going to be near me but..I’m not me anymore.. and she’s in danger here… ****!

“No I am it’s just that most likely you are going to be on the other side and it’s rare when we will get to see each other..” I sigh trying to cover it up.

“Yea that’s true but I was thinking we can still hang out and party and be like the old days..” Too late for that.

“Yea, sure. I can’t wait…” I frown, “So when do you start?”

“In a week.”

“In a week?” That’s too fast!

“Again you don’t sound happy. Are you hiding something from me?” She asks.

“Um NO! Ofcourse not and I’m just really surprised that they are letting you in that early..”

“Well me too but hey the faster the better..” Yea…great!, “So I’ll see you there in a week! I got to go, mom is calling me.” She hang up and I grunt and throw my phone on the bed.

“Bad news?” Julius walks in closing the door, he’s holding a red glass and I can smell it already. Blood, “Drink this, it will satisfy your thirst for now because you can control yourself if you drink some before hand because once you crave it and thirst for it you are no long in control..” He explains and I can’t say anything because even my insides start craving it because of the smell.

“This isn’t human blood right?” I ask him.

“No it’s not. You can smell the difference.” He chuckles and he isn’t wrong. I take it and start drinking it like I haven’t eaten in three years.

“Slow down..”

“I can’t, when I taste it. Something comes over me and I want more.”

“I know, but in time you will soon learn how to control yourself and also when you start school I need you to stay away from the other students.”

“Why? Because they are humans?”

“Yes, And if one of them cuts themselves the blood will drive you insane and I know you can’t control yourself in that state.”

“I understand..” I frown knowing I can’t talk to Julie but wait! Nyx is coming! “Wait! No!”

“What? What’s wrong Kamaria..”

“Nyx is coming! My best friend! She’s starting school here.. Why did you guys accept her?” I worry and he stares at me confused.

“We didn’t enroll any new students.. “

“Well she’s starting school in a week! Please don’t let her come! I love her so much but I know she’s in danger!”

“What makes you think that?”

“I can feel it.. Something in me is saying she shouldn’t show up, it will only bring problems..” I beg him.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to the other headmaster tomorrow because for all I know he should have told me before hand and we never accept anybody…especially for them so early… ” He starts thinking really hard.

“Thank you,” I bring my knees up to my chest.

“You should go to bed..” He takes the cup away from me.

“Wait!” I grab his hand and pull him down strongly and he glares at me and I blush, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it to be that strong.”

“He massages his arm and shakes his head, “It’s okay, what’s wrong?”

“What’s pureblood? Why am I a pureblood?”

“Look Kamaria it’s really late now and I need you to rest up for tomorrow and I promise tomorrow we will talk about your history and all the questions you have.” He smiles at me and I frown.

“Okay.. I won’t fight with you tonight only because I’m really tired.” He kisses the top of my head.

“Good night.”

He walks away and my room is dark and I lay down and relax and close my eyes. Do I feel different? I don’t think so, I mean I feel these weird bubbles in my stomach but that’s it, in fact I don’t feel pain anymore. 

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